Mercedes C-Class All-Terrain hybrid cross-wagon debuts in September

The Audi A4 Allroad and Volvo V60 Cross Country will face competition from Stuttgart for the first time beginning this year in the form of the Mercedes C-Class All-Terrain. Daimler has confirmed the C-Class derivative and announced that it plans to unveil it at the 2021 Munich Motor Show (IAA 2021) that will take place from September 6-12, 2021. The company says that the new cross-wagon “masters poor roads and bad weather with consummate ease.”

Design & Capability has presented an exclusive rendering to preview the Mercedes C-Class All-Terrain’s expected styling following the theme of the E-Class All-Terrain and guidance from spy media. The more versatile 2022 Mercedes C-Class Estate/T-Modell gets an exclusive dark green paint that blends with nature, apt for adventure trips and camping, which would be the main purposes the All-Terrain would serve.

The Mercedes C-Class All-Terrain will get outdoorsy and tough with exterior enrichment. At the front, there is the two-fin grille typically seen on Mercedes-Benz SUVs along with fins in silver color, a unique bumper with a shiny guard in the same finish as the radiator grille, and different air inlets. The black plastic cladding or body armor in the lower portion of the front bumper continues on the sides, where the flared wheel arches also add to the more robust styling. Also, note the raised ground clearance that would provide enhanced off-road or all-road capabilities.

For Europe, the Mercedes C-Class All-Terrain would be a practical alternative to the C-Class Wagon, promising the ruggedness and the capability to do some light off-roading. In the United States, it could be the closest customers would come to owning the Estate version of the mid-size luxury car. An off-road chassis and a different set of tires that can withstand more ‘torture’ and provide proper grip off the road would be a part of the package.


Changes to the interior would be minimal, with differences expected in the color and texture of the dashboard, seat and door cards to accentuate the adventurous nature of the car.


Daimler would sell the Mercedes C-Class All-Terrain exclusively with 2.0-liter engines, all featuring 48V mild-hybrid technology as standard. The European line-up may include a C 220 d with 200 PS/197 hp (diesel engine) + 20 PS/20 hp (ISG) and a C 300 d with 265 PS/261 hp (diesel engine) and 20 PS/20 hp (ISG). If launched in the U.S., expect it to be a C 300 with 258 PS/254 hp (gasoline engine) and 20 PS/20 hp (ISG).