GMC Hummer EV SUV: Everything we know in February 2023

  • The world's most extreme SUV is going all-electric
  • Is a strict five-seater despite having dimensions of a big SUV
  • Sold out for two years or more; unavailable to reserve at the moment
  • Priced from USD 84,650; deliveries to begin in the coming weeks

Update: ‘Price & Release Date’ section updated.

GMC resurrected the Hummer brand with the new Hummer EV SUV and pickup models. The Hummer brand, which was popular in the 2000s for its oversized gas-guzzling SUVs, went defunct in 2010 because of plummeting sales in the U.S. market. Increasing environmental concerns among car buyers exacerbated the situation — the H2 and H3 SUVs were infamous for their poor fuel efficiency.

Unlike its predecessors, the GMC Hummer EV SUV is a zero-emissions vehicle and offers ground-breaking technology. GMC has ensured that the Hummer EV SUV sports the original SUVs’ appeal — the EV is enormous and boasts cutting-edge off-road equipment. Customers might be intimidated by the size, but the Hummer EV SUV sports excellent maneuverability thanks to first-in-class features like CrabWalk and Extract Mode.

Here’s everything we know about the GMC Hummer EV SUV:


2024 GMC Hummer EV SUV light bar
Hummer lettering is embossed onto the front light bar. Image Source: GMC

Thanks to its large dimensions and beefy proportions, the Hummer EV SUV’s design harks back to the original Hummer road cars from the 2000s. The bonnet is muscular, and there are three ID (identification) lights mounted on the roof, at the edge of the windshields (front and rear) — these are mandated by the government for extremely wide vehicles for improved visibility in the dark. The bumper has a large skid plate and two tow hooks.

Being smaller than the Hummer EV Pickup and featuring a passenger vehicle body style, the Hummer EV SUV is suitable for a wider band of customers. It’s a more practical daily driver, as GM President Mark Reuss indicated during the company’s investor day event on November 17, 2022:

This vehicle drives quite a bit different than the SUT (Hummer pickup) because of the wheelbase change and so we’ll also offer some things that are a little bit different on the lighter side of off-roading in the SUV variant. And I got to tell you, this is a little wider audience from an appeal and drivability standpoint, so a big deal for Hummer SUV.

Mark Reuss, President, GM (2022 GM Investor Day on November 17, 2022)

Triple wiper system

What’s also unique is the Hummer EV SUV’s 3-wiper set-up. With its 93.7-in. width (with mirrors) and an upright windshield, a conventional set of two wipers cannot cover the glass area. Hence, GMC engineered a unique 3-wiper set-up.

2024 GMC Hummer EV SUV rear
At the rear of the Hummer EV SUV, there’s a sideways opening powered tailgate-mounted with a spare wheel. Image Source: GMC

A striking element upfront is the full-width front light panel with many intricate elements. The Hummer lettering is embossed onto this panel. The unit also has animated turn indicators like on modern Audis. When the vehicle is charging, the entire light panel doubles up as a charging status display with tiny blue dots indicating the charging status. The LED headlamps are housed in the bumper.

35-inch dia wheels

Except for the entry-level EV2 variant (we’ll get to that in the Specifications section), all variants get 22-inch alloys wrapped in Goodyear all-terrain tires with 35-inch O.D. (overall diameter). The side profile is muscular with squared-off wheel arches. The C-pillar is thick and separates the front and rear windows from the rear quarter glass. Hummer has gone overboard with badging. According to MKBHD, there are 32 Hummer EV branding logos on the interior and exterior of the SUV.

At the rear of the electric SUV, there’s a standard-fit sideways opening power swing gate with a spare wheel mounted on it. The tailgate opens like a vault wider than the vehicle. This allows a 48-inch aperture designed to comfortably load large equipment onto the boot. The spare tire mount houses a camera to assist with reversing and helps with trailer alignment. Speaking of trailers, the rear also gets two tow hooks.


2024 GMC Hummer EV SUV removable roof
The Hummer SUV offers an open-air driving experience with removable roof panels. Image Source: GMC

13.4-inch touchscreen

The rugged appeal is carried over to the cabin with a rectangular theme. The dashboard dons a large rectangular 13.4-inch touchscreen infotainment system that offers Bluetooth, smartphone, and USB connectivity. A slightly smaller 12.3-inch digital instrument cluster sits in the driver’s view, providing a wealth of information, including vehicle performance, off-road statistics, driver awareness, and trail mapping projection from the myGMC app.

