Fisker Ocean Force E aims to make off-roading sustainable; arriving in Q1 2024 [Update]

  • Fisker Ocean Force E is claimed to be the world's cleanest and most sustainable off-road vehicle
  • Force E to be available as a package for new & existing Ocean customers
  • To be introduced around March 2024
  • Optional pack officially estimated to retail at USD 14,000

Update: ‘Features & Specifications’ and ‘Price & Release date’ sections updated.

The Fisker Ocean is taking on a more daring character, aiming to appeal to off-road enthusiasts with its new ‘Force E’ package. Unveiled at the inaugural Fisker Product Vision Day on August 3, 2023, the Fisker Ocean Force E is designed and engineered to make off-roading adventures sustainable. While it unlocks an exciting new dimension to the Ocean, we feel that it will attract limited takers as compared to regular variants or accessories.


The Fisker Ocean Force E is claimed to be the cleanest and most sustainable all-wheel drive off-road vehicle on the market. Existing Ocean customers will also be able to upgrade to the Ocean Force E, as the company will allow them to purchase the optional package and make an official modification.

The next big piece of our product vision was to take the Ocean one step further. We wanted to create the ultimate electric off-road vehicle. That doesn’t really kind of for me exist in this segment yet, and we want to be the first one, so we created an off-road vehicle. We call it ‘Force E.’

Henrik Fisker, Chairman and CEO, Fisker (Fisker Product Vision Day on August 3, 2023)

Features & Specifications

The Fisker Ocean Force E flaunts structural front and rear skid plates, red tow hooks, extra-wide fenders with a cool graphic, 20″ wheels wrapped in huge, 33″ tires, and a protective underbody plate.

While the regular Ocean offers 6.5″ of ground clearance if specified with 20″ wheels or 7.1″ of ground clearance if configured with 22″ wheels, Fisker says the Force E package bumps up the ground clearance, but hasn’t revealed by how much. Specialized dampers are also part of the optional package. Lastly, Fisker will sell a roof basket separately.

Besides the aforementioned mechanical changes, the Ocean Force E will have modified vehicle software. Fisker will equip the Ocean E with a special off-road mode for enhanced powertrain performance. However, off-road mode won’t be available right from launch, as the company has said that it plans to deliver the feature via an OTA update.

Discussing the sustainability of future Fisker vehicles at the event, Nadya Arnaout, Head of Materials and Interior Design, Fisker, said that the company it’s pushing the limits and looking into lightweight and innovative options for material choices. Arnaout cited the example of the algae, which she said the company is using in the interior materials of the Ocean Force E.

There really isn’t any off-road EV in our market segment that is available for people who want to enjoy offroading. So I’m very excited that we’re going to offer that package already in Q1 next year.

Henrik Fisker, Chairman and CEO, Fisker (Q2 2023 earnings conference call on August 4, 2023)

Price & Release date

Fisker is yet to finalize the price of the Force E package, but it estimates that figure to be USD 14,000. Prospective customers can pre-order the option through the company’s website with a deposit of USD 250.

The Fisker Ocean is available in Sport, Ultra, Extreme, and One trims. The Force E package’s availability will be limited to the One and Extreme trims, initially. Ocean Ultra customers will be able to purchase the optional package at a later date.

Fisker Ocean Force E rear three quarter official image
We reckon that the Fisker Ocean Force E will release in March 2024. Image Source: Fisker

Fisker plans to launch the Force E package for the Ocean in late Q1 2024. The Ocean retails at USD 37,499 in the Sport trim, USD 49,999 in the Ultra trim, and USD 68,999 in the Extreme and One trims.

Fisker Ocean Force E FAQs

What is the Fisker Ocean Force E release date?

The Fisker Ocean Force E will be launched in late Q1 2024.

What is the Fisker Ocean’s Force E package price?

The Force E package for the Fisker Ocean is estimated to retail at USD 14,000.

Featured Image Source: YouTube/Fisker