2025 Fisker Alaska Electric truck: What’s been revealed

  • Lifestyle truck derived from the Fisker Ocean
  • Estimated to deliver a range of up to 340 miles
  • Priced from USD 45,400 and available to reserve with a USD 250 deposit
  • Confirmed to enter production in Q1 2025; release expected during the same period

The Fisker Alaska, a new electric pickup truck complementing the Ocean SUV, is one of the brand’s most anticipated future models in the U.S. Straddling compact and mid-size pickup trucks, the Alaska could rival future models like the Ford Ranger EV, Toyota Tacoma EV, Kia dedicated pickup truck, and Hyundai Santa Cruz EV. Here’s everything we know about the lifestyle-oriented electric truck.


The Fisker Alaska is a lifestyle pickup slotting between a compact and a mid-size truck. The brand wanted the Alaska to have the pickup truck’s usability and also offer a great driver’s car, Henrik Fisker, the Chairman and CEO of the company, stated during its world premiere on August 3, 2023.

The Alaska closely resembles the Ocean SUV since it’s derived from it. However, several design changes have been made around the vehicle. It’s important to note that Fisker didn’t just alter elements beyond the C-pillar; they’ve made substantial modifications to the top hat rather than simply converting an SUV into a pickup truck.

Fisker Alaska front three quarter left side
The Alaska is based on the Ocean, but takes on different body panels and styling. Image: Fisker

The front-end of the Fisker Alaska projects a dominating yet futuristic character. The electric pickup truck is aggressive, but not in a traditional way with huge grilles, lights, or thick chrome bars. It features a closed rectangular panel with a concave surface in the place of the radiator grille, sporting a large block-lettered model inscription.

A gray bumper forms a contrast with the body-colored upper body and lends the vehicle the much-needed rugged styling. It houses a couple of tow hooks, a compact functional air intake with a honeycomb pattern, and a silver skid plate featuring three ultra-slim horizontal light stripes. There’s a cluster of small lights in a vertical housing on the outer ends of the body-colored panel. The production version may ship with low- and high-beam lights instead of the conceptual lights.

Fisker Alaska rear three quarter
The Alaska’s rear-end looks high-tech and utilitarian, featuring thin, horizontally stacked, L-shaped tail lights. Image: Fisker

The side profile of the Fisker Alaska is muscular and contributes the most to its athletic character. 22-inch alloy wheels, squarish wheel arches, and large wheel wells, set the tone. Sleek windows, a kick in the beltline towards the rear, pop-out-type flush door handles, and small model branding below the rear window add a splash of sophistication.

The rear-end looks high-tech and utilitarian, featuring thin, horizontally stacked, L-shaped tail lights, a gray bumper with a hollowed section on each side, which could potentially be used to step up and access the bed, and an oversized, block-lettered brand inscription. Up top, Fisker has equipped the Alaska with crossbars and a spoiler with integrated stop lights in the opposite pattern of the tail lights.


The Fisker Alaska features a clean and functional interior in a design that looks quite similar to the Ocean SUV. A sleek dashboard houses a large portrait touchscreen infotainment system, which could have a swiveling function to convert it into a landscape-orientation panel, and a similarly free-standing display behind a two-spoke steering wheel, serving as the instrument cluster.

A-pillar and B-pillar grab handles, wood inserts in the dashboard and door panels, and a big center console give the feeling of a conventional pickup truck. Fisker (the Chairman and CEO) said during the official unveiling that the company has used reclaimed wood in the Alaska.

Fisker Alaska big gulp cupholder
The Fisker Alaska includes several interesting utilities, such as a passenger tray with a tablet holder, a large cup holder that can a big gulp travel mug, and a cowboy hat holder. Image Source: Fisker

The center console has a “big gulp cupholder,” claimed to be the world’s largest cupholder. Another attraction customers who’ll use the Alaska in Texas and other hot states will appreciate is a roof-integrated cowboy hat holder. The future electric truck’s utility highlights include cockpit storage for work gloves, center armrest storage for small items like flashlights or pens, and a passenger tray with a tablet holder. Many of these utility features could be part of paid options or accessories.


The Fisker Alaska measures 17.4 ft. or 208.8 in. in length, which makes it just 1.8 in. shorter than the Ford Ranger (210.6 in.). Its bed can accommodate objects measuring up to 4.5 ft. in length.

One of the Alaska’s biggest attractions is a feature called ‘Houdini partition,’ which creates a pass-through between the bed and the cabin. The rear glass window rolls down fully, and so does the partition. Lowering the rear seats after creating the pass-through expands the storage length to 7.5 ft. With the liftgate dropped, this figure further increases to 9.2 ft.

The Alaska is built on a platform called ‘FT31,’ a modified and stretched version of the Ocean’s FM-29 platform, Fisker (the Chairman and CEO) said during its world debut. Later, this platform was referred to as the ‘FM31.’

On August 4, 2023, during Fisker’s Q2 2023 earnings conference call, Fisker (the Chairman and CEO) said that the company extended the wheelbase towards the rear.

It’s really just an extended Ocean platform where we have added wheelbase towards the rear. We are even using the same battery size, which allows us to have this Houdini trunk, which actually moves right down behind the battery, which would not be possible in any other pickup truck where the battery goes all the way to the rear axle.

Henrik Fisker, Chairman and CEO, Fisker (Q2 2023 earnings conference call on August 4, 2023)

Fisker will release the Alaska with 75 kWh and 113 kWh battery pack options. The standard-range variant will deliver a range of up to 230 miles and the long-range variant will cover a distance of up to 340 miles on a full charge. Depending on the configuration selected, a 0-60 mph sprint will take anywhere between 3.9 and 7.2 seconds. Do note that the numbers are internal targets and the final specifications could vary.

AspectFisker Alaska Specification
Length17.4 ft. (208.8 in.)
Bed Length4.5 ft.
Maximum Storage Length9.2 ft.
Battery Pack Capacity75 kWh/113 kWh
Range230 miles/340 miles
0-60 mph Acceleration Time3.9-7.2 seconds
Fisker Alaska specifications (Source: Fisker)

Price & Release date

In the U.S., prices of the Fisker Alaska will start at USD 45,400 before applying eligible incentives. The new electric pickup truck is eligible for the maximum federal tax credit under the Clean Vehicle Program – USD 7,500, meaning its effective price will be as low as USD 37,900.

The Fisker Alaska is scheduled to enter production in Q1 2025, and it should go on sale during the same period. Prospective customers can put down a USD 250 deposit and make a reservation today. A day after the world debut of the Alaska, during Fisker’s Q2 2023 earnings conference call, the Fisker (the Chairman and CEO) revealed that the company received 1,000 reservations overnight.

TopElectricSUV says

The Fisker Alaska is a relatively conventional model compared to the radical Tesla Cybertruck, featuring a futuristic design in a normal shape and a similar low-profile interior. The Alaska does not aim for the extreme appeal of the GMC Hummer EV or the Rivian R1T, and may not have the same space or utility. Instead, it appears to prioritize affordability and practicality, and providing a decent range, which would make it an attractive choice for a broad range of American customers.

Fisker Alaska FAQs

What is the Fisker Alaska release date?

The Fisker Alaska will likely go on sale in the U.S. in Q1 2025.

What is the Fisker Alaska price?

Prices of the Fisker Alaska will start at USD 45,400 before applying eligible incentives.

Which models will be Fisker Alaska rivals?

The Alaska should rival with future electric pickup trucks like the Ford Ranger EV and Toyota Tacoma EV.

Featured Image Source: Fisker