Fisker Ronin (Project Ronin) EV sports car: Everything we know [Update]

  • Four-seat all-electric grand tourer to cost under USD 200k
  • Will accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in just around 2 seconds
  • Has a targeted range of over 600 miles (presumed WLTP)
  • Officially expected to be revealed in August 2023 & produced from H2 2024

Update: ‘What is the Fisker Ronin?’ section added, and ‘Capabilities’ section revised.

Following the high-volume Fisker Ocean and Fisker Pear (project name), Fisker’s third EV will be a niche, brand-shaping model. Called Fisker Ronin provisionally, the high-tech electric sports car is aimed at driving enthusiasts.

What is the Fisker Ronin?

Fisker came up with the codename based on the Hollywood Robert DeNiro starrer, famous for its car chase scenes. The Project Ronin is a future electric sports car that will feature unique doors that allow easier entry and exit, a vegan interior, and active aerodynamics tech.


Development of the Fisker Project Ronin takes place at the company’s UK facility, unofficially called ‘Magic Works.’ During the Q1 2022 earnings conference call on May 4, 2022, CEO Henrik Fisker said that the Ronin, “a low-invest low-volume vehicle,” would allow it to explore some innovative ideas early. For example, the company is developing what it thinks is a world-leading wiring harness that is “super simple, light, and very low cost,” but “really effective.”

Fisker Ronin Convertible teaser
The Fisker Project Ronin will be a four-seat electric GT convertible, developed with a 600-mile range target. It will sport an all-wheel drive setup with a tri-motor system. Image Source: Fisker

The Fisker Ronin will be a gentlemanly four-seat grand tourer designed for spirited yet relaxing high-speed cruising on the highways, not a track-focused, cornering machine. It will be a tech demonstrator of the brand, showcasing its newest developments and capabilities in engineering, powertrain, and software aspects. In The Verge interview published on January 4, 2023, Henrik Fisker said that the company is working on a foldable hardtop roof for the Ronin, which would be extremely lightweight as well.

The interior design of the Ronin is to be unique and spacious, with Henrik Fisker hoping the 5-seat grand tourer to be as capable as a luxury sedan and comfortably carry a fully-grown adult in the back, the American report mentioned. It should also have the capability to receive over-the-air (OTA) software updates for its onboard systems, like in the Fisker Ocean.

Virtual B-Pillar

The CEO told The Verge that the company has been working on a “virtual B-pillar” concept for the all-electric GT. Inspired by the design characteristic of cars from the 1960s that lacked this structural component, Fisker was keen on achieving a similar look in the Ronin without compromising safety. Several challenging years led to technical innovations which the unique door design possible, Henrik told the publication.


Fisker started developing the Ronin concept in 2021 to offer customers an alternative to luxury gasoline grand tourers. However, during the Q1 2022 earnings conference call, Fisker said that the Ronin would compete with luxury electric sedans, luxury gasoline sedans, and luxury sports coupes, and all luxury convertibles that cost USD 100,000 onwards.

Platform & Range

Fisker Ronin front three quarter left side teaser
A teaser of the Fisker Ronin reveals its charging port will be on the front-left quarter panel and shows its new, classic sports car-style alloy wheels. Image Source: Fisker

With a targeted range of 600 miles (965 km), the battery technology would have to come from the top drawer. Fisker said during the Q1 2022 earnings conference call that the company is considering integrating the battery pack in a new way, such that it gives the car more energy density and lower weight. The Ronin won’t ride on the Ocean’s platform, but it will share a few components with the SUV.

Fisker will develop the Ronin on a new platform that could underpin other future EVs. It will be a high-spec architecture as Fisker took to Instagram to confirm that the target 0-60 mph time was about 2 seconds for the sports car.

AspectFisker Ronin specification
Body type4-door convertible
0-60 mph accelerationAround 2 seconds
DrivetrainTri-motor AWD setup
Range600 miles
PriceUnder USD 200,000
Specifications compiled from Henrik Fisker’s Instagram posts and information revealed during investor calls.

Release Date & Price

We’ll know more when the company unveils the Ronin concept version in August 2023. The production of the new electric sports car will start in H2 2024. Fisker has listed the Ronin on its website, and Henrik Fisker has confirmed on Instagram that the expected starting price is just under $200k.

TopElectricSUV says

The Ronin will be a grand tourer with a high level of performance without sacrificing comfort or practicality. The only way to tell if it’s as fun behind the wheel as a Ferrari or Lambo is to drive it, but projected specifications indicate it’ll be way blisteringly quick. And if Fisker delivers on the targeted range of 600 miles, customers can cruise highways and cover interstate distances with ease.

Fisker Ronin FAQs

What is the Fisker Ronin release date?

The Fisker Project Ronin electric sports car will enter production in 2024. It will be a low-volume vehicle.

What will be the Fisker Ronin price?

Henrik Fisker has confirmed a starting price of just under USD 200,000.

Which models will be Fisker Ronin rivals?

The Fisker Project Ronin will squabble with the Maserati GranCabrio Folgore, next-gen Tesla Roadster & Polestar 6.

Featured image: Fisker