Early details emerge on the next-gen 2025 Ford F-150 Lightning pickup [Update]

Even before the first-ever electric F-150 can reach customers, news about the second generation Ford F-150 Lightning has started trickling in. According to an update from Reuters, Ford is targeting annual production of 160,000 units per annum of the 2025 Ford F-150 Lightning, which the report adds will launch in late-2025.

F-150 Lightning Supply & Demand

Ford has received more than 160,000 reservations for the current F-150 Lightning, and this number does not include fleet/commercial sales through the Ford Pro program. However, even after Ford hiked its production target for the upcoming F-150 Lightning, the demand far exceeds supply: with an added USD 250 million, Ford plans to build 15,000 F-150 Lightnings in 2022, 55,000 in 2023, and 80,000 in 2024, after which the Blue Oval plans on shifting to its electric-only TE1 platform, the basis for the 2025 Ford F-150 Lightning. Given the massive demand, Ford should be looking to produce more F-150 electric trucks, but ramp-up would be difficult for at least a year given the shortage of semiconductor chips.

Theoretically, as things stand, there are prospective buyers, who, today hold reservations for the F-150 Lightning, but what they get delivered would be the 2025 model built on the TE1 platform!

2025 F-150 Lightning Platform & Battery

Where the upcoming electric F-150 uses a modified version of the gasoline F-150’s chassis, Ford has two platforms which it will launch exclusively for electric vehicles. The smaller GE2 coming in mid-2023 will see cars and crossovers (including a second-gen Mustang Mach-E) while the truck size TE1 will accommodate the 2025 Ford F-150 Lightning, and probably even the Ford Ranger EV.

Ford F-150 Lightning chassis spare tire
The BEV-exclusive TE1 platform should be superior in every aspect compared to the present F-150 Lightning riding on the gasoline model’s modified chassis (pictured). Image: Twitter/Mike Levine

In addition, the Ford Bronco EV (which is almost confirmed by the company as a project having been greenlit) and electric “two- and three-row SUVs for families around the world like (Ford) Explorer (EV) and Lincoln Aviator (EV)” will also be accommodated on this RWD/AWD BEV platform, Hau Thai-Tang, Chief Product Platform and Operations Officer, Ford, confirmed earlier this year.

And while Ford may source batteries from vendors such as LG Chem and SK Innovation currently, by 2025, the brand will have enough volume in North America to justify its own plant, Thai-Tang mentioned in an interview with CNBC. With its TE1 platform harmonizing systems/components, multiple Ford/Lincoln electric vehicles could use the same battery size, which will ease Ford into manufacturing/assembling its own cells.

Ford’s EV strategy

Ford is bullish on electrification in its North American and European markets and is planning a massive xEV onslaught. The company plans to invest more than USD 30 billion in electrification. It expects 40% of global vehicle sales to be derived from pure electric models by 2030. The Blue Oval will launch multiple EVs from Ford and Lincoln brands this decade, including a Bronco EV, Explorer EV, Ranger EV, an MEB platform-based compact electric SUV, and Aviator EV.

In addition to the development of new electrified products and powertrains, a part of the USD 30 billion investment will go into domestic battery production. In partnership with SK Innovation, the company plans to build BlueOvalSK Battery Park, a battery manufacturing complex consisting of two battery plants, in central Kentucky. It will build a mega campus called Blue Oval City in Stanton, Tennessee, also with the South Korean battery specialist. This facility will supply batteries for the company’s electrified vehicles.

We will keep updating this story as more details emerge.

2025 Ford F-150 Lightning FAQs

What is the release date of the 2025 Ford F-150 Lightning?

Production of the second-gen F-150 Lightning is expected in late 2025, so deliveries could commence the same year or in early 2026.

What is the expected price of the 2025 Ford F-150 Lightning?

The 2025 F-150 Lightning should be priced like the first-generation model, which starts at USD 40,000.

Which electric trucks would the F-150 compete with?

By 2026, we expect a Toyota electric pickup truck on the market, as well as the RAM 1500 EV, and a GMC Sierra electric pickup.

Featured Image – 2022 Ford Ranger’s headlight courtesy of Ford