Jeep Cherokee to return in 2025, will offer Electric variant: Report

  • Sixth generation of Jeep Cherokee to reportedly come in hybrid and electric forms
  • First-ever Cherokee EV could be a comfier, urban-oriented alternative to the Recon
  • Expected to be priced from around USD 50,000, when it comes out in H2 2025
  • Referred to be Jeep executives as "heart-of-market SUV" and "new mainstream UV"

Update: All sections revised.

On February 28, 2023, the Jeep Cherokee, introduced in 1974, saw the end of production after five model generations. A sixth-generation Jeep Cherokee is expected to arrive in the U.S. next year, along with an all-electric variant.

The Jeep Cherokee Electric can be an alternative to the off-road focused Jeep Recon, and performance-focused Wagoneer S, for customers who want more of an urban commuter. In this article, we lay down every detail reported about the future Jeep SUV.


During his presentation at Stellantis’ EV Day 2021 event on July 8, 2021, Chief Design Officer Ralph Gilles teased a boxy electric SUV that could be a Jeep Cherokee Electric. Talking about the modularity of the STLA Large platform, Gilles showed the silhouette of “a heart-of-market SUV” that looked like a more practical Wagoneer S.

The vehicle has a traditional seven-slot grille, a flatter roofline, and a wider and curvy quarter glass panel, compared to the Wagoneer S. We wouldn’t be surprised if the basic design is shared with the performance SUV, featuring changes to the front and rear for a more ‘mainstream’ look.


STLA Large Platform

As for the STLA Large platform itself, Gilles said it “has outstanding fundamentals with the batteries nice and low, the EDM motors at the edges, allowing for a variety of wheel sizes, suspension heights, and width.” “All these components are out of the way allowing us to do just about whatever we want on the top surface,” the group-level design boss added.

The STLA Large platform will be suitable for vehicles in the mid-size to full-size segments with a length of 4.70-5.40 m (185.0-212.6 in.) and a width of 1.90-2.03 m (74.8-79.9 in.), Patrice Lucas, the-then Cross Car Line & Project Engineering, Stellantis, said. Going by the teaser and the provisional specifications, the Cherokee Electric should offer class-leading boot space, head & knee-room, and an airy greenhouse for comfortable road trips.

Stellantis STLA Large platform
The STLA Large platform will underpin the Jeep Cherokee Electric. Image Source: YouTube/Stellantis

Multi-energy platform

In announcements as recent as March 9, 2023, Stellantis describes STLA Large as a “BEV-centric” platform. According to a report published on March 26, 2023, the next-gen Jeep Cherokee (codename: Jeep KM) will be available with a hybrid powertrain and a pure-electric powertrain.

Even though Stellantis does not explicitly state so, the STLA Large is not a dedicated EV platform like Volkswagen Group’s MEB. Instead, it appears to be an EV-first platform. EV-first platforms should be superior to conversion type models, but they cannot match the space efficiency, cost, or the features that bespoke platforms offer.

Jeep Cherokee EV capabilities

STLA Brain STLA Smart Cockpit
The Jeep Cherokee EV should benefit from Stellantis’ AI-powered technological modules: STLA Brain, STLA SmartCockpit, and STLA Autodrive. Image Source: Stellantis

Dual motors enabling an all-wheel drive drivetrain layout will likely be standard in the Jeep Cherokee Electric. Customers may get to choose from multiple power levels of 350-450 hp. The battery pack powering the motors of the Cherokee EV will likely have a gross energy storage capacity of 100.5 kWh, though the usable storage capacity will likely be slightly lower. With an operating voltage of 400 volts, the battery pack may take around 30 minutes for a 5-80% DC fast-charging session.

Being a large, boxy SUV, the Jeep Cherokee Electric might settle for an EPA-est. range of 300-350 miles. Given that it is a Jeep SUV, we anticipate that the high-spec variants will possess impressive off-road capabilities, with Auto, Sport, Eco, Snow, and Sand modes.

Release date

Jeep Cherokee relaunch slide
It’s almost certain that the Jeep Cherokee is coming back in the second half of next year. Jeep CEO Antonio Filosa referred to a “new mainstream UV” as a key future launch to tap the mid-size segment of the U.S. market. Image: Stellantis Investor Day 2024 presentation.

The Italian publication Il Sole 24 Ore published a report on May 24, 2023, stating that it had contacted the new Jeep CEO Antonio Filosa to ask about the return of the Cherokee nameplate. While Filosa didn’t confirm, he reportedly said it was “probable,” with the publication adding that the announcement is likely due in the second half of 2024.

In the 4.6 million units mid-size SUV segment, we will enter with three products: what we presented just 2 weeks ago, the fantastic Jeep Wagoneer S; by the end of the year we will present Jeep Recon, by Half two of next year, we will have a new mainstream UV.

Antonio Filosa, Jeep Brand CEO, talking about Jeep’s growth plan in the U.S., at the Stellantis Investor Day on June 13, 2024.

At the Stellantis Investor Day 2024, Filosa talked about re-entering the mid-size SUV segment in the U.S. with three models: the Wagoneer S (2024), Recon (2025), and a “new mainstream UV” (H2 2025). The third SUV is very likely the relaunched Cherokee, with a multi-energy line-up.


Expected to be priced from around USD 50,000, the all-electric Jeep Cherokee will likely qualify for the maximum tax credit of USD 7,500 under the Clean Vehicle Credit program. The company’s Toluca Assembly Plant in Mexico (which will also make the Recon and Wagoneer S) is expected to be the main production site for the new Cherokee, with Stellantis’s Italian plant in Melfi also emerging as a candidate for European-spec Cherokees.

TopElectricSUV says

The Cherokee Electric will likely be an ideal choice for customers who want an electric mid-size SUV that’s tougher and more spacious than say the Ford Mustang Mach-E and Tesla Model Y but not necessarily as off-road-focused as the Jeep Recon.

Featured Image Source: YouTube/Stellantis