Chevrolet Colorado Electric truck: What to expect

  • Pure-electric mid-size pickup is expected to challenge the Ford Ranger Electric & Toyota Tacoma EV
  • Expected to travel up to around 350 miles on a full charge
  • Could be GM's cheapest electric pickup, priced from around $35,000
  • Could go on sale around 2026

In addition to the GMC Canyon Electric, GM’s EV line-up, by mid-decade, will include a mid-size model that would be its most affordable electric pickup across brands – the Chevrolet Colorado Electric. General Motors hasn’t confirmed a zero-emissions Chevy Colorado, but rumors in the media and among analysts points at a model does exist in the pipeline.


The all-electric Colorado should share the modified GM BT1 platform with the GMC Canyon Electric and have very similar technical configurations. There will likely be multiple options for power, torque, payload capacity, and towing capacity, with figures besting the gas-engined Colorado, which received a full redesign just back in July 2022, and is set to continue alongside the EV through this decade.

Battery & Range

Chevrolet Colorado Electric rendering
TopElectricSUV imagines that the Chevy Colorado EV (rendered) would be a scaled-down Silverado EV with a simpler styling.

GM can install 800-volt battery packs in truck platform-based Ultium-powered EVs, giving them a 350 kW fast-charging capability. The company will likely ensure its cheapest electric pickup offers at least an impressive, segment-leading range, probably up to around 350 miles.

Heat pump

Something we can already say with confidence about the Colorado Electric is it will have a heat pump across the range. This energy recovery system will repurpose the heat emitting from the vehicle’s batteries, power electronics, and other propulsion components for heating the cabin and also warming up the batteries before charging. It would make cabin heating quicker and also speed up the charging process with battery pre-conditioning while reducing the vehicle’s energy consumption and increasing its driving range.

Price & Release Date

The Chevy Colorado Electric could be made at the Orion Assembly plant (Michigan) and be launched around 2026. Priced from around $35,000, it could rival the Ford Ranger Electric.

We’ll revise this page as and when new information emerges.

Chevrolet Colorado Electric FAQs

What is the Chevrolet Colorado Electric release date?

The Chevrolet Colorado Electric could reach U.S. dealers around 2026.

What will be the Chevrolet Colorado Electric price?

The base Chevrolet Colorado Electric could cost around $35,000.

Which models will be Chevrolet Colorado Electric rivals?

The Colorado EV would compete with the Ford Ranger Electric and the bespoke Kia electric pickup.

Featured image: TopElectricSUV’s rendition of the Chevy Colorado Electric.