U.S.-built Lexus TX three-row SUV could replace the RX L [Update]

In about two years, it will be the end of the road for the fourth-gen Lexus RX and possibly its three-row version Lexus RX L. A new Lexus TX series may arrive as the successor to the RX L.

Reports indicate that the next-gen urban mid-size SUV from Lexus would be a separate product, not an RX extension. Last year, Toyota filed trademark applications for ‘TX,’ ‘TX350’, ‘TX500h’, ‘Lexus TX350’, and ‘Lexus TX500h.’ This indicated that the company plans to launch a new TX three-row SUV instead of a next-gen RX. In a new development, it looks like the North American TX units will roll out of a U.S. factory, not the Japanese plant in Kyushu that manufactures the RX L for the world.

A car for the Gen Y American Family

On April 28, 2021, Toyota announced plans to make two all-new, three-row SUVs at the Princeton plant in the State of Indiana, USA, and that one of them would be a Lexus. Obviously, the company wasn’t talking about a new generation Lexus GX. It was clearly referring to a next-gen Lexus RX L or an RX L successor, stating that this will be a model “designed with the active Gen Y American Family in mind.”

Trademarks aren’t a direct indicator of the variant mix, but in this case, they offer hints. Like the RX L, the Lexus TX may come in both gasoline and hybrid variants. Additionally, Toyota has confirmed a hybrid powertrain for the upcoming mid-size luxury SUV, saying that this model will “join a diverse, electrified portfolio” in the announcement in April 2021. Tim Hollander, VP – Manufacturing, Toyota Motor Manufacturing Indiana, said: “The two new products we’re going to introduce, the one Toyota product and the one Lexus product, will be electrified vehicles.”


Lexus has released no information about the design of the upcoming three-row SUV. However, TopElectricSUV.com reader and Instagram user sugardesign_1 envisions it with design cues from its most recent unveil – the 2022 Lexus NX. The photograph is the story’s featured image.

The overall look is remarkably different from that of the current model, though it may not seem from the front. The proportions and size are visibly different from the outgoing model. Thanks to a large rear quarter glass and a flatter roof, the profile offers a proper three-row SUV appearance. The wheelbase of the rendered model is longer than that of the RX L (109.8 in.). The Lexus spindle is more upright and has new vertical inserts, the hood is higher and flatter, and the headlamps are straighter and feature a striking cluster.

Smoother ride & semi-autonomous driving

The Lexus TX should feature an interior design that communicates a more premium positioning compared to the two-row Lexus RX and generates more space than the Lexus RX L. It will likely sit on the TNGA-K platform or simply ‘GA-K’ at Lexus, leading to a stiffer unibody structure, smoother and quieter ride, lower center of gravity, and other improvements over the old model. As for the features, Toyota’s press announcement said that “customers can expect a semi-automated driving system” that allows the driver to park and unpack the SUV from outside, a digital key that owners can share with other people, and seating for up to eight occupants.


In April, Toyota announced that it will make two new three-row, electrified SUVs at the Princeton plant (Indiana) and that one of them is a Lexus. Commenting on the announcement, Tim Hollander, VP – Manufacturing, Toyota Motor Manufacturing, said:

It’s really the pinnacle to be a Lexus plant. There’s very few Lexus plants outside of Japan. We’re very proud to be one of them now. And it’s really a big feather in our cap, and it is a testament to the workforce that we have here, it’s a testament to the support we get from the community, and it’s a big deal. And we can’t really emphasize that enough how big of a deal that it is. So, if you become a Lexus plant, you know that really sets you apart into the next level as a manufacturing company within the Toyota network in the Toyota world. So, it shows that TMC has a lot of faith in us, in our ability to achieve this level of quality that we must achieve to be a successful Lexus producer, and that we’re up for the challenge. We’re excited about it, and we’re gonna knock it out of the park!

Tim Hollander, VP – Manufacturing, Toyota Motor Manufacturing

Release Date

We may have to wait until 2023 for the launch of the Lexus three-row SUV. Hollander has suggested that sending the two SUVs into production at the Princeton plant will take a couple of years:

It is a very intense challenge, there will be major retooling throughout the entire operation, and we’ll have a close collaboration and partnership with our equipment manufacturers, our regional production engineering team and our team here, our engineering and maintenance team, and production team here to really bring this thing to life. It will take a couple of years to really get everything ready to go for the development of this product. It’s a huge undertaking and we’ll be spending a lot of weekends and shutdown time really getting the plant ready.

Tim Hollander, VP – Manufacturing, Toyota Motor Manufacturing

Lexus TX FAQs

What is the Lexus TX release date?

The Lexus TX three-row SUV could be launched in mid-2023, made in Princeton, Indiana.

What will be Lexus TX price?

The base TX is projected to priced around $55,000.

What will be the Lexus TX alternatives?

Lexus TX rivals would include the Acura MDX, Cadillac XT6, and the 2022 Volvo XC90.

Featured Image Source: Instagram/sugardesign_1