What is the link between the electric Hummer SUV & Marvel Cinema?

Reservations for the electric Hummer are open on GMC’s website, though the first lot of deliveries are not scheduled until early 2023, and if you wanted the entry-level EV2 variant, it will be a near 3-year wait till spring 2024.

And while early buyers can only gaze upon YouTube videos and hope to see a test prototype or two on the road until then, Inverse.com has a report linking the electric SUV with the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU).

Electric Hummer SUV front
The electric Hummer SUV is available in two powertrains: dual motor or tri-motor, with the latter offering 830 hp. Image: GMC

According to the report, GM roped in Perception, a New York-based design house involved in designing computer user interfaces for the MCU, to give the UI of the electric Hummer a distinct touch. The main areas of focus were the infotainment screens, where drivers can see a Hummer replica in real-time showing the driver what the suspension is doing or what the pitch, roll, steering angle, or differentials are up to.

Backing up the processing required for this crisp presentation is Epic’s Unreal engine which powers the animations, and presents useful information to the user in a function format. There are no faux gauges present, instead, Perception did a mock-up of the Hummer EV on a hemispherical platform that could rock in all directions to show the user an accurate representation of the vehicle while driving off-road.

The electric Hummer is available to order in 4 variants, though the range topping Edition 1 is marked sold out, for now. Features exclusive to the Edition 1 are the Infinity Roof with transparent sky panels (on other variants, the sky panels are optional), a matte ‘Moonshot’ Green paint and a Lunar Shadow interior with exclusive badging.

Ultium Drive enabling an EV revolution at GM

Electric Hummer SUV side
Prices for the electric Hummer start at USD 80,000 and extend up to USD 105,595. Image: GMC

GM’s third-gen EVs, including the GMC Hummer EV SUT and the Electric Hummer SUV, use a range of ‘Ultium’ EV components. These core elements will include the company’s next-gen EV drive units and motors, which it together calls ‘Ultium Drive’.

GM is working on five interchangeable drive units and three motors collectively under an Ultium Drive family. It says that Ultium Drive will offer its next-gen EVs remarkable advantages in performance. For the company itself, the advantage will be the scale and manufacturing efficiencies and speedier launches it allows.

Drive unit family Ultium Drive consists of five different drive units, containing at least one of three different motors, that enable front-wheel drive, rear-wheel drive, ESS all-wheel drive and ultra-high performance all-wheel drive from anything from a compact vehicle to the 1,000 horsepower GMC Hummer EV behind me (referring to the SUV).

Doug Parks of General Motors

Ultium Drive merges electric motors and single-speed transmissions to send power to the wheels. GM promises more responsiveness than internal combustion equivalents and expects an industry-leading torque and power density from Ultium Drive. The primary motor will be at the front, and it will be configured for front or rear-wheel drive.

Source: Youtube/GMC

Ultium Drive incorporates GM’s 25 years of EV experience, and the best example of that is the integration of power electronics into the assemblies of the drive units. The mass of the power electronics is nearly 50% lower than in the previous generation GM EVs such as the Chevrolet Bolt. In addition to saving cost and freeing up more space, Ultium Drive provides 25% higher capability.

GM is developing a flexible Ultium platform that, in its best configuration, will have 800-volt battery packs and 350 kW fast-charging capability. Ultium Cells, a GM and LG Chem joint venture company, will manufacture cells in Lordstown, Ohio.

Electric Hummer Powertrain

2022 Hummer EV dashboard
Inside, the Hummer SUV shares its cockpit and instrumentation with the Hummer pickup. Image: GMC

The GMC Hummer EV is available with two motor options: dual-motor 625 hp/7,400 lb.-ft. and tri-motor 830 hp/11,500 lb.-ft. The driving range is either 250+ miles, 300+ miles, or 350+ miles. Do note that all the output and range figures are GM estimates.

Despite a mammoth-like body, thanks to the massive motors, the electric Hummer SUV has the ability to accelerate from 0-60 mph in about just 3 seconds.

Like the pickup, the electric Hummer SUV features arguably the most capable all-wheel steering system in the car industry. Using a ‘CrabWalk’ mode, the driver can move the SUV in a diagonal direction, something that can be handy during off-roading adventures. The all-wheel steering system turns the rear wheels in the same direction as the front wheels at a much higher degree compared to all-wheel steering systems in passenger vehicles.

Electric Hummer SUV FAQ

What is the GMC Hummer EV SUV release date?

Reservations for the Hummer SUV are open with deliveries slated for early 2023.

What is the GMC Hummer SUV EV price?

Price of the base electric Hummer SUV starts at $80,000 and tops out at $105,595.

Which SUVs would the Electric Hummer SUV compete with?

The Hummer SUV should rival the Volvo XC90 Recharge, Lucid Gravity, and the Mercedes EQS SUV.