Tough Lordstown SUV to be a smaller Hummer SUV alternative

The GMC Hummer electric SUV to release in 2022 has ignited the interest of the American public for tough and rugged electric SUVs. For many customers, the GMC Hummer EV SUV could be too big and expensive, and they will likely see an alternative in a Lordstown SUV.

A Lordstown SUV? We’ll explain.

Initially, Lordstown Motors will sell a full-size electric pickup truck – the Lordstown Endurance, which is now sitting on 40,000 orders. However, moving forward, the company plans smaller products that are in high demand to fill up capacity at the erstwhile General Motors factory and generate scale on its first platform.

A Lordstown mid-size pickup truck, a model that could potentially rival the Ford F150 electric, and a Lordstown SUV could follow the Endurance. That’s what Steve Burns, CEO, Lordstown Motors, hinted in a conversation with in May this year.

Burns said that the Endurance is just the first Lordstown model and suggested that several more are on the way. The Endurance full-size electric pickup truck’s architecture is scalable and can be used for a mid-size pickup truck or an SUV, and so, the company is trying to generate multiple other models, he added.

The Lordstown Endurance makes it evident that the company’s design direction is relatively traditional when compared to Tesla or Rivian, aimed more at the fleets. So, it’s safe to assume that the Lordstown SUV would feature a boxy shape and conventional proportions.

Development of the Lordstown SUV would involve a big contribution from the startup’s new satellite R&D center in Farmington Hills, Michigan. The facility which is involved with vehicle inspection and benchmarking, as well testing, validation and prototyping labs, would play a significant role in the development of future Lordstown Motors vehicles.

Also expect the use of the innovative in-wheel electric hub motor design like on the pickup truck, which would be its biggest technological differentiator that simplifies the powertrain and unlocks maximum cargo volume. Speaking to, Burns said that the hub motors are a robust way to build a truck and the focus is the compelling total cost of ownership. The very benefits should apply to the SUV model.

Battery pack capacities could range from 70-100 kWh as we’re talking about a product probably not due for release before 2022 by when prices will fall further. Lordstown Motors may target at a maximum range of at least 350 miles (EPA) for this model. The starting price of the Lordstown SUV could fall between $37,000-42,000 and mainstream competitors may include the VW ID.6, which will go on sale in the U.S. market in 2022.

Apart from a Lordstown mid-size SUV and a Lordstown mid-size pickup truck, future Lordstown models may include a delivery van. The company could position itself as a fleet-centric maker of electric vehicles. As Burns puts it, Lordstown wishes to claim, own and lead the segment of the full-size truck for workers and that could just be the beginning.

Burns had told reporters in November 2019 that his company will build the next-gen U.S. Postal Service’s delivery vehicles if Workhorse Group wins it, reported. Workhorse Group has applied for a contract to supply the next-gen delivery vehicles of the U.S. Postal Service, and according to Investment banking firm Roth Capital Partners, if it wins the $8.1 billion order, it could lead to $800 million in potential revenue for Lordstown Motors, as per a new report.

Lordstown Motors merges with DiamondPeak Holdings

Lordstown Motors announced on 23 October 2020 that it has completed its merger with acquisition company DiamondPeak Holdings. The company will go public with a listing on NASDAQ under the ticker symbol “RIDEW” on October 26, 2020. The merger has brought it approximately $675 million in proceeds, and that’s enough funding to get it through initial production. Lordstown has reaffirmed that it will begin series production of the Endurance in the second half of 2021. It plans to start deliveries of the new electric pickup truck by September 2021.

Lordstown Electric SUV FAQs

What is the expected Lordstown SUV release date?

Lordstown Motors hasn’t confirmed, but could unveil its SUV in 2022.

What will be the Lordstown SUV price?

Lordstown Motors may price its upcoming SUV from between $37,000-42,000.

Which are considered the Lordstown SUV rivals?

The Lordstown SUV alternatives we think could be the VW ID.6 and the Fisker Ocean.