The rectangular theme is amplified by the air vents, door trim design, dashboard, and center console, all house rectangular-shaped elements. Below the central touchscreen is a small horizontal display of the climate settings, and further below are physical buttons to alter the HVAC functions. The center console also has a rotary dial to switch between the drive modes and raise or lower the ride height.


On the inside, there’s a similar five-seat layout. Despite being 20 in. (w/o spare tire) shorter than the Hummer EV Pickup, the SUV offers a large cargo area of 81.8 cu. ft. The floor becomes flat with the rear seats folded, so heavy equipment remains unobstructed while sliding into the boot. Additionally, there’s a storage space under the load floor, another into the side trim, and even the rear seat backrests have hidden storage areas.

Lunar Shadow interior trim

GMC has showcased how proud it is of the Hummer’s American roots. There’s a subtle American flag on the B-pillar. On the inside, the Edition 1 variant gets a Lunar Shadow theme with a topographical map of the moon all over the EV’s floor. This map is seen in the trunk, floor pads, and the speaker grille. The graphic on the speaker stands out as it shows the Sea of Tranquility and a boot print symbolizing the first human footstep set on the moon.

Infinity roof and Sky panels

The EV can transition from appearing like an army vehicle to a lifestyle SUV thanks to the retractable roofs. The standard ‘Infinity roof’ features removable ‘Sky panels’ that can be manually removed with just a few simple clicks. The powered frunk is large enough to store the removed roof panels comfortably. GMC Hummer EV SUV outdoorsy customers would find these features quite useful during their adventure trips.


2024 GMC Hummer EV SUV digital cluster
The steering looks rugged, while the driver’s display gives a host of important data. Image Source: GMC

The Hummer EV SUV is based on the GM’s latest Ultium EV architecture. Electric Hummer EV’s chief engineer Al Oppenheiser said that the EV’s underbody protects the battery and supports the structure. The battery pack is a structural element and not an add-on feature. This enables a unique combination of off-road capability and excellent on-road performance, according to Oppenheiser.

BT1 Platform

On April 17, 2022, GM Authority reported that the chassis (BT1 platform) of the Hummer EV SUV and other upcoming GM electric vehicles is neither a body-on-frame nor a monocoque. In an interview, Nichole Kraatz, GM Chief Engineer, Battery Electric Trucks, told GM Authority that the body has the floor; even though the battery is a structural element, it gets connected after the body exits the body shaft.

The term used by Kraatz was ‘UltiBody’ until a proper name was assigned to this platform. The BT1 underpins GM electric vehicles like the GMC Hummer EV models, Chevrolet Silverado EV, GMC Sierra EV, and the upcoming Cadillac Escalade Electric.

11,500 lb-ft of torque

The GMC Hummer EV is available in 5 five variants with either a dual-motor or a tri-motor set-up. Customers can have the SUV with a 16-module battery or a larger 20-module unit. The dual-motor configuration produces 625 hp and 7,400 lb.-ft. The tri-motor set-up produces 830 hp and a whopping 11,500 lb.-ft.


The standard-range battery pack provides 250 miles of range while the extended-range battery pack promises over 300 miles on a single charge, claims GM. EPA filings have revealed 329 miles as the combined range of Edition 1, according to Car and Driver’s February 15, 2022, report. A similar range can be expected on the GMC Hummer SUV, as they share the same battery pack. However, expect lower variants to have more range compared to Edition 1.


GM claims the SUV can sprint to 60 mph from a standstill in just 3.5 seconds by enabling the WTF (Watts to Freedom) mode (launch control). That’s despite tipping scales at 9,063 lbs., of which 2,923 lbs. is the weight of the battery alone, according to the EPA filings. Car and Driver says the usable battery size of the Hummer EV is 200 kWh, which is significantly more than the Rivian R1T (129 kWh usable) and the Ford F-150 Lightning (131 kWh usable).

Although, it’s easy to be misled by the torque figure, which relates to the motor torque produced at the wheel, multiplied by the transmission’s drive ratio. Generally, EVs have a drive reduction ratio of 8:1, so the torque multiplied by the transmission is higher. By this logic, 11,500 lb.-ft. translates to around 1,400 lb.-ft., which sounds like a more accurate figure than GM claimed.

Ultium Energy Recovery

One of the Hummer EV SUV’s key efficiency features is Ultium Energy Recovery, a system that reuses waste energy to improve range and performance. The patented heat pump recovers the heat that the electric SUV’s batteries, power electronics, and other components produce and stores it. It can capture and use humidity from both inside and outside the vehicle as well, even the passengers’ body heat. This heat can then become useful to heat the cabin faster in cold weather and preheat the battery to charge more efficiently. Moreover, energy recovery can precool the propulsion system to enable the Watts to Freedom mode.


