Fisker electric truck teased in family photograph [Update]

  • Fisker's Tesla Cybertruck rival to have a normal shape like the Rivian R1T
  • Could be a combination of a workhorse and adventure vehicle, but not Hummer-like extreme
  • Will likely be made in the U.S., possibly in Lordstown, Ohio
  • Might not be released before 2025

Update: ‘Design,’ ‘Specifications,’ and ‘Release Date’ sections updated.

In May 2022, Fisker released a teaser offering a glimpse of a new electric truck alongside future models like the Fisker Ronin and Fisker PEAR. It is likely the updated Fisker Alaska that is developed for the lifestyle segment.


During Fisker’s Q4 2022 earnings conference call on February 27, 2023, Henrik Fisker, the company’s Chairman and CEO, said that the Fisker Alaska will look “really, really tough, but still beautiful.” The company has already indicated with teasers of different possible designs.

In the first teaser, the Fisker electric truck has forward-slanted C-pillars, sport bars, and full-width tail lights. The first teaser of the Fisker Alaska was a tweet from Henrik Fisker, the company’s Chairman and CEO, and he took it down soon after posting it in February 2020. Nevertheless, it was a conversation starter about Fisker’s product strategy. A few changes to the original design were revealed in another image shared in December 2020.

The second teaser revealed that the upcoming electric pickup truck’s rear-end had changed since the first teaser was momentarily released by the CEO in February 2020. This picture showed the Fisker Alaska featuring wraparound tail lamps that extend onto the pickup truck’s sides in contrast to the inverted ‘L’ shape of the original teaser. Over the tailgate and above the marker lights, the edge of the cargo bed appears slimmer. Lastly, a wide cut-out seemed to have been made on the back glass. A full-width third brake light was also revealed in the second teaser.

In January 2021, the CEO shared another design of the Fisker electric truck via his Linkedin profile, which looked different from the previous teasers. Also, this one didn’t say Alaska on the body or tailgate. However, Fisker has confirmed it will launch the pickup with that name.

Fisker electric truck
The third teaser of the Fisker electric pickup didn’t wear the Alaska name on the tailgate. However, Alaska has been confirmed to be the project name. Image Source: LinkedIn/Henrik Fisker

We want to create the lightest, most efficient EV pick up in the world! Making it, the most sustainable!

Henrik Fisker writing on his LinkedIn page on January 1, 2021

The design in the third teaser looked sportier, but the upright tailgate and the meaner-looking tail lamps of the second teaser were more attractive. Moreover, Fisker said that the final design will be way more radical, suggesting a deviation towards a more unconventional look.

On December 31, 2022, Fisker again released a new teaser of the Fisker electric truck only to take it down later. The fifth teaser is a picture that gives an overhead view of the future model, revealing its cargo bed and sport bar. Fiskerati published that image in a report on January 2, 2023, giving people who missed seeing it in Fisker’s posts a second chance. Perhaps, the new teaser previews the final design? Let’s wait and see!


The Fisker electric truck will be based on the ‘FT 32’ platform, Fisker revealed during the company’s Q4 2022 earnings conference call. He said that FT 32 will be a derivative of the platform underpinning the Fisker Ocean, and so, we expect some significant component sharing with the compact SUV.

We actually are able to use a lot of the Ocean components in that vehicle, which means we’re going to be able to do it faster and more affordable.

Henrik Fisker, Chairman and CEO, Fisker (Q4 2022 earnings conference call on February 27, 2023)

While the Ocean is available in RWD and AWD, the Alaska will likely be an AWD-only product. The battery pack capacity should be more than 100 kWh and the EPA-estimated range well over 300 miles. Fisker said during the Q4 2022 earnings conference call that the Alaska will come with “some amazing features that have never been done on a pickup truck before.” We expect them to include some innovative way of utilizing the vehicle’s cargo space and energy stored in the traction battery pack.

Release date

The Fisker Alaska will debut at the company’s first investor day event in 2023. Its launch may not take place before 2025, though.

Later this year at our inaugural Investor Day event, we expect to showcase our future — at least some of our future product portfolio with several durable prototypes. And they will all be in new segments, and we are still keeping our promise of always having at least four unique features in each vehicle. So, we will showcase the Pear, which has some amazing features never been seen before on any vehicle. We will also showcase the Ronin. And then we will showcase our Alaska program, which is our take on a pickup truck.

Henrik Fisker, Chairman and CEO, Fisker (Q4 2022 earnings conference call on February 27, 2023)

The Fisker electric truck could be manufactured alongside the Fisker Pear by Foxconn in Lordstown (Ohio), USA. According to the Fiskerati report, Fisker shared the fifth teaser with the hashtag “#2023Goals, indicating a 2023 reveal. So, Fisker may reveal a concept version in the second half of 2023. We don’t expect the electric truck to go on sale before 2025.

TopElectricSUV says

The Fisker Alaska could be a relatively conventional alternative to the radical Tesla Cybertruck, featuring a futuristic design in a normal shape and a similar low-profile interior. It might not be extreme like the GMC Hummer EV or the Rivian R1T, in order to be cheaper and more practical (higher range), which would make it suitable for a wider band of customers.

Featured Image Source: Facebook/Fisker Inc.