5 things to know about the Mercedes C-Class All-Terrain hybrid cross-wagon

The Audi A4 Allroad and the Volvo V60 Cross Country face competition from Stuttgart for the first time in the form of the Mercedes C-Class All-Terrain. Daimler says that the new C-Class derivative “masters poor roads and bad weather with consummate ease.”

For Europe, the Mercedes C-Class All-Terrain is a practical alternative to the C-Class Wagon, promising the ruggedness and the capability to do some light off-roading. For the United States, it could be the closest customers would come to owning the Estate version of the mid-size luxury car. An off-road chassis that can withstand more beating and provide a proper grip off the road is a part of the package.

Extra design oomph

The Mercedes C-Class All-Terrain gets outdoorsy and tough with exterior enrichment. At the front, there is the single-louver radiator grille with chrome trim and high-gloss black vertical bars, a unique bumper partly made of dark grey, grained plastic, and a shiny underride guard in the bottom section. The optional Digital Light headlights include a special off-road light that switches on activating the off-road drive mode and remains active up to 50 km/h (31 mph).

On the sides, matt gray flared wheel arches highlight the robust character of the cross-wagon. The distinctive trim on the side skirts and the exclusive wheel designs in 17-19 inch sizes further separate it from the other C-Class derivatives. Also, note the raised ground clearance for enhanced off-road or all-road capabilities. At the rear, the C-Class All-Terrain has a distinctive, multi-section bumper, unique load sill guard with chrome plating, and a faux skid plate.

Familiar interior

Changes to the interior are minimal. The digital instrument cluster, available in 10.25-inch and 12.3-inch versions, has a new “Offroad” layout that displays vital stats during off-roading like the incline, decline, and steering angle. The screen presents the geocoordinates and displays a compass also in this mode.

Added capability

The Mercedes C-Class All-Terrain offers a special Off-road drive mode that allows driving on dirt roads, gravel, or sand with ease. For more challenging terrains, it has an exclusive off-road driving model, called Offroad+ with DSR (Downhill Speed Regulation).

The All-Terrain version of the all-new C-Class provides around 40 mm more ground clearance than its Wagon version. Moreover, the wheels have a larger diameter, and the four-link front suspension has slightly larger steering knuckles. The maximum towing capacity of the cross-wagon is 1,800 kg (3,968 lbs).

The 4MATIC AWD system, which is a standard fitment, obviously, allows directing up to 45% of the engine power to the front wheels and up to 55% to the rear wheels. It has a new front-axle drive that allows transferring higher torque levels with an optional axle load distribution. Moreover, the friction losses in the new transfer case are lower.

Electrified powertrains

The Mercedes C-Class All-Terrain is available in two mild-hybrid variants: C 200 4MATIC All-Terrain and a C 220 d 4MATIC All-Terrain. The former packs the M 254 1.5-liter gasoline engine, while the latter employs the OM 654 2.0-liter diesel engine. Common to both engines is an Integrated Starter Generator (ISG), a 48-volt vehicle electrical system, and the 9G-TRONIC automatic transmission, and the 4MATIC AWD system.

Connected to a 48-volt battery, the ISG combines the starter and the generator into one electric motor. Located between the engine and the transmission, the ISG can compensate for the engine’s initial turbo lag by providing a boost.

The ISG recovers the energy released during braking or deceleration by converting (recuperating) it into electricity and then recharges the 48-volt battery using this electricity. The electric motor uses the recovered energy to provide the engine with up to 15 kW (20 hp) and 200 Nm (148 Lb.-Ft.).

Aspect\SpecificationC 200 4MATIC All-TerrainC 220 d 4MATIC All-Terrain
EngineM 254 1.5L gasolineOM 654 2.0L diesel
Engine Power150 kW (201 hp)147 kW (197 hp)
Engine Torque300 Nm (221 Lb.-Ft.)440 Nm (325 Lb.-Ft.)
ISG Power (Temp. Boost)15 kW (20 hp)15 kW (20 hp)
ISG Torque (Temp. Boost)200 Nm (148 Lb.-Ft.)200 Nm (148 Lb.-Ft.)
Transmission9G-Tronic 9-speed automatic9G-Tronic 9-speed automatic
Drivetrain LayoutAWDAWD
Acceleration 0-100 km/h (0-62 mph)7.5 seconds7.8 seconds
Top Speed231 km/h (144 mph)231 km/h (144 mph)

Not destined for all markets

The Mercedes C-Class All-Terrain celebrated its world premiere at the 2021 Munich Motor Show (IAA 2021) that opened on September 6, 2021. The pictures below, courtesy of mbpassion.de, show the new cross-wagon in the metal for the first time.

The Mercedes C-Class All-Terrain will go on sale in Europe later this year, likely between October and December. The U.S. may get it in only the gasoline variant, although a launch confirmation is still pending. In Germany, the prices could start at around EUR 55,000 (USD 65,000). According to a report from Autocar, there’s no plan to launch the C-Class All-Terrain in the UK.

Mercedes C-Class All-Terrain FAQs

What is the Mercedes C-Class All-Terrain release date?

The Mercedes C-Class All-Terrain will go on sale in Europe towards the end of the year.

What are the Mercedes C-Class All-Terrain rivals?

The Audi A4 Allroad and the Volvo V60 Cross Country are the C-Class All-Terrain alternatives.

What will be the Mercedes C-Class All-Terrain price?

The Mercedes C-Class All-Terrain should cost around EUR 55,000 onwards in Germany.

Featured image: Mercedes