Genesis eGV70 to rival the BMW iX3 & Mercedes EQC from 2022 [Update]

The Genesis eGV70 or Genesis Electrified GV70 will be a mid-size electric SUV from the Hyundai Motor Group-owned luxury automaker. In the European market, it will compete with models such as the BMW iX3 and the Mercedes EQC, conversions of thermal-engined vehicles. The all-electric Genesis GV70 would rival the Tesla Model Y and the Audi Q4 e-tron in the United States when it eventually takes the trip from S.Korea. Here’s everything you need to know about the car:


TopElectricSUV has used guidance from spy media and the design elements of the G80 Electric to build what we believe is an accurate representation of the final car that will be introduced next year. We have modified the grille, bumper, wheels, roof (solar panels), charging port location (in the image below), and color to reflect the showroom spec. The illustration is set as the article’s featured image, and follows is a render showing the charging port.

Genesis eGV70 rear quarters spy picture
The Genesis GV70e will be a mid-size electric SUV derived from the GV70, externally differentiated through the revised front and rear fascias, unique body paint, badges, and styling enrichment. Image Source:

The Genesis eGV70 you see above features 20-inch wheels wrapped in Michelin Primacy Tour A/S 265/45 R20 premium tires. The top-end trims should be available with more style-focused 21-inch wheels and lower-profile tires. Other spy pictures on the web (such as suggest that Genesis will offer 19-inch (235/55 R19 tires) in the budget- and range-focused configurations of the eGV70.

Other spy pictures in the source link suggest that the charging port will be located at the front, beside the left-side double-line quad headlamp on the faux Crest grille. Speaking of the signature Crest Grille, it could be modified for usage on EVs, shut off for enhanced aerodynamics, and featuring an inverted G-Matrix pattern.

Previously, we shared the spy pictures of the Genesis eGV70 from Instagram user ubin1024, who observed that the upcoming electric SUV has impressive acceleration, usually the case with high-end EVs.

Genesis eGV70 wheel
The top-end Genesis eGV70 may feature 21-inch wheels wrapped in low-profile tires. Pictured is 265/45/R 20 tires on a prototype. Image Source: Naver/erinlove776

‘Aerodynamic’ Crest grille & special wheels

The Genesis GV70e was spied on-road tests for the first time in December last year. Naver user soonjung8116 had shared pictures of the Genesis GV70 electric variant from South Korea. Being a derivative EV model, the eGV70 is identical to the GV70 for the most part.

It has some clever EV traits to set itself apart from the ICE model. Spy shots show the Genesis eGV70 featuring a closed-off panel in place of the dark chrome-garnished grille but in the same ‘Crest’ design. The aerodynamic Crest is an identity card of the eGV70. It would come with an inverted G-Matrix pattern to stress the electric SUV’s mission for sustainability and host the charging door with the ‘invisible’ effect. One other feature that can help emphasize this is the solar panel roof, available on the Ioniq 5 and the G80e, though we are yet to spot it on test prototypes.

On the sides, the alloy wheels flaunt a more aerodynamic design. Similarly, the bumpers on the electric SUV (and not to mention the grille) would be slightly different, optimized for an electric vehicle’s cooling requirements.


The interior of the Genesis eGV70 would have minor visual and functional differences on the instrument cluster and the infotainment system. Besides, Hyundai Motor Group may use eco-friendly materials in the electric variant. Recycled and natural materials could be utilized for the interior, such as leather from the natural dye on the armrests, seats, and console. ‘Forged wood’ garnish could come in place on door panels and dash (recycled wood), and seat fabric made from recycled PET may also be expected. Lastly, Genesis should provide exclusive color combinations for added differentiation.

Likewise, the eGV70 would feature a fingerprint reader that allows turning on the vehicle and its features (like Valet mode and seat memory) and making payments. Hyundai isn’t just using existing fingerprint readers developed for mobile devices. It is sourcing high-end readers that are more reliable, and it obtained an AEC-Q100 certification for the same.

