Cupra Urban Rebel: Everything we know in April 2022

Seat’s high-performance Cupra brand wants to reimagine to future of hot hatchbacks. In September 2021, the Cupra Urban Rebel Concept was revealed at the IAA 2021. The concept wasn’t any typical EV but a proper electric ‘racecar’ with active aerodynamics, an aggressive visual demeanor, and exciting on-paper specifications. Even though the model showcased was only a concept, its production version has been given the go-ahead.


Source: Youtube/Cupra

The Cupra Urban Rebel might appear radical in terms of design. But enthusiasts can notice it’s a hatchback with motorsport bits bolted onto the bodywork. Cupra says the concept will influence the production version, so expect a more sober design with motorsport bits like that large spoiler and massive air intakes deleted.

The Urban Rebel concept gets short overhangs and has a compact footprint that would enhance agility. The nose appears sharp, and the bumper houses massive air intakes—vertical inlets on both sides of the front bumper channel air to cool the brakes. What’s unique about the Cupra’s design is the wraparound glass area reminiscent of a motorcycle helmet—there are no visible A or B pillars. The concept also gets an aero-optimized wheel design. A highlight of this electric ‘racecar’ is the massive rear wing with integrated lights.

Interestingly, Cupra has used funky colors on the EV—purple is the dominant shade, but there’s also intricate use of yellow and green. The new Head of Exterior Design for Seat and Cupra, Julio Lozano, is expected to oversee the production version’s design. Lozano has a decent track record. His past projects include the design of the Seat Ibiza and Arona.


The interior of the Cupra Urban Rebel concept has not been revealed, but we can expect a minimalist interior with high-quality materials, fewer physical touch buttons, and a focus on digitization and connectivity. Conventional elements like a central touchscreen, digital cockpit, and steering-mounted controls are likely to go into production. We’re also expecting some recycled materials to be used in the cabin.

VW ID. Life concept interior
Expect a minimalist cabin with a focus on space, sustainability, and practicality, as demonstrated in the VW ID. Life concept (pictured), with a tinge of sportiness. Image: Volkswagen Group



The Cupra electric car concept is reminiscent of the Seat Ibiza in terms of dimensions. It measures 160.6 inches (4,080 mm) long, 70.6 inches (1,795 mm) wide, and 56.8 inches (1,444 mm) tall. The EV will be based on VW Group’s ‘MEB Short’ platform, which will also make its way to small electric cars from Volkswagen, Skoda, and Audi.


The concept car has 250 kW (335 hp) continuous power and up to 320 kW (429.1 hp) peak power. A 0-62 mph sprint takes only 3.2 seconds. The numbers would be more practical and range-focused in the production version.


The Cupra Urban Rebel Concept’s production version could offer a range of around 350 km (217 miles) with its largest battery pack option. In a conversation with Auto Express in July 2021, Thomas Schafer, former CEO of Skoda, talked about a Skoda MEB short small electric car. “I would say between 350 and 400 km (217 and 248 miles) is probably a reasonable range because you don’t need anything more than that,” Schafer said. Based on the range Skoda targets for MEB short models, it is safe to say that other VW Group brands, including Cupra, have a similar expectation.

Price & Release Date

Cupra Urban Rebel 2025 release date
“We have already announced two new models, the Cupra Tavascan which will come to the market in 2024, and Cupra’s urban electric vehicle, the Urban Rebel, which will arrive in 2025,” said Wayne Griffiths, CEO of Cupra, at the Cupra X 2 – 4th Anniversary celebrations on Feb 22, 2022. Image: Cupra/Youtube

The Cupra electric car price should start around EUR 25,000 (USD 27,171), and it’s expected to enter showrooms by mid-2025. Cupra CEO Wayne Griffiths has said that the Urban Rebel-inspired electric small car will be more expensive than its VW cousin, as per a report from Automotive News Europe. The company wants to position it between mass-market and premium segments. The production version of the Cupra Urban Rebel Concept could compete with the Alpine R5 hot hatch that’s arriving in 2024.

Cupra electric car FAQs

What is the Cupra Urban Rebel?

A concept car that previews Cupra’s future urban electric vehicle, one that is to be priced around EUR 25,000 (USD 27,171).

What is the Cupra Urban Rebel release date?

Cupra should launch the production of the Urban Rebel by mid-2025 at Seat’s Spanish plant.

What are the competitors to the budget Cupra electric car?

The VW ID.2, Alpine R5, Nissan Micra EV & Hyundai i10 EV are some rivals.

Featured Image Source: VW Group/Cupra Media