Mercedes EQA snapped almost camo-free in Germany reader and renowned car spy Wilco Blok has shared images of the Mercedes EQA (codename: Mercedes H243) from Stuttgart that present the electric prototype almost camo-free.

The images Wilco emailed us completely reveal the styling differences to the front and rear of the car which could be unveiled anytime now. Interestingly, it looks as if Mercedes is bringing back the split headlamp design which last made an appearance on the previous generation E-Class.

Mercedes EQA testing
In February this year, the Mercedes EQA was announced to be undergoing cold weather testing in Sweden.

Platform & Strategy

The Mercedes EQA is based on the EVA (electric vehicle architecture), which has been designed to allow Mercedes electric cars to be built alongside their combustion engine counterparts in the same factory. The EQA will borrow design highlights and interior significantly from new generation GLA compact SUV. The higher roofline of the GLA meant engineers could mount the batteries on the floor without compromising on headroom for rear seat passengers.

The German carmaker’s electrification strategy for 2021 will include the market launch of the Mercedes EQA and Mercedes EQB in the entry range and the EQS in the luxury segment. 2022 will see the introduction of the EQE sedan, and together with the EQV and EQC (which was launched this year), these models form the Mercedes electric offensive to have 10 ‘EQ’ models.

Range & Performance

Reports suggest at least two variants of the Mercedes EQA in the offing: a standard single motor front wheel drive and a dual motor all wheel drive version. A 60kWh battery pack with a 400 km range should suffice most owners, however, as per reports, a high performance AMG variant of the EQA with an upgraded rear motor could also be offered, giving buyers similar performance as the GLA 45 S. The complete electric drive system (the ‘engine’, single-speed transmission and the power electronics including the control software), like with the EQC, should be supplied by German components maker ZF.

The EQA should launch with the upgraded 11 kW AC charger that is available to customers of the EQC in 2021. The electric car should be chargeable with a maximum output of up to 110 kW that takes under 40 minutes to be charged from 10 – 80% SoC at a DC fast charging station.

Design & Features

Mercedes EQA front testing
The smallest Mercedes electric car is expected with front and all wheel drive variants, and a performance AMG model could be in the cards too.

With an overall silhouette similar to the GLA, the Mercedes EQA will differentiate itself with a blanked out grille and bumper, restyled headlights and taillights, and an alloy wheel design to improve its drag coefficient. Inside though, much like the EQC, the entry level Mercedes electric car will significantly borrow from the GLA including the MBUX infotainment system with touchscreen and voice command.

The software built into this system will be optimized to help drivers access the battery level, or find a charging point en-route. Compared to the 421 liter boot of the GLA, the EQA could see some of the storage space being occupied with its drivetrain components.

Mercedes EQA interior prototype spy shot
Mercedes EQA interior prototype image showing the 2 combined 10.25-inch displays courtesy: WalkoART Youtube channel.

Release Date & Price

While the Mercedes EQA was confirmed by the company to have its premiere before the end of this year, the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic (and a few other reasons below) is thought to have resulted in Mercedes-Benz missing the deadline. Sales of the Mercedes EQA were supposed to begin by the end of this year, as per a recent report from

The British publication’s report said that pandemic is causing battery cell supply difficulties in part, and Mercedes wanting to align production facilities of the future EQB and EQA. As per reports, the Mercedes EQB will also be made at Rastatt, Germany, where the EQA is due to be manufactured. Rastatt makes the GLA, the crossover on which the upcoming Mercedes electric car is based.

Mercedes EQA electric car testing
Daimler released footage in mid-November showing the EQA completing its testing program. You can watch the video on Youtube.

Citing a Mercedes-Benz spokesperson, a recent report from however says that the production of the Mercedes EQA hasn’t been postponed and will commence as scheduled by the year-end. The global market release will take place next year but the U.S. market may have to wait until 2022 for the EQA as the company is taking a top-down strategy with the EQ launches.

Mercedes EQA FAQs

What is the Mercedes EQA release date?

Production of the Mercedes EQA is to start this year with global deliveries to commence in 2021.

Which electric cars are considered as Mercedes EQA rivals?

The Mercedes EQA will rival the Tesla Model Y (on price), Lexus UX300e and the Volvo XC40 Recharge.

What is the estimated Mercedes EQA price?

The Mercedes EQA is expected to start at 40,000-45,000 USD.