Hummer EV SUV VariantEV2EV2XEV3XEdition 1Edition 1
(Off-road package)
Range (miles)250+300+300+329 (EPA estimate)280+
Battery sizeTBA200 kWh200 kWh200 kWh200 kWh
Power (hp)625625830830830
Torque (lb-ft)7400740011,50011,50011,500
AC Charging Power11.5 kW19.2 kW19.2 kW19.2 kW19.2 kW
DC fast charging300 kW300 kW300 kW300 kW300 kW
Optional kit20-module battery, DCFC, and 300+ rangeOff-road packageOff-road package
The torque figure is at the wheel (after transmission multiplication).

Off-road specifications

The Hummer EV SUV is 196.8 in. long (w/o spare tire), 87.5 in. wide (with mirrors folded), and has a massive ground clearance of up to 16 in. The front and rear overhangs are relatively short and combined with the high ground clearance; the EV gets an approach angle of up to 49.6º, a departure angle of up to 49º, and a break-over angle of up to 34.4º. The maximum fording depth is 32 in., while the maximum suspension travel is 13 in. The GMC Hummer EV SUV should have no issues reaching the farthest end of any off-road trail.

Hummer EV SUV aspectValue
Wheelbase (in. / mm)127 / 3,218
Vehicle length w/ spare tire (in. / mm)206.7 / 5,250
Vehicle length w/o spare tire (in. / mm)196.8 / 4,999.5
Width w/o mirrors (in. / mm)86.5 / 2,196
Width w/ mirrors (in. / mm)93.7 / 2,380
Width w/ mirrors folded (in. / mm)87.5 / 2,222
Height (in. / mm)77.8 / 1,976
Cargo Volume with rear seats up (cu. ft. / liters)35.9 / 1,016.7
Cargo Volume with rear seats folded (cu. ft. / liters)81.8 / 2,316.6
Frunk Volume (cu. ft. / liters)11.3 / 320
Max ground clearance (in. / mm)16.0 / 406
Front overhang (in. / mm)34.7 / 881
Rear overhang w/o spare (in. / mm)35.5/ 900.5
Max approach angle^ (deg.)49.6
Max departure angle^ w/o spare (deg.)49.0
Max break-over angle^ (deg.)34.4
Max water fording depth^ (in. / mm)32 / 813
Track width (in. / mm)73.3 / 1,863 (front and rear)
Turning circle, with available 4 Wheel Steer (ft. / m)35.4 / 10.8
Suspension travel (in. / mm)13 / 330 (front and rear)
^Max off-road performance specs enabled by available Extract Mode

How it compares with the Hummer EV Pickup

Even though the Hummer EV pickup and the Hummer EV SUV share the same platform and have an identical nose, there are some distinctions in performance and range. Electric motors on the Edition 1 variant of the pickup produce 1,000 hp, while the SUV has been tuned for 830 hp on top variants and 625 hp on lower variants. The acceleration times differ; the 830 hp pickup sprints to 60 mph in 3 seconds, while the SUV takes 0.5 seconds longer. The SUV’s GM-est. range is 14 percent lower (300+ miles, as opposed to the pickup’s 350+ miles).

While off-road prowess is near-identical, the departure and break-over angles are different. The SUV’s departure angle without the spare tire is up to 49º, while the break-over angle is up to 34.4º. On the Hummer EV Pickup, the departure angle is 38.4º, while the break-over angle is 32.2º in the Extract Mode, which raises the ride height to its maximum level. The pickup is also 20 in. longer than the SUV.


2024 GMC Hummer EV SUV cargo area
The rear seats can be folded flat for over 2,300 liters of storage. Also, the boot floor gets the Lunar Shadow designed. Image Source: GMC

4-wheel steering

The Hummer EV SUV’s feature list makes it stand out from the competition. For starters, the Hummer EV gets 4-wheel-steering, which gives the 5-meter-long SUV a turning radius of just 35.4 ft. — less than that of the Ford Mustang Mach-E. This feature, however, isn’t available on the base EV2  variant.

Digital key

Thanks to the Digital Key, the Hummer EV can detect nearby owners. The system detects if the owner’s smartphone is nearby and enables passive operations like lighting and unlocking. Additionally, there’s top drawer technology on offer. The 13.4-inch infotainment can be used to monitor energy use, set up charging schedules, and look at battery temperature via the Energy App.

