Big brother of the Honda HR-V to bridge the gap to the CR-V?

It is no secret that the next generation Honda HR-V is under development, given the current model is turning 7 years old in the market, which calls for a full model change as we have come to expect from Honda.

Honda HR-V ‘Plus’ akin to the Honda Passport’s strategy

However, speculation is rife that with the 2021 Honda HR-V, the Japanese maker is planning two variants on the same platform: first, a HR-V successor with an accentuated coupe-styled roof (as seen in the spyshots below courtesy of Twitter user Date_aHikarin, and the second would be a boxy SUV targeted at the segment which wants a bigger boot and more rear seat comfort.

As per reports, Honda is trying to identify gaps in the market, and plug them with SUV/crossover models. It did something similar with the Honda Passport, which sits between the CR-V and Pilot, and with the upcoming HR-V twins, the larger, boxier SUV derivative could be positioned between the HR-V and CR-V. The crossover body type is showing no signs of slowing, and in the 2020s it is imperative for manufacturers to have a crossover equivalent of even the ever so popular hatchback and sedan nameplates that have dominated for decades.

i-MMD Hybrid variant

Aside from the 2022 Honda HR-V getting a larger sibling, the other noteworthy headline would be the offering of a hybrid powertrain on these vehicles. Honda currently does not offer a hybrid on the HR-V, though its Japanese cousin, the Honda Vezel, is sold with the Sport Hybrid i-DCD.

However, Honda is moving away from this hybrid powertrain to a more efficient i-MMD system, which is currently seen on the all-new Honda Fit (called Jazz and sold in European and Japanese markets), and all-new City sedan (sold in Asia). It is important to note that the HR-V is related to the Jazz and City by way of the platform, which is expected to continue with the next generation.

2020 Honda Fit
The 2020 Honda Fit and Honda City employ a new i-MMD hybrid architecture which is bound to be seen on the new HR-V twins.

On the 2020 Jazz and City, a 1.5-liter Atkinson cycle i-VTEC engine serves the primary role of acting as a generator for the electric motor. This 108 PS (79.4 kW) electric motor drives the wheels, and the gas engine only takes over at high speeds as electric propulsion becomes inefficient at higher speeds. The 98 PS (72 kW) gas engine primarily recharges the 1.3 kWh lithium-ion battery which supplies juice to the electric motor.

Since the HR-V and its accompanying larger sibling are heavier vehicles than the Jazz and City, we suspect Honda could use the same hybrid architecture but up the power of the electric motors, and even the number of motors used to provide AWD capability. Expect the new HR-V to hit the Japanese market in mid-2021, followed by an American unveiling towards the end of next year.

2022 Honda HR-V FAQ

What is the 2022 Honda HR-V launch date?

The 2022 Honda HR-V could be unveiled in US towards end 2021, and go on sale in 2022. It is expected to be joined by a larger sibling the following year.

What crossovers rival the 2022 Honda HR-V?

The 2022 Honda HR-V will go up against the Toyota C-HR, Nissan Juke & Hyundai Kona.

What will be the price of the 2022 Honda HR-V?

We expect the 2022 Honda HR-V to be priced in the range of USD 20,000 to USD 26,000 depending on 2WD or AWD.