Tesla Cybertruck vs GMC Hummer EV – Which is the ultimate electric truck?

The GMC Hummer EV, which will enter production in late 2021, is a rival to the Tesla Cybertruck among other electric pickups. In this post, we stack up the re-born Hummer against the Cybertruck which reportedly has about half a million orders:

Tesla Cybertruck vs. GMC Hummer EV – Dimensions & Capacities

FeatureHummer EVTesla Cybertruck
Length5507 mm (135.6 in)5885 mm (231.7 in)
Wheelbase3445 mm (135.6 in)3807 mm (149.9 in)
Width (w/o mirror)2201 mm (86.7 in)2027 mm (79.8 in)
Ground clearance257 to 404 mm (10.1 to 15.9 in)Up to 406.4 mm (16 in)
Water fording depth660 to 813 mm (26 to 32 in)Not announced
Loading bed dimensionsNot announcedNot announced
Loading bed capacityNot announced100 cu.ft and 3,500 lbs
Towing capacityNot announced14,000+ lbs (announced)
2022 Hummer EV side
The Cybertruck would dwarf the Hummer EV with its proportions.

Important to note above that the dimensions of the Tesla Cybertruck could slightly change when it enters production. However, even with reduction, the Cybertruck will dwarf the Hummer EV when parked alongside.

Tesla Cybertruck vs. GMC Hummer EV – Range, Charging & Performance

FeatureGMC Hummer EVTesla Cybertruck
Battery sizeUp to 200 kWh (Edition 1)Expected around 200 kWh
Range250/300/350 miles250/300/500 miles
Number of motorsDual motor & Tri motorSinge motor, dual motor & Tri motor
Drive typeAll wheel driveRear wheel drive and All wheel drive
Power output625 hp/800 hp/1000 hpNot announced
Torque output7400/9500/11500 lb-ftNot announced
0-60 mph accelerationApprox 3 seconds<6.5s (RWD), <4.5s (AWD), <2.9s (Tri motor)
Charging capability350 kW Fast Charge, 800VExp with V4.0 Supercharger capability
Charging time100 miles in 10 minNot announced

An important note is that the torque outputs of the Hummer EV, provided by GMC, use a calculation which multiplies the actual value with the front and rear drive unit gear ratios, and are hence inaccurate. Reports estimate the top-end Hummer EV Edition 1 to have as much as 800 lb.ft of torque when measured using the current standard.

2022 Hummer EV dashboard
The Edition 1 Hummer EV will have a 350+ mile range, GMC announced.

Since the top-end variants of the Tesla Cybertruck aren’t due for deliveries until early 2022, we expect the company could better the numbers revealed last year, as development on batteries progress.

Tesla Cybertruck vs. GMC Hummer EV – Features

Both electric pickups have their own list of unique features, which are likely to appeal to distinct audience. The Tesla for one features Armored glass, whereas GMC would like you to experience partial open top motoring with removable glass roof panels on the Hummer EV, dubbed Infinity Roof. However, GMC says the Hummer EV features underbody armor and underbody cameras.

On tricky terrain, the Hummer EV’s Crab mode and four-wheel steering could make the difference between driving out, and being towed out. Tesla is yet to detail the off-road friendly features on the Cybertruck, but we are sure there would be a few.

2022 Hummer EV open top
Infinity Roof of the Hummer EV lets customers experience a near open top driving experience, GMC says.

The Hummer EV can be had with 35 inch Goodyear Wrangler Territory tyres, and the Cybertruck used for the reveal event last year rolled out with 35 inchers as well, and test units on public roads have been spotted with Goodyear tyres. We wouldn’t rule out the possibility of both electric pickups getting options for the same tyre type as they are both planned for a 3 second sprint to 60 mph, and off-road use.

Coming to autonomous driving capability, the Hummer EV will feature a system called Super Cruise, whereas the Cybertruck will get the well known Autopilot, albeit with some refinements. GMC says the Super Cruise offers a first in class lane change feature which calculates the ideal point in time when a lane change needs to be executed.

All variants of the Hummer EV get adaptive suspension, however, we are not sure if Tesla would extend that same courtesy especially since the base Cybertruck is half the price of the base Hummer EV.

2022 Hummer EV load bed
The Hummer EV is expected with a smaller load bay than the Tesla Cybertruck, but question remains if it can tow as much as the Tesla.

Tesla Cybertruck vs. GMC Hummer EV – Price & Availability

ParticularGMC Hummer EVTesla Cybertruck
Price rangeUSD 79,995 to USD 112,595USD 39,900 to USD 69,900
AvailabilityEdition 1 in Late 2021, thereafter 1 variant/year till 2024Late 2021 for RWD, Late 2022 for other variants

It is clear that the Hummer EV is the more expensive of the two electric pickups, however some reports point out that this could be due to the low production volumes of the electric pickup itself (in comparison to the Tesla which is planned in the millions). GMC would like to keep its electric Hummer a niche and exclusive offering, though all units due to be made in 2021 (all Edition 1s) have been spoken for. According to reports, the Edition 1 will account for about 5,000 units.