Mercedes EQR to revive the Mercedes R-Class in the EV era

Daimler just announced three new EVs that will expand its EQ line-up to eight models*. What it didn’t reveal, according to a new report, is that a secret Mercedes EQR is also on the way. This new EV model would revive the Made in USA Mercedes R-Class MPV.

First things first, the Mercedes EQR would be no soccer mom minivan like the Mercedes R-Class that lived for two generations since its debut in 2005. The plan is to have Mercedes-AMG and EQ divisions to co-develop a hot 1000-horsepower “limo-SUV” that can offer mad acceleration despite being a three-row model.

Mercedes EQS Mercedes EQE Mercedes EQS SUV
Daimler announced three new EVs this week: Mercedes EQS SUV (left), Mercedes EQE sedan (right) and Mercedes EQE SUV. The Mercedes EQR will arrive after these models.

The British report suggests that the Mercedes-AMG EQR would have crossover SUV styling with sloping roofline, noticeably wide body and low ground clearance. Expect a Jaguar I-Pace-like sporty stance but in a much bigger size. A possibility we cannot rule out now is the Mercedes-AMG EQR being a high-performance derivative of the EQS SUV with a slightly distinguished design, a relationship similar to that of the Mercedes CLS and the Mercedes-AMG GT.

Daimler announced yesterday that it will develop a new MMA platform** for compact and mid-size EQ models. However, the Mercedes R-Class successor, which is internally called ‘Mercedes-AMG GLR’, tentatively, should be a large model. So, it will likely sit on the company’s new EVA platform***. The report only says that this model will be based on a monocoque chassis made of steel and aluminum. A dedicated BEV platform would allow clever interior packaging and give plenty of room for seven occupants.

While we aren’t sure about the name at this point, if it will be Mercedes EQR, Mercedes-AMG EQR or Mercedes-AMG GLR, the performance parameters are defined. The range-topping configuration would have a battery pack with a 105 kWh consistent useable energy content and a temporary additional useable energy content of 20 kWh for disposal during overboost function.

2010 Mercedes-Benz R-Class front three quarters
The predecessor of the Mercedes EQR, the U.S.-built Mercedes R-Class, lived for two generations and was successful in China.

2025 is the year when Daimler plans to release the radical Mercedes R-Class successor. So, significantly advanced battery cell technologies would be available to suffice both performance and range parameters despite the heavy load. The company has graphene-based liquid-cooled round energy cells in mind. 350 kW fast-charging would be available, and the battery pack is expected to last very long.

Three 250 kW motors will power the Mercedes R-Class electric, resulting in a net power of 1006 horsepower and a net torque of 996 lb.-ft. As for the transmission, there will be a Porsche Taycan-style single-speed direct-drive for the front wheels and a two-speed transmission for the rear wheels. No doubt then, Mercedes-AMG will go all out with this three-row EQ electric SUV.

What is the Mercedes EQR release date?

The Mercedes EQR will arrive in 2025, reportedly.

What will be the Mercedes EQR price?

The Mercedes EQR could cost between $90,000-100,000.

What will be the Mercedes EQR rivals?

The Mercedes EQR will chiefly rival the Tesla Model X and the Lucid Gravity.

*Mercedes EQC, Mercedes EQV, Mercedes EQA, Mercedes EQS, Mercedes EQB, Mercedes EQE, Mercedes EQS SUV and Mercedes EQE SUV

**Mercedes-Benz Modular Architecture

***Electric Vehicle Architecture