5 things you should know about the 2022 Ford Escape PHEV

The 2022 Ford Escape PHEV (2022 Ford Escape Plug in Hybrid) is based mainly on the MY2021 model, and the only changes include the redistribution of features across the range and the addition of three new colors. The plug-in hybrid is an interesting option for owners who are not ready to make the leap to pure EVs but want the EV experience without going through the pains of range anxiety.

38-miles of EV range

The Escape Plug in Hybrid comes with a 2.5-liter, 4-cylinder naturally aspirated engine that works with an electric motor and a 14.4 kWh lithium-ion battery. On its own, the engine produces 165 hp and 155 lb-ft. When the electric motor assists the engine, peak output is as much as 221 hp. On its own, the electric motor can power the SUV for 38 miles (EPA estimate), after which the engine takes over automatically.

2022 Ford Escape Plug in Hybrid rear
There’s 38 miles of pure EV range on the Ford Escape PHEV. Image: Ford

The powertrain, however, is only front-wheel-drive. The Escape PHEV’s cousin, the Lincoln Corsair, shares the same underpinnings, except for an extra electric motor on the rear axle, which makes it AWD. So prospective Escape owners who want AWD on their PHEV, may find the Lincoln as a suitable alternative.

Economics of a Plug-in Hybrid

A PHEV can function as a pure EV on most days. The car comes with a Level 1 & 2 AC charging port. Using a regular Level 1 charger, the Escape can be charged fully in 10 to 11 hours. Charging time drops significantly by using a Level 2 charger which takes up to 4.5 hours to charge the battery. With 38 miles of range, most owners can use the Escape in pure EV mode for their routine commutes—helping them save regular fuel costs.

The Ford Escape Plug in Hybrid returns an impressive 105 MPGe; equivalent to the miles per gallon of gasoline. The EPA developed this parameter to analyze the efficiency of cars driven using alternative fuels. The MPGe figure is estimated by the EPA. The agency uses the exact amount of electric energy equal to the energy in one gallon of gasoline to determine this figure. This is a fair way to compare the efficiency of electric powertrains to regular combustion engines.

Atkinson Cycle Engine

Ford has another trick up its sleeve to boost engine efficiency. The 2.5-liter gasoline engine works on the Atkinson Cycle, which uses every drop of fuel to improve efficiency. In this engine type, the intake valve remains open until the piston completes up to 30% upward travel on the compression stroke—a full-length expansion stroke follows this. Atkinson cycle engines are more effective on hybrid powertrains as the electric energy makes up for the low-speed energy deficit.

More standard features

The 2022 Ford Escape PHEV is available in three variants; SE, SEL, and Titanium. For the 2022 model, Ford is offering an 8-way power-adjustable driver’s seat as standard on the SEL variant and a 10-way power-adjustable driver’s seat as standard on the Titanium. Ford’s SecuriCode keyless entry keypad is standard on SEL and Titanium, while the Bang & Olufsen audio has now been included in the Titanium Premium package.

That said, the Ford Escape Plug in Hybrid comes with a suite of features, including a 12.3-inch digital instrument cluster (6.5-inch on the SE) and 8-inch central infotainment system based on Ford Sync 3. The system supports Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. There’s also Ford’s Co-Pilot 360 Technology, including blind-spot monitoring, collision warning, lane-keeping system, automatic beam adjustment, adaptive cruise control, and more.

Made in Kentucky

The final assembly location of the 2022 Ford Escape PHEV is the brand’s Louisville Assembly Plant in Kentucky. Production was delayed by a few months because of a fire risk issue on the European version of the Escape PHEV, the Kuga PHEV. The fire was related to the battery pack, but Ford promptly resolved the problem before the production kicked off in 2021. The 2022 Ford Escape PHEV price starts at USD 33,940 (MSRP), USD 4800 more than the Escape Hybrid.

Ford has sold 24,826 units of the Escape in 2022 (until the end of February). The Escape Hybrid and Escape PHEV accounted for 5,457 units in total. The Ford Escape PHEV rivals include the Toyota RAV4 Prime, Hyundai Tucson PHEV, Kia Niro PHEV and the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV.

Featured Image: Ford