2022 Lexus LX to be differentiated further from the Land Cruiser [Update]

Update: A new report from bestcarweb.jp suggests that the 2022 Lexus LX’s hybrid variant could be the Lexus LX 600h, based on the gasoline variant LX 600.

The Lexus LX will have a more significant visual differentiation from the Toyota Land Cruiser in the next generation, reports Japan’s Best Car magazine. The next-gen 2022 Lexus LX will be posher and set apart from the donor in new ways, seen as efforts to tackle new competitors and gain a more unique personality.

Current Lexus LX customers may feel that their SUV isn’t very different from the Land Cruiser 200. The Lexus SUV is endowed with an entirely new front-end and made to look sharper and bolder, however the uniqueness isn’t that evident on the sides and rear.

The Japanese report states that the next-gen Lexus LX will gain an individual design for the bonnet and the outer panel after the C-pillar and that its interior will also carry an exclusive look. There’s no word on the dimensions, though. Its donor (Toyota LC 300) is expected to be slightly longer and much taller than its predecessor (Toyota LC 200).

Lexus would address one of the main weaknesses in the full model change. The company would replace the clunky touchpad-controlled infotainment system with a newly developed system which will likely have touchscreen support. “The telematics that are coming our way are going to be industry leading, and they’re going to be what we currently do not have,” John Iacono, the Chairman of Lexus’ National Dealer Advisory Council, told autonews.com in an interview, on the topic of upcoming Lexus cars.

While the auto industry is migrating to wireless Apple CarPlay and wireless Android Auto, Lexus doesn’t have the basic Apple CarPlay and Android Auto in the LX today. That’s one drawback we are confident the company will cross off the list with the redesign.

2022 Lexus LX technical info

Like the current LX, the next-gen Lexus SUV will be underpinned by a ladder-frame chassis shared with the latest Toyota Land Cruiser in the market (Toyota LC 300). At Toyota, the technical glossary coined for the new platform is TNGA-F.

The Japanese report says that the outgoing model’s 3UR-FE 5.7-liter naturally aspirated V8 gasoline engine will be offered even on the next-gen model. What’s clear is that a diesel engine is not going to be offered. Unlike the current version, the all-new LX will reportedly come in a hybrid variant as well.

The first-ever Toyota Land Cruiser Hybrid, set to be launched as part of the Toyota Land Cruiser 300 (Toyota LC 300) series, would have a single-motor hybrid system instead of the dual-motor Toyota Hybrid System II (THS II) Toyota offers in many of its hybrids, as per Best Car. The intention behind this move is probably to not add weight to what is already a bulky SUV. The single-motor hybrid powertrain would be coupled to a 10-speed automatic transmission, adds the report. The Lexus LX Hybrid could benefit from this powertrain and maybe become the model that debuts it. Meanwhile the Toyota Land Cruiser Hybrid is expected to arrive approximately two years after the regular model.

According to the report, the next-gen 2022 Lexus LX will debut in October. So, it could go on sale in the USA by mid next year, with prices starting at around $90,000.

We’ll update the page with additional information on the 2022 Lexus LX in the coming weeks so be sure to check back later.

Display image courtesy: Lexus