2021 Maxus Euniq 6 launches in China; EV confirmed for Norway

The Maxus Euniq 6 Norway launch was confirmed last month. Maxus and its local importer RSA announced on April 22 that they plan to launch the compact electric SUV in Norway this year. Meanwhile, in China, the MY2021 model has rolled out, discussed in the story’s final section.

“RSA now confirms that the all-electric Maxus Euniq 6, a large and spacious SUV, will also be launched for the Nordic market towards the end of 2021,” the importer announced on April 22, 2021. The Euniq 6 will be the first Maxus SUV in Norway and join the Euniq 7 electric MPV in the country.

Source: Instagram/Maxus Norge


The Maxus Euniq 6 is the pure electric variant of the Maxus D60 with a different name and a modified design. It measures 4,735 mm in length, 1,860 mm in width, and 1,736 mm in height. It has a 2,760 mm wheelbase and a 160 mm ground clearance.

Source: Youtube/Autohome

Battery, Motor & Charging

As for the Euniq 6 range, Maxus offers two battery pack options, a 52.5 kWh Lithium-ion unit, and a 70 kWh Lithium-ion unit. The 52.5 kWh battery pack provides a range of 350 km (NEDC), while the 70 kWh battery pack allows a much longer range of 510 km (NEDC). Norway may get the Euniq 6 with the 70 kWh battery pack as standard or as an option. The range as per Europe’s WLTP test cycle might be between 400-475 km.

A single electric motor that generates 130 kW of power and 310 Nm of torque is a standard fitment in the midsize SUV. The single motor drives the front wheels, and there’s no all-wheel drive option in this model. The top speed of the Euniq 6 is 170 km/h.

Fast-charging both the battery packs from 20-80% SoC takes less than 33 minutes. Fully charging them with an AC normal charger takes under 9.5 hours for the smaller unit and under 11 hours for the larger unit.


Full LED headlights, 19-inch wheels, silver calipers panoramic sunroof, 12.3-inch virtual instrument cluster, color head-up display, 14-inch HD touchscreen infotainment system, and air purifier are some of the main features of the Euniq 6. Maxus offers many driver assistant and safety systems, like Adaptive Cruise Control, Lane Departure Warning, Lane Keeping Assist, Traffic Sign Recognition, Lane Change Assist, and Rear Cross-Traffic Alert. The electric version of the Euniq 6 is differentiated from the PHEV by the closed grille, a chrome applique connecting the roof rails and window, and a mildly different rear bumper.


Maxus has priced the Euniq 6 at CNY 160,280 (converts to NOK 205,840) for the basic variant and CNY 200,280 (converts to NOK 257,210) for the premium variant. There’s no word on the Norwegian pricing yet.

2021 Maxus Euniq 6

SAIC has launched the 2021 Maxus Euniq 6 in the Chinese market this week. As the Euniq 6 is just a year old, there are no design changes; the MY2021 gets new finance options, car connectivity subscription plans and comes in 4 variants – LITE, LITE+, MATE, and EXTRA. From the early customer feedback, Maxus has made these changes, and the same version will be the version shipped to the Norwegian market this year.

Featured Image Source: Facebook/Maxus Norge