Bose audio

The driver’s display showcases off-roading details like performance readouts, ride height information, TPMS, compass readings, pitch and roll status, and more. The Hummer EV SUV also gets a Bose sound system, driver’s seat with haptic feedback, and highly customizable screens for an immersive driving experience.

There’s also ‘My Mode,’ which helps the driver personalize the suspension, steering, acceleration, and sound settings according to their needs.

Drives diagonally with CrabWalk

The 2X, 3X, and Edition 1 variants get 4-wheel-steering as standard and get the CrabWalk function, which allows the vehicle to drive diagonally to get past tight spaces. The variants also feature the Extract Mode feature, which raises the adaptive air suspension to its maximum ride height to help it drive over large obstacles. Another standard feature across variants includes Super Cruise, an ADAS feature that allows autonomous driving with support for over 200,000 miles of recorded roads.

Extreme Off-road Package

Buyers can also have the Edition 1 with the optional Extreme Off-road Package that adds 18-inch wheels wrapped around 35-inch OD Goodyear Wrangler Territory MT tires. The kit also adds underbody armor to protect the battery from harsh off-road conditions, rock sliders mounted under the side body that help the vehicle slide off large rocks and protect the paint, UltraVision with underbody cameras (front- and rear-facing with washers), electronically locking front differential, electronically locking rear differential, and heavy-duty ball-spline half-shafts that improve wheel articulation during extreme off-roading.

Power Station generator & e4WD

The Edition 1 also gets what GMC calls the Power Station generator. The Hummer EV SUV’s battery can be used for various purposes, including jump-starting another vehicle and powering external devices and accessories at 120 v, 25 A, or 3 W. On the 3X and the Edition 1 variants, e4WD with torque vectoring is available, which manages torque distribution between the wheels for maximum grip through tricky surfaces.

Off-road Trail Mapping

2024 GMC Hummer EV SUV off-road data
Off-road information on the driver’s display shows pitch and roll angles, drift angles, and more. Image Source: GMC

The Hummer EV SUV owners get an updated version of the myGMC smartphone app, a new off-road trail mapping feature. The app is meant to make off-road driving easy as it helps plan and navigate off-road drives, helps locate charging stations near the trails, and provides real-time power consumption information. If the trails are not under the network coverage area, the route plans can be downloaded and used as offline maps using the SUV’s central touchscreen.

Price & Release Date

Production of the GMC Hummer EV SUV has started, beginning with the Edition 1 trim. GMC used the first unit of the Hummer EV SUV Edition 1 to raise USD 500,000 at the Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale Auction for Tread Lightly, a non-profit environmental organization, on January 28, 2023.

On February 13, 2023, car spotter KindelAuto posted pictures of a dealer-bound GMC Hummer EV SUV on his Instagram page. The images, probably captured at the Ultium Cells plant in Warren, Ohio, the facility that supplies the electric SUV’s battery cells to GM, suggest preparations for first dealer shipments have begun ahead of the Spring 2023 sales launch.

2024 GMC Hummer EV SUV Edition 1 Barrett Jackson auction
GMC Hummer EV SUV deliveries in the U.S. should begin in the coming weeks. Image Source: GMC

The Hummer EV Edition 1 costs USD 105,595 and will go on sale soon. The Hummer EV Edition EV2X and Hummer EV Edition EV3X will be available from Spring 2023 onwards, while the Hummer EV Edition EV2 will become available in Spring 2024.

The 2, 2X, and 3X grades received a price hike of USD 4,655 on June 18, 2022, due to “the increase in the price of commodity parts, technology, and logistics.” Customers who placed their reservations until June 17, 2022, will get their Hummer EV SUV at the original prices, General Motors has confirmed.

TrimLatest PriceOriginal PriceAvailability
Hummer EV2 SUVUSD 84,650USD 79,995Spring 2024
Hummer EV2X SUVUSD 94,650USD 89,995Spring 2023
Hummer EV3X SUVUSD 104,650USD 99,995Spring 2023
Hummer EV Edition 1 SUVUSD 105,595USD 105,595Early 2023
Hummer EV Edition 1 SUV (Off-road package)USD 110,595USD 110,595Early 2023
USA MSRP excludes tax, title, license, and dealer fees. Optional equipment is extra. (Source:

Hummer EV reservations in the U.S.

GM has paused reservations for the GMC Hummer EV in the U.S. The company hasn’t said when it plans to reopen reservations, but it has indicated that whenever it does that, it won’t be able to deliver the newly reserved units before mid-2024.

GMC Hummer EV “demand covers at least two years of production,” GM Chair and CEO Mary Barra said during the company’s 2022 Investor Day event. For now, the only thing those who want to make a new reservation can do is sign up to stay informed.

