Chevrolet Camaro to be replaced with an electric version? [Update]

Sales of the Chevrolet Camaro have been falling year after year since 2015. A report from Automotive News suggests that GM plans to discontinue the two-door Camaro at the end of the sixth generation. The company will launch a four-door, all-electric model as its replacement in 2025, but we don’t yet if it will be the seventh-gen Camaro or a new nameplate.

With its Mustang Mach-E, Ford has proved that using the name of an iconic muscle car or performance car for a sporty EV can work wonders for sales. GM will reportedly follow suit with an all-electric Chevrolet Corvette SUV. Similarly, the company may capitalize the Chevrolet Camaro for a performance electric sedan. On July 8, 2021, it revealed a teaser of what looks like the future four-door electric sports car (featured image) in a GMC Hummer EV pickup video.

2020 Chevrolet Camaro LT1 front three quarters
GM is investing USD 35 billion in electric vehicles and autonomous tech over the next 5 years, launching 20 new electric models in the U.S. by 2025. Image Source: GM

3rd gen EV platform & Ultium Cells could underpin the Camaro electric

GM’s third-generation global EV platform and Ultium batteries should provide the performance customers expect from a Chevrolet Camaro. GM can stack battery packs with up to 200 kWh of energy content and 800 V nominal voltage in the third-generation global EV platform-based EVs. 800 V battery systems allow faster charging, longer heavy-footed driving (because of cooler operation of motors), and lower weight (due to lighter wiring). GM estimates Ultium battery packs can return a range of up to 400 miles. 

The 21st century Chevrolet Camaro debuted the fifth-gen model back in 2008 and remained strong in the first few years. Sales began in 2009, and between 2010 and 2014, they were higher than Ford’s Mustang. After that five-year period, the Golden Bowtie’s muscle car never picked the top spot. It lost lead to even the Dodge Challenger in 2016 and has failed to recover since. Annual sales dropped to an all-time low of 29,777 units last year, as per data from GoodCarBadCar.

SRK Designs renders a Camaro four-door based on the sixth-gen model. GM has no such plans, and the rendering is purely speculative. Image Source: YouTube/SRK Designs

Arch rival Dodge Challenger going all-electric in 2024

The Dodge Challenger will likely go all-electric in the next generation, Tim Kuniskis, CEO, Dodge, suggested at the Stellantis EV Day 2021 in July.

Our engineers are reaching a practical limit of what we can squeeze from internal combustion innovation. They know, we know that electric motors can give us more. And if we know the technology that can give our customers an advantage we have an obligation to embrace it. Whatever it takes to keep them in the lead.

Tim Kuniskis, CEO, Dodge (Stellantis EV Day 2021)

The first Dodge electric muscle car is due in 2024, and it is seen as another threat to the Camaro.

Dodge will embrace the sea of change in the marketplace to stand out by embracing electrification. Every ounce of technology we integrate will be done to amplify the elements that define not just Dodge but the muscle car itself, and in 2024, Dodge will launch the world’s first full battery electric car muscle car.

Tim Kuniskis, CEO, Dodge (Stellantis EV Day 2021)

Featured Image Source: YouTube/GMC