Video Source: Petrolhead


Like the Electrified G80, the Genesis eGV70 may come exclusively in all-wheel drive, with both axles having a propulsion motor. Each motor generates 136 kW (182 hp) and 350 Nm (258 Lb.-Ft.) in the sedan’s case, resulting in total power and total torque of 272 kW (365 hp) and 700 Nm (516 Lb.-Ft.), respectively. Expect the 0-60 mph acceleration to be around 5 seconds, achievable with a sports mode. The maximum range could be about 500 km (280-311 miles) as per NEDC. EPA-estimated rating in the U.S. market would be lower.

The eGV70 should feature a 400V/800V multi rapid-charging system, allowing customers to use the commonly-found 400-volt charger and the 800-volt charger without an additional convertor. The maximum charging power the eGV70 can take will likely be 350 kW, so expect the rapid-charging time (10-80% SoC) at around 20 minutes. V2L should be enabled and let customers use electric power of 3.6 kW to charge household electrical appliances. These assumptions are made based on the capabilities of existing HMG electric vehicles.

Production & Release date

Genesis GV70 Electric charging render
The Genesis GV70 Electric would offer more boot space than the low-slung GV60, making it a practical car for families. Pictured is a rendering of the electric SUV.

Series production of the Genesis eGV70 or the Genesis GV70e will begin in December this year, said an exclusive report on in February. This development leads us to believe that the electric crossover’s global rollout or release would begin in the first half of 2022.

U.S. launch

Genesis has been capitalizing on Hyundai showrooms to sell cars in the U.S., but that’s about to change. Distancing itself from the mainstream brand is necessary to realize Genesis’ ambitions of a luxury label, and central to that is a premium car shopping experience. According to a MotorTrend report, Genesis spokesperson Jarred Pellat has said that Genesis plans to open 150 showrooms of its own in the USA shortly, with the first outlet coming up this year. By the time the eGV70 touches American shores, the first Genesis showrooms would be up and running. Note that Genesis has not confirmed the EVs identified for the U.S. market.

Genesis GV70 EV or Genesis GV70e confirmed for 2022 release
The Genesis eGV70/GV70e (circled) was scheduled for release this year, now pushed to 2022. The delay could be related to the ongoing semiconductor chip shortage. Image Source: Hyundai Motor Company Investor Presentation March 2021.

Europe launch

Today Genesis announced its grand entry into the European market and the launch of three electric cars in the first year. It has confirmed the G80 Electric as the first EV offering. The GV60 (the ‘dedicated electric platform’ model) and the GV70e would follow it. Genesis does not mention model names or the launch sequence of the two electric cars, but the product plan is an open secret as no other Genesis EVs are at the end of their development cycle.

Genesis has an exciting and competitive electric SUV in the Genesis GV60 (codename: Genesis JW), set to come out this year globally. Unlike the eGV70, it is designed from the ground up as an electric car having advanced features like a flat floor, wireless charging, and virtual mirrors, riding on the Hyundai Motor Group’s E-GMP electric architecture. As per Korean media reports, the CUV is scheduled to enter production in August. It is another model that is well suited to the United States.

Australia & New Zealand launch

The Genesis eGV70 will likely go on sale in Australia in 2022. According to a report from, the company has confirmed that it plans to launch three EVs in Australia in H1 2022 (January-June 2022). These models should be the Electrified G80, the GV60, and the eGV70, as there are no other immediate e-launches from Genesis. The GV70’s electric could be the last of the three to arrive in showrooms. A new trademark application on IP Australia suggests that it may call the GV70’s electric variant Electrified GV70.

Hyundai’s subsidiary in New Zealand told Autocar NZ in August 2020 that it is considering launching the luxury brand in the region. Given the country’s new carbon-neutrality goals in the auto sector, whenever that happens, the Genesis eGV70 should be a part of the launch line-up.

Featured Image: TopElectricSUV’s rendering of the Genesis GV70 Electric