New Maxus electric pickup truck does 332 miles on a full charge [Update]

As America awaits the Ford F-150 Lightning and Chevrolet Silverado Electric in mid-2022, a Maxus electric pickup truck with a range of over 300 miles has gone on sale in China. It’s the pure electric variant of the Maxus T90.


Readers know that the electric pick-up truck is the road-going version of the MAXUS NEW EV electric pickup truck concept from the 2020 Guangzhou Auto Show.

The production version of the Maxus New EV concept has a less dramatic design, but it’s also typically Chinese. The front end has bigger headlamps and redesigned grille, bumpers, and tail lamps. The concept’s large brand lettering in chrome at the back and the roof box haven’t made it to production. A small EV badge, with the letter ‘E’ painted metallic blue, denotes the powertrain.

The electric version has the same design as the ICE variant. This is in the interest of cost of ease of manufacturing with changes only to the styling and badges.

Design & features

2021 Maxus T90 electric front
The 2021 Maxus T90 electric pickup truck is available in one configuration. Image Source: Weibo/上汽大通MAXUS

The Maxus T90 electric pickup truck features a noticeably aggressive front that could be too much for saying European customer taste but is typical of Chinese SUVs and pickup trucks. A gigantic grille covering almost the entire face, ultra-thin headlights, a large brand logo, and loads of reflective applications would need toning-down when it leaves for an overseas assignment.

From the sides, the new Maxus electric pickup truck looks traditional thanks to conventional proportions. A high ground clearance makes it sporty, and that paired with the rugged squarish fenders and the chunky sport-bars gives it the adventure-readiness.

At the rear, the design is mostly traditional. The combination lamps seem to have a connection between them via a reflector strip. A gigantic brand logo on the tailgate ensures unmissable road presence wherever the vehicle it goes.

Maxus electric pickup rear leak
The new Maxus electric pickup truck measures 5,365 mm (211.2 in.) in length, 1,900 mm (74.8 in.) in width, and 1,809 mm (71.2 in.) in height. Image Source:

The new generation Maxus T90 features an upscale cabin with a modern design and layout. The dashboard isn’t as large as traditional pickup trucks, nor is the floor console, which means more space for occupants and storage. A 10.25-inch fully digital instrument cluster and a 12-inch touchscreen infotainment system are in a single seamless panel, giving a minimalist touch. Look closely, and you’ll spot an electronic gearshift lever as well.

Not all the features of the ICE variant seem to be available in the electric variant, though. For example, according to the listing on, the electric variant has a 7-inch touchscreen infotainment system instead of a 12-inch unit, and the 10.25-inch virtual instrument cluster isn’t available.

2021 Maxus T90 interior dashboard
The Maxus T90 electric doesn’t come with the virtual instrument cluster and larger touchscreen infotainment system of the Maxus T90 diesel (pictured). Image Source:

Maxus T90 Electric specs

The Maxus electric pickup truck is not performance-focused. An 88.55 kWh battery pack is standard, and it gives a range (NEDC) of 535 km or 332 miles.

Maxus Electric Pickup Truck aspectSpecifications
Length5,365 mm (211.2 in.)
Width1,900 mm (74.8 in.)
Height1,809 mm (71.2 in.)
Wheelbase3,155 mm (124.2 in.)
Bed Length1,485 mm (58.5 in.)
Bed Width1,510 mm (59.4 in.)
Bed Height530 mm (20.9 in.)
Curb Weight2,270 kg (5,004 lbs.)
Gross Weight3,495 kg (7,705 lbs.)
Motor TypePermanent Magnet Synchronous Motor (PMSM)
Motor Power130 kW (174 hp)
Motor Torque310 Nm (229 lb.-ft.)
Top Speed105 km/h (65 mph)
Battery Pack Capacity88.55 kWh
Range (NEDC)535 km (332 miles)
DC Fast-Charging Time (20%-80% SoC)<45 minutes
AC Slow-Charging Time<14 hours


The new Maxus T90 electric pickup truck retails at CNY 299,800, which converts to USD 46,275 or EUR 39,435. It is currently not available outside the Chinese market.

Maxus Euniq electric vehicles to launch in Europe this year

Maxus EV roadmap
SAIC plans to introduce a slew of new Maxus EVs by 2023. It has confirmed the launch of Maxus Euniq 6 in Europe this year. Image Source:

SAIC is cashing in on the European auto market’s recovery with its Maxus brand. In July 2021, the company exported more than 5,000 vehicles to the region. The large batch included the e Deliver 3 (called EV30 in China), e Deliver 9 (called EV90 in China), and the Deliver 9 (called V90 in China). The destination is developed countries in the Old Continent such as the UK, Norway, and Ireland. It is the largest shipment of single-model Chinese-branded vehicles exported to Europe.

SAIC plans to launch dozens of new energy vehicles, including BEVs and expects new energy vehicles to start accounting for more than 30% of sales by 2025. The company has confirmed that it will launch Maxus Euniq EVs in European markets this year, beginning with the Maxus Euniq 6.

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