Land Rover Discovery Electric expected mid-decade [Update]

  • Zero-emissions Disco is one of the six Land Rover EVs due by 2026
  • Will likely be a more practical and off-road capable alternative to the Volvo EX90
  • Could be much significantly cheaper than the Tesla Model X, cost around USD 80,000
  • Expected to reach dealers by end of 2026

Update: ‘Design & Interior,’ and ‘Specifications’ sections updated, along with info on the release date.

Six Land Rover electric models are arriving on the market by 2026 as part of Jaguar Land Rover’s Reimagine strategy announced in early 2021. One of these zero-emission SUVs will be a Land Rover Discovery Electric, as the nameplate will undergo a “luxury reinvention” as per Auto Express.

Design & Interior

The next-gen Land Rover Discovery will be the sixth generation of the versatile family SUV. The fifth-gen model is strikingly different from its predecessor, and the design of the sixth-gen model could take another detour, as the Defender has overshadowed this nameplate in recent years.

While Land Rover designers have been tasked to define the design intent of the next-gen Discovery, we feel that the nameplate’s unmistakable DNA should be evident in future versions with the stepped roofline and the forward-slanted C-pillars. Sleeker, digital LED lights and flush door handles could be among the new design elements of the sixth-gen model. As for the Land Rover Discovery Electric, it could come with a clean look with a deleted upper grille, more aerodynamic wheels, and distinctive bumpers.

The interior is also expected to be a major departure from the current model. The Range Rover Sport lost the third-row option when it moved to its third generation. So, customers seeking a three-row Range Rover have to go for the full-size Range Rover. Additionally, there’s less cannibalization for the Disco, since it belongs to the same segment as the Range Rover Sport. As for the Defender, the company’s product planners have positioned the 130 variant (eight-seater) in a higher segment. The current seven-seat Discovery costs £60,540 (UK)/$59,900 (USA) onwards, while the eight-seat Defender starts at £73,850 (UK)/$69,100 (USA).


The next-gen Land Rover Discovery will not share the MLA-Flex platform with the latest Range Rover (L460) and Range Rover Sport (L461). Instead, it will use the EMA architecture which is developed exclusively for all-electric models, as revealed by Adrian Mardell, the company’s new CEO, when he spoke to Auto Express last year. The British magazine has received confirmation that the EMA can underpin a three-row, seven-seat vehicle, but the platform switch could lead to a short hiatus of the Discovery nameplate.

The Discovery would benefit greatly from full electrification. For one, it will run in absolute quietness, elevating its luxury quotient and making it more suitable for leisure activities, such as wildlife and bird safaris. A better weight distribution should also improve its driving dynamics and make it more stable on the highways. Furthermore, it is likely to be more nimble in the urban scene and more potent on off-road trails thanks to instant peak torque availability. Finally, the higher ground clearance, underbody shielding, and torque vectoring can make it a better off-roader than the gas model.

e-AWD with two motors, one on the front axle and one on the second axle, could be standard in the Land Rover Discovery Electric. The power and torque figures may vary, though. It’s too early to talk about the battery pack and specs at the moment, but customers will expect at least 300 miles of range (EPA).

Release Date

Land Rover EV electric SUV future models
By 2026, Land Rover will have 6 electric vehicles in dealer showrooms including electric versions of the Range Rover and Range Rover Sport. Image: Land Rover

The Land Rover Discovery Electric could be the final model in the first wave of launches, appearing in 2026. It could be the fourth Land Rover electric SUV following the Range Rover Electric and Range Rover Sport Electric, both of which are to be revealed this year.

Like many other automakers, Jaguar Land Rover is trying to ensure an uninterrupted semiconductor supply to avoid production hiccups. The company has partnered with American semiconductor manufacturer Wolfspeed to participate in the Wolfspeed Assurance of Supply Program to secure the supply of Silicon Carbide semiconductors for using them in the inverter of future EVs, including the Land Rover Discovery Electric. Wolfspeed’s SiC inverters have a bandgap of 3.26, which is nearly three times the bandgap of a silicon semiconductor (1.12). This would significantly improve powertrain efficiency and offer a higher driving range.

Strategic partnership with Wolfspeed will secure supply for Silicon Carbide semiconductor technology, integral to electrification of its next generation Range Rover, Discovery, Defender and Jaguar vehicles

Jaguar Land Rover announcement on Oct 31, 2022 via

TopElectricSUV says

The Land Rover Discovery EV could be a large SUV competing with the Volvo EX90, Audi Q8 e-tron, BMW iX, and Mercedes EQE SUV. The British engineers should be benchmarking it against European rivals on practicality and off-road capabilities, making it more suitable for both the weekday commute and weekend adventures.

Land Rover Discovery Electric FAQs

What is the Land Rover Discovery Electric release date?

The Land Rover Discovery Electric could be launched in 2026.

Which models will be Land Rover Discovery Electric rivals?

The Land Rover Discovery Electric will compete with the Volvo EX90, Audi Q8 e-tron, BMW iX, and Mercedes EQE SUV.

What will be the Land Rover Discovery Electric price?

The base Land Rover Discovery Electric could cost around USD 80,000.

Featured Image Source: Jaguar Land Rover