Fiat Topolino Electric (2023): Everything we know [Update]

  • Next-gen Topolino likely to be based on the Citroen Ami quadricycle
  • Expected to be more expensive than its French counterpart, at around EUR 7,000
  • Target audience should be aged 14 & above seeking a safer alternative to scooters
  • Likely to debut later this year; feature a soft top

Full story updated.

In April 2022, Automotive News Europe reported that the Fiat Topolino name will be revived, but the car destined to wear this nameplate is a far cry from the 1930s iconic design. Instead, Fiat plans on selling a version of the Citroen Ami electric quadricycle as the Topolino for the 21st century. The original Topolino was manufactured between 1936 and 1955, serving as an affordable transport solution in post-war Italy.

The revived Topolino, which means Mickey Mouse in Italian, would take the original’s friendly, economical, and affordable traits and incorporate them into a modern avatar. The report states that select Fiat dealers in Italy have already seen the Ami wearing the Fiat badge ahead of a 2023 market launch. This will be the third badge seen on the Ami as Stellantis group company Opel sells a version called the Rocks-e.

Fiat CEO confirms talks with suppliers

As per an Auto Express report published on January 9, 2023, Olivier François, Fiat CEO and Stellantis Global CMO, has said that he’s “in active discussions” with Citroen and Opel to enter the urban mobility market.

Fiat Topolino Design

2023 Fiat Topolino electric render
Our take on the Fiat Topolino electric quadricycle marries styling cues from the 500e with those of the Ami, resulting in a design with a distinctly Italian flavor.

As far as the design is concerned, the Fiat Topolino should stay close to the Ami, save for the Fiat badges, possibly different paint schemes & other changes to select body parts, as seen in our artist’s rendering above. An April 2022 Automotive News report had cited a dealer saying the Topolino looks “more refined” than the Ami, while reports on the Italian web media in December 2022 insist that the design of the new model mostly mimics the Citroen.

In addition, Fiat would also offer a variant with a canvas roof, which would be a fitting tribute to the name since the original Topolino had the option of a convertible with a canvas roof too. This has been represented in our rendering.

Opel and Citroen offer passenger and cargo variants of the Rocks-e and Ami, something the Topolino could adopt for its line-up. On a side note, the ‘My Ami Buggy Concept’, which was displayed in 2021 as a rugged but compact off-road, electric quadricycle, remains an exciting but one-off example.

Interior & Features

Citroen Ami interior dashboard
As per current regulations, the Ami can be driven from ages 14 and up in France and from ages 16 and up in other European countries. Image – Stellantis

The Topolino is expected to mirror its sibling, save for the interior badging, floor mats, and maybe body-colored coordinated plastic trim. Citroen boasts that the Ami features a ride height comparable to other cars despite its compact size. The passenger variant has two seats, which reduces to one in the cargo variant. The passenger cabin is heated in both versions.

The passenger variant of the Ami houses a small cubby in front of the passenger’s foot area, which can be used to store a small bag. On the cargo variant, the passenger seat makes way for a 260-liter (9.1 cu. ft.) dedicated compartment.

Other features of the Ami include a panoramic roof, a USB port, and the MyCitroen smartphone app, which provides essential data such as the available range, mileage, time remaining for a full charge, and maintenance alerts. We expect the same features to be available in the rumored Fiat Topolino, as well, including the 100% recycled parts that are used in the Ami. Every part on the Ami is 100 percent recyclable, aside from the battery, which is 85 percent recyclable.

Fiat Topolino Specifications (expected)

Length 94.48 inches
Width54.72 inches
Height59.84 inches
Turning Diameter23.6 ft
Weight1,069.24 lbs
Battery Capacity5.5 kWh
Charging Time3 hours
Power6 kW
Top Speed28 mph
Range47 miles
Price (In France)Around 6,000 EUR ($6,445)
Specifications of the Citroen Ami are used only as a representation.

Price & Release Date

We should receive an announcement from Fiat this year regarding the launch and availability of the Topolino. Initially, the Topolino could launch in markets that the Ami already serves and those where Fiat has a stronghold, and the price would be in the vicinity of 6,000 EUR. As per Italian news reports, the new Fiat Topolino would likely cost more than the Citroen Ami.


Like the Citroen Ami and the Opel Rocks-e, the Fiat Topolino will also be manufactured at the Stellantis Kenitra plant in Morocco. There’s no other site with tooling for electric quadricycle production, so it makes sense for Fiat to make the Topolino alongside its platform mates.

Stellantis has also upped investments at the production center to where the facility will now be able to manufacture 50,000 electric quadricycles a year, double that of the original capacity. It confirmed an investment of EUR 300 million in a press release on November 9, 2022.

Fiat Topolino in the U.S.?

In 2021, the mobility services company of Stellantis called Free2Move indicated that they would bring the Citroen Ami to the United States as part of their ride rental and sharing services. The company has already added the electric quadricycle to its fleet in several European cities.

Citroen Ami Cargo version storage
With 47 miles of range, the cargo variant of the Topolino could probably be used by food/grocery delivery aggregators in urban locations in the United States. Image – Stellantis

Citroen showcased the Ami at the CES 2022 (Consumer Electronics Show 2022) in Las Vegas. The Ami is certainly establishing its reputation as an inexpensive solution for individual use and bringing down carbon emissions.

That neatly brings us to whether the future Fiat Topolino would be considered for the United States. The Topolino name is also familiar to Americans. Either well-maintained examples fetch around $20,000, or enthusiasts modify old Topolinos in tune with the hot-rod culture.

In addition, Fiat has a history in the country, and it has also sold ‘fun’ and youthful cars like the 500 series. This could be a perfect opportunity for Stellantis to leverage those aspects of the brand and offer the Topolino to young Americans living in busy cities looking for a safer alternative to a scooter.

Featured Image: TopElectricSUV’s render of the Fiat Topolino