Maxus MIFA electric MPV could be in Europe by year-end

At the Auto Shanghai 2021, SAIC unveiled the Maxus MIFA, an SUV-styled pure electric MPV concept. On 3 August 2021, the company confirmed that it plans to put the MIFA into production and launch it overseas.

SAIC says that China’s new three-child policy has given birth to multi-person luxury travel and that its Maxus MIFA concept has received widespread attention. The company plans to launch the road-ready version of the Maxus MIFA concept in China and export markets simultaneously before the end of 2021. It hasn’t disclosed where it plans to ship the new electric MPV, but a potential market we feel is Norway, where it already sells the Maxus Euniq 7 electric MPV and has confirmed the Maxus Euniq 6 SUV to build up its presence.

Maxus is improving its reach in Europe with each passing month. In July, over 5000 vehicles including SAIC Maxus EV30 (called e Deliver 3 for the overseas version), EV90 (called e Deliver 9 for the overseas version), and V90 (called Deliver 9 for the overseas version) were exported to Europe from the Chinese factories. The destinations included Norway, Britain, and Ireland.

Maxus MIFA concept rear three quarters
The production Maxus MIFA concept may also have a range (NEDC) of over 500 km (311 miles). Image Source: SAIC


The Maxus MIFA concept features a striking design that makes it very appealing even though it’s an MPV. Key to that attractive design is the prominent front-end that makes it seem grand and powerful. The large, high-set bonnet that doesn’t slope down fast like most MPVs, the thin headlamps, and prominent bumper make the electric MPV look grand and tough. The front fascia may remind you of the Land Rover Discovery slightly. Chunky aero wheels and the low ground clearance enhance the style on the sides. At the rear, the full-width taillights flow out all the way to the vehicle’s shoulders, but that key design element is probably a bit too much for customers outside China.


Maxus MIFA concept interior
The interior of the production Maxus MIFA will probably be spartan compared to the concept. Image: SAIC

The interior of the Maxus MIFA concept is futuristic and has minimalist vibes. The front occupants sit in front of a floating curved panel that houses an ultra-wide single display stretching the driver side all the way to the passenger side. Two small screens, one each at the end of the panel, likely show the feed from the virtual ORVMs. The steering wheel and the floating floor console also house a screen. The bronze-coloured bar below the floating curved panel has Nissan Ariya-style capacitive switches in the centre. Tech highlights of the concept include even a ToF depth-sensing camera that makes parking even safer.

Source: China Auto Show/Youtube


The MIFA concept sits on a new modular platform called Maxus Intelligent Flexible Architecture. Hence the name ‘MIFA.’ The concept version employs two motors, one at the front and one at the rear, which produce 500 kW (680 PS/671 bhp) and 900 Nm of torque. In case you were wondering, a 0-100 km/h (0-62 mph) sprint takes just 3.8 seconds in the large MPV. The source of power is a lithium-ion battery pack with an energy density of 300 Wh/kg, and it provides a range of 600 km (373 miles). Using a solid-state battery pack with a higher energy density of 360 Wh/kg, SAIC expects to be able to increase the range to 800 km (497 miles) in the future.

What is the Maxus MIFA release date?

SAIC will launch the production version of the Maxus MIFA in H2 2021.

Featured Image Source: SAIC