Nope, a McLaren EV or a McLaren SUV isn’t happening anytime soon

Iconic sportscar brands Lamborghini, Aston Martin and Ferrari cannot resist the business opportunities presented by the spurring SUV demand globally, but not McLaren. The British supercar brand is staying true to its legacy. Neither a McLaren SUV nor a McLaren EV would see the light of the day anytime soon.

Speaking to Australia’s Wheels magazine recently, Mike Flewitt, CEO, McLaren, talked about launching a McLaren SUV and a McLaren EV. Flewitt said that the company does get asked in some markets if it’s going to make an SUV and an EV. “The answer is no, we’re not,” he continued.

Flewitt said that McLaren focuses on motorsport, supercars and driver’s cars. Saying that “it is way too early to be stretching the brand into other areas,” he indicated that McLaren won’t be launching an SUV for several more years, if at all. Emission laws in main markets would compel it to launch an EV at some point, though, but that’s a talk of the distant future.

McLaren doesn’t see full electrification as a feasible option today, but it is increasing its electrified portfolio. The company plans to launch the McLaren Artura plug-in hybrid supercar in the first half of 2021. In two-three years, every new McLaren model will be a hybrid. “After 2022-23, I can’t see us launching any non-hybrid cars,” Flewitt said. The P1 introduced in 2013 and the Speedtail unveiled in 2018 are the only hybrid cars McLaren has put on the roads till date.

Featured Image Source: McLaren