Has Joe Biden confirmed the Chevrolet Corvette electric before GM?

While GM has revealed many future EVs and the plan to hike its EV and AV investments from 2020 through 2025 to $35 billion, the future of the Chevy Corvette in the EV era stays a big secret.

GM doesn’t comment on media speculations around the Corvette, be it with a new body style, an alternative powertrain, or both. However, the U.S. President has sort of confirmed on its behalf that it will launch a zero-emission Corvette. Biden announced a new target of converting 50% of America’s passenger vehicle sales to electric vehicles by 2030 on August 5, 2021. In the introductory part of his speech, he said that GM Chairman and CEO Mary Barra promised him a Chevrolet Corvette electric.

I want to say publicly, I have a commitment from Mary when they make the first electric Corvette, I get to drive it. Right, Mary?  You think I’m kidding. I’m not kidding. And my entire Secret Service detail went, “Oh my God. Let’s go.”

Joe Biden, President, USA

Media mistakes a Buick for a Chevrolet Corvette SUV

GM teased a slew of upcoming EVs during its CES 2021 keynote, and one of them, pictured, is reported as the Chevrolet Corvette SUV. While we can believe news stories of a Chevrolet Corvette SUV that is under consideration, we are certain the model pictured isn’t that car.

Pictured is actually one of the three new Buick Velite EVs GM plans to launch in China. In fact, one more of these future Buick Velite EVs was teased at CES 2021, and it was a coupe-styled crossover. Michael Simcoe, Vice President of Global Design, GM, pointed at these models, circled in the first picture below, and said:

Buick is now entering its third decade in China, the world’s largest EV market, and will build on the growing popularity in China of the Buick Velite family of electric vehicles with three new Ultium powered EVs, adding a new crossover and SUVs to the lineup, including two you see in the distance behind me.

Michael Simcoe, Vice President of Global Design, GM

The upcoming GMC Hummer EV SUV would strike a chord with customers who love wild SUVs. However, there’s a whole different set of customers who would rather buy a model that is sleek and dynamic instead, one that is all about sportiness. For them, General Motors is working on a radical pure electric Chevrolet Corvette SUV.

What we know about the Chevrolet Corvette SUV

GM’s designers are creating several Chevrolet Corvette concepts that can attract a wide range of buyers, people aware of the company’s developments that are yet to be public told Bloomberg in January. GM has thought about Corvette derivatives in the past but refrained from taking the risk fearing the nameplate’s dilution. However, noting Lamborghini achieving great success globally with its Urus, Ferrari announcing the Purosangue, and a number of other SUV launches or announcements from legacy sports car brands, it could be feeling differently about this prospect.

The design concepts should blend the Chevrolet Corvette’s high-performance driving and rakish styling with the comfort- and practicality-focused interior of an SUV. The program is internally called Project R or Brand R. One of the sources said that any additional Corvette model would be a pure electric vehicle.

GM third-gen EV platform Ultium battery pack
The pure electric Chevrolet Corvette could be one of the special models to come off the GM Ultium Platform (third-generation global EV platform). Image Source: GM

The Chevrolet Corvette electric SUV would use the GM Ultium Platform (third-generation global EV platform) that has so far given the GMC Hummer EV and the Cadillac Lyriq. “Ultium platform will allow Chevrolet to further expand its range of electric vehicles to full-size pickup trucks, compact crossovers, and even high-performance vehicles,” Simcoe said during GM’s CES 2021 keynote.

GM’s new global EV platform

GM’s all-new global EV platform is designed for high-end parameters like 800-volt operating voltage, 350 kW charging power, 200 kWh battery pack capacity, and 400 miles or more range. With the mammoth GMC Hummer EV, despite the obvious drawbacks of its body style, accelerating from 0-60 mph in just about three seconds (GM estimate), one can only imagine how quickly a sleek Chevrolet Corvette SUV with a coupe-style roofline will vanish from a drag race startline.

As for the Chevrolet Corvette SUV release date, one of Bloomberg’s sources suggests that sales could begin as soon as 2025.

Featured Image Source: YouTube/CES