Lordstown Endurance platform to spawn an electric RV

Lordstown Motors is expanding its area of focus to include recreational vehicles. In a joint announcement with Camping World, it has revealed that it will develop an electric RV on the basis of the Lordstown Endurance’s skateboard platform for the Illinois-based company.

Steve Burns, CEO, Lordstown Motors, said in a press conference yesterday that leveraging the Lordstown Endurance pickup truck’s skateboard platform to start generating revenue faster is “just a no-brainer.” “Steve and I plan to launch the first Class E motorhome in America,” Marcus Lemonis, CEO, Camping World, said at the same event.

Speaking further, Lemonis indicated that the electric RV Lordstown will develop on the Endurance’s skateboard will be affordable compared to traditional motorhomes.

We also are very, very focused, acutely focused, and you can see it in how the Endurance is priced, to make sure that the Class E motorhome is affordable to the masses. This idea that it’s a hundred and some odd thousand dollars isn’t realistic for the millennials that we believe are the future of our industry.

Marcus Lemonis, CEO, Camping World

A report from Green Car Reports says that Lordstown Motors and Camping World plan to make a Class C motorhome on the Lordstown Endurance’s skateboard platform. The resulting electric RV would be basically “a pickup cab chassis with a new body fitted on top”, GCR explains.

Lordstown Motors and Camping World will develop the battery technology for the electric RV together. They didn’t say which cells they would employ, but GCR expects them to be the 2170-format cylindrical Lithium-ion cells found from the Lordstown Endurance.

Camping World expects the first prototypes of the electric RV to be ready by summer 2021, which indicates that it would be launched as an MY2022 model. “I would hope that by summer we’ll see some prototypes,” Lemonis said.

The Lordstown Endurance’s deliveries will begin in summer next year. The new electric pickup truck costs $52,500 onwards and rivals the Ford F150 Electric, Chevrolet BET Truck and Rivian R1T.