Ferrari Purosangue on sale in 2022, first Ferrari EV debuting in 2025 [Update]

The Ferrari Purosangue will hit the showrooms next year, Ferrari has announced. The company has also revealed that the first Ferrari electric car, rumored to be another Ferrari SUV (FUV), will debut in 2025.

“The new CEO and the senior management team will share Ferrari’s exciting future with you during our CMD (Capital Markets Day) in 2022, which will also be a year of very important new product launches, particularly the Purosangue, which is turning out to be something truly special,” John Elkann, Chairman (and then interim CEO), Ferrari, said at the company’s annual general meeting on April 15. He said that the company plans to unveil 3 new models in the coming months, and one can only hope that one of them will be the Purosangue.

In its annual report for 2020, Ferrari says that the Purosangue will be “a luxury high-performance vehicle within the GT range.” The development of unconventional models like the Purosangue is expected to raise the innovation requirements at the company, like the body style, for instance, “which will vary much more significantly than in the past.”

Wait begins for the Ferrari electric car to launch in 2025

As for the first Ferrari electric car, Elkann has assured that it will be a true Ferrari. At the annual general meeting on April 15, he said:

We are also very excited about our first all-electric Ferrari that we plan to unveil in 2025, and you can be sure this will be everything you dream the engineers and designers at Maranello can imagine for such a landmark in our history.

John Elkann, Chairman and Acting CEO, Ferrari (Annual General Meeting 2021)

From Ferrari designer Flavio Manzoni to the late-FCA CEO Sergio Marchionne, time and again, FCA/Ferrari officials have voiced their reservations for a Ferrari SUV, or an FUV, as some like it. But in 2018, sentiments had changed in the company’s boardroom, and the Ferrari Purosangue was announced. Like the customer-driven SUV boom, the regulation-enforced emission norms necessitating electrification is something Ferrari cannot overlook when plotting a new car.

Ferrari is working on at least three SUVs, as per a report from The first FUV (Ferrari Utility Vehicle), the Ferrari Purosangue (codename: Ferrari F175), will be a gasoline-electric hybrid model, but those arriving later will be all-electric.

New skateboard architecture

There have been various speculations about the platform of the Ferrari Purosangue. According to the British report, Ferrari plans to debut a skateboard chassis in the first SUV. Ferrari will build the Purosangue on a skateboard platform even though it plans to offer it with only a hybrid powertrain because it has pure electric spin-offs, codenamed ‘Ferrari F244’ and ‘Ferrari F245’, in the pipeline.

Ferrari’s skateboard platform will allow it to package EVs with up to four motors that together churn out 610 horsepower and a scalable high-voltage Lithium-ion battery pack with a minimum energy storage capacity of 80 kWh. The Ferrari F244 will arrive in 2024, and the Ferrari F245 will follow in 2026. The Ferrari F175 itself is due for launch in early 2022, it is reported.

The Ferrari F175 is the Ferrari Purosangue, which literally means a “thoroughbred” or “pure-bred” Ferrari in Italian. Ferrari is facing some legal challenges in commercializing this name for its first FUV, but it’ll continue with the name if that is sorted out.

V6/V8 hybrid power for the Ferrari SUV

The first-ever Ferrari SUV will likely sport a hybrid powertrain combining a 4.0-liter V8 engine with electric motor(s) for a net power of 700 hp. There’s speak of a conventional, 800 hp V12 engine as well, and it should be aimed squarely at the purists. A plug-in hybrid system is expected in this family-friendly Ferrari that would be comfortably usable in daily commutes. However, whether it would be the V8 engine-based hybrid powertrain or something smaller remains to be seen. A brand-new hybrid twin-turbo V6 powertrain shared with a Maserati is also possible, as per a report.

Having produced electrified powertrains for some eight years already (since the LaFerrari), the propulsion system for the Purosangue won’t prove challenging for the Italians. It’s actually the design that would be of the most concern, as the body style is all against what Ferrari stands for.

Purosangue designed to express dynamism

“The SF90 was a challenge, but the Purosangue SUV is another dimension of complication,” Michael Leiters, Chief Technical Officer, Ferrari, had told last year. Leiters has successfully introduced an SUV for a pure sports car brand in the past – Porsche, and he is confident about giving another successful performance at the Maranello-based outfit. He was the Porsche Cayenne project manager and then the head of the Porsche SUV line-up before joining Ferrari in 2014. Leiters has said that the Ferrari Purosangue would not seem a “contradiction” when it is unveiled.

Ferrari Purosangue render front
An enthusiast’s vision of the Ferrari ‘FUV’. Image: Giorgi Tedoradze via

The British magazine’s sources in Maranello say that the Ferrari Purosangue is sportier than the Lamborghini Urus and that the looks would be more about dynamics than off-roading capabilities.

Observations from early test prototypes

Spy pictures of the Ferrari FUV hint of a design similar to the Maserati Levante, with similarities to the Ferrari Roma, the latest Ferrari touted to be practical enough for a daily driver. It has a hunkered-down stance, a large concave grille that looks taller than that of the Levante, curvy, Ferrari Roma-style headlamps, and quad exhaust tips. The final design could turn out to be much different from what we have been seen on test mules as they aren’t full-body prototypes.

Quattroruoute, one of the publications running the latest Ferrari FUV spy pictures, notes that compared to the Levante, the track width is greater and that the bonnet is longer. Autoevolution says that the Ferrari Purosangue is equipped with paddle shifters, circular HVAC vents, and an instrument cluster similar to that of the Roma and SF90 Stradale.

Global launch

The Ferrari Purosangue, the most widely anticipated Ferrari since the LaFerrari in 2013, was expected to be revealed in the second half of last year. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the debut is speculated to have faced a delay.

U.S. deliveries should be of the top priority for the Ferrari Purosangue. The first units should land in showrooms stateside in the first half of 2022 if all goes as planned here on. Company sources have indicated a price tag upwards of €300,000 or about $356,000 for the Ferrari FUV.

In other recent electric SUV developments within the exotic brand space, McLaren’s CEO has said no to a McLaren SUV or a McLaren EV.

New Ferrari CEO to accelerate electrification

On December 10, 2020, Louis Camilleri stepped down from his CEO position at Ferrari and retired for personal reasons. John Elkann, Chairman, Ferrari, became the interim CEO to manage his responsibilities until the Ferrari Board of Directors found his successor. On June 9, 2021, the company announced Benedetto Vigna as its new permanent CEO.

Vigna, currently the President of STMicroelectronics, a leading semiconductor solutions company in Switzerland, will join Ferrari on September 1, 2021. He will bring over 26 years of experience in the semiconductor industry to Ferrari to smoothly rollout of the Prancing Horse’s next-generation technologies, including electric powertrains.

Ferrari Purosangue FAQs

What is the Ferrari Purosangue release date?

The Ferrari Purosangue SUV will be launched in 2022.

What is the expected price of the Ferrari Purosangue?

The Ferrari Purosangue price could hover around the $370,000 mark in the United States.

Featured Image Source: Ferrari