Honda’s Ioniq 7/ID.6 rival expected to enter production past 2024

In October 2021, Honda announced the launch of ten ‘e:N Series’ electric cars in China between 2022 and 2026. The company also said that it is planning to launch e:N Series models globally.

So far, Honda has announced two production models and three concept models under the e:N Series range. One of the concept EVs, called Honda e:N SUV, could evolve into a large SUV like the Hyundai Ioniq 7 or VW ID.6. This concept is celebrating its world debut at the 2021 Guangzhou Auto Show.

Honda eN SUV concept front three quarters left side
Even though the Honda e:N SUV concept features a futuristic sci-fi design, it has some retro charm to it, and that’s probably on purpose! Image Source: Honda

The Honda e:N SUV concept is a design study and feels quite far from production. The concept model has sharp and straight body lines, flat surfaces, thin lights, concave nose, wedge-shaped DLO, and extremely raked A- and C-pillars. The concave-shaped nose section and the intense front light design lead to a very dominating appearance at the front. The combination of low height and huge wheels gives it a solid stance. The sci-fi looks continue at the rear with the bizarre light design and the unusual concave tail section.

It might be ten Honda e:N Series models, but some of them would be duplicates with a different name and a modified design. Honda operates via two joint ventures in China – Dongfeng Honda and GAC Honda – and it launches the same car under different names, so that the JV companies may target different age groups or regions.

Honda eN Series EV models
Honda plans to export the e:N Series EVs from China. Europe would be a big market for these electric cars, particularly the crossovers. Image Source: Honda

The latest model in the dual-purpose strategy is the Honda HR-V based EV, called Honda e:NS1 at Dongfeng Honda and Honda e:NP1 at GAC Honda. Likewise, the Fit, Accord, CR-V, and Odyssey have two versions in China. Similarly, the Honda e:N SUV concept-derived production model could come in different avatars.

The Honda e:N SUV concept’s production version may offer comfortable seating for up to seven people. With China’s new three-child policy, the potential for large electric SUVs with three-row seating looks strong. Honda will likely develop such a model on the new e:N Architecture W platform, which allows single-motor RWD and dual-motor AWD configurations.

Honda eN Architecture W
The new e:N Architecture W platform could underpin the Honda e:N SUV concept’s production version. Image Source: Honda

Honda has said that both its auto joint ventures in China will construct EV production plants and start the rollout in 2024. Batteries for the e:N Series models will come from Chinese supplier CATL.

Whichever Honda e:N Series EVs end up coming to the global markets will come from China. The company has said that it “envisions” exporting these models manufactured in China.

Featured Image Source: Weibo/本田中国