Kia Sportage EV (Kia e-Sportage) technically not a challenge, suggests report

Last year, a report from Spanish publication claimed that a Kia Sportage EV (Kia e-Sportage) is in the works. The all-electric Kia Sportage would be a derivative of the upcoming fifth-gen model (codename: Kia NQ5).

New Sportage platform EV- and FCEV-ready

The platform underpinning the Kia Sportage NQ5 can be used for zero-emissions EVs, suggests a recent report from Citing Hyundai representatives, the report says that the platform underpinning the Santa Cruz (NX4A OB) and Tucson (NX4) can support hybrid powertrains and pure electric and fuel-cell powertrains. Given that Kia plans to build the next-gen Sportage on the same platform, a Sportage EV should be technically feasible. The launch would depend on the manufacturing cost and market demand for such a product then.

Kia plans to release 11 electric cars by 2026

The Kia e-Niro and the e-Soul are the first Kia electric SUVs on sale currently, but there’s more on the way. As part of the new ‘Plan S’ strategy, the company will 7 Kia electric cars based on a dedicated EV platform called E-GMP (Electric-Global Modular Platform) by 2027. At least four would be SUVs, and the first of them – the USA-bound Kia EV6 – comes out in the second half of the year. While these would be highly sophisticated electric vehicles with high-voltage battery packs, autonomous driving technologies, highly digital interior, rapid charging, etc., the future Kia line-up would include affordable EVs as well.

2022 Kia Sportage NQ5 rear quarters spy shot
Guided by what is offered in the sister model Hyundai Tucson, next-gen Kia Sportage was expected to come in MHEV, HEV, and PHEV variants. A Kia Sportage EV is breaking news in that respect. Spyshots from

Niro & Sportage could be ‘derivative EVs’

The next-gen Kia Niro (codename: Kia SG2) is already in the making and should be available to customers with an all-electric powertrain option. The next-gen Kia e-Niro would be one of the several new affordable Kia EVs coming out by the end of 2022.

The Kia Sportage EV or Kia e-Sportage could become a mainstream model for customers prioritizing practicality and affordability. This would leave Kia Motors the option to price a similar-class E-GMP platform electric SUV at a premium price. Multiple powertrain options give consumers the power of choice on their preferred Kia nameplate.

Being an electric vehicle conversion, the rumored Kia e-Sportage would have design, proportions, and space level similar to its ICE donor model – the Mk5 Kia Sportage. Noticeable changes could be the exclusion of the radiator grille and a smoother front-end. It’s early to talk about the specifications, but Kia could be targeting a range of at least 300 miles.

Kia EV product pipeline roadmap
Kia plans to expand the EV line-up to 11 models by 2026. 4 of these 11 EVs will be derivative EVs, one of which could be a Kia Sportage EV. Image Source: Kia

The next-gen Kia Sportage will hit the U.S. market as the MY2023 model next year and the Kia Sportage EV derivate could debut the following year.

The Kia Sportage NQ5 (combustion-engined model) is scheduled for its launch in South Korea in Q2 2021, which means that it should break cover by the end of next month. According to a report from Money Today, Kia has begun conducting motivational activities for the employees working on the production of the upcoming compact SUV at the Kia AutoLand Gwangju plant (factory no.2) South Korea.

What is the Kia Sportage EV release date?

A Kia Sportage EV is yet to be confirmed, but it could be unveiled in 2022.

Featured image: Soonjung8116