After three consecutive quarters of growth, we had to cap GMC Hummer EV reservations at 90,000, because demand covers at least the next two years of production. Now 70% of these customers are buying their first EV, and 75% are new to GMC, and 40% are new to General Motors.

Mary Barra, Chair and CEO, GM (2022 GM Investor Day on November 17, 2022)

On September 14, 2022, citing Rich Latek, marketing director, GMC, Autoblog reported that combined reservations for the Hummer EV Pickup and Hummer EV SUV have reached 90,000. More than 90% of reservation holders are placing confirmed orders, many of which are in the higher trims.

On July 26, 2022, GM revealed that (for SUV and pickup combined, which at that time was 80,000), 75% of the reservation holders are new to GMC. Texas, California, and Florida are the states with the most reservations. Truck models are generally quite popular in Texas, while California has a high uptake for the best-of-best alternative fuel vehicles. Florida offers the perfect scene to flaunt the Hummer’s capabilities, and the electric models could be popular there, especially in Miami.

A sizeable chunk of the reservations was for the pickup initially, because they opened much earlier, but newer reservations are showing an even split between the pickup and SUV, Hummer’s assistant marketing manager Megan Hart said.

Showcased at events

2024 GMC Hummer EV SUV Edition 1 front-three-quarters
The Electric Hummer SUV Edition 1 variant in matte green paint was showcased at SEMA 2021. Image Source:

The GMC Hummer EV SUV was showcased in Moonshot Green Matte paint, the exclusive color for the Edition 1 variant, at the 2021 SEMA show (November 2021). The SUV appeared rather large compared to other vehicles showcased at SEMA. The show car stood on 22-inch wheels wrapped in 35-inch Goodyear all-terrain tires. The display model also featured the Lunar Shadow theme with a topographical map of the moon in the cabin.

On August 20, 2022, three units of the Hummer EV SUV were viewable at the 2022 Woodward Dream Cruise. A signature Moonshot Green Matte unit was on display in a booth, which you can check out on YouTube channel Nebula1701’s walkaround video embedded below. Then there was a white-colored unit parked on the side of a street, which Laycee Schmidtke has presented in a walkaround video on her YouTube channel Miss GoElectric. Lastly, an all-black unit was seen parading with vintage cars, muscle cars, and other special cars on the road, spotted by

Video Source: YouTube/Nebula1701

The Hummer EV SUV has made an appearance in China as well. It was on display at the 2022 China International Import Expo that was held from November 5-10, 2022.


At the 2021 SEMA show, GMC also showcased a range of accessories for the Hummer EV. GMC says the comprehensive list of optional kits amounts to 200 products, giving customers a great range of items to choose from. GMC showcased the accessories for the Hummer EV pickup. Still, it is likely; the SUV can also be equipped with non-bed-related items. You can view the walkaround video on Parts Counter Gurus (via Youtube).

Electric Hummer accessories
GMC says there are 200 accessories available on the Hummer EV pickup, many of which should be offered to Hummer EV SUV customers. Image Source: GMC

Hummer may offer the following equipment on the SUV optionally:

  • Roof Cross Rail Package
  • Roof-top tent and crossbar mounts
  • 50-inch roof-mounted off-road light bar
  • Battery-powered refrigerator
  • Off-road recovery kit
  • Front off-road auxiliary lights
  • Hummer EV Emblems in Tech Bronze
  • 18-inch Tech Bronze Wheels
  • All-weather eTrunk with vertical cargo net
  • Outside rearview mirror projection lights
  • Interior Ambient footwell lighting
  • Sky convertible top
  • Front center console lockable storage
  • Under-seat organizer and I-Bar storage

TopElectricSUV says

The GMC Hummer EV SUV is the most capable off-road SUV on the market. With the Hummer EV SUV, GMC is proving that full electrification is possible and practical for even the most extreme passenger vehicles on the market. Purpose-built for off-roading and tackling the most extreme terrains out there, the electric Hummer SUV offers adventurers and explorers newfound capabilities, that too without any tailpipe emissions.


What is the GMC Hummer EV SUV release date?

Customer deliveries of the Electric Hummer SUV are slated for Spring 2023 in the U.S.

What is the GMC Hummer EV SUV price?

The base electric Hummer SUV price starts at $84,650 (2024 model) and tops out at $110,595.

Which SUVs would the GMC Hummer EV SUV compete with?

The Hummer SUV should rival the Mercedes EQG, Lucid Gravity, and the Mercedes EQS SUV.

Featured Image Source: GMC