Canoo truck to target both consumer & commercial buyers [Update]

The Canoo pickup truck or Canoo truck is now available to pre-order in the U.S. Canoo is accepting reservations for the futuristic all-electric pickup truck with a small deposit of USD 100.


Canoo, a Los Angeles-based startup funded by the Hyundai Motor Group, has recognized the opportunity of at least nine types of EVs based on its modular skateboard platform. This uber-cool Canoo pickup truck will be one of its many upcoming purpose-built electric vehicles.

Canoo truck front three quarters
“It was our dream to have a vehicle that brought a truck to the market that really shocked people,” says Tony Aquila, Executive Chairman of Canoo. Image Source: Canoo.

The Canoo pickup truck features a truly unique design in its segment, one that gives it a very emotive and futuristic character. The company says that it has been designed to be the most cab-forward and space-efficient on the market. The urban pickup truck clearly looks like a spin-off from the Canoo van.

It was our dream to have a vehicle that brought a truck to the market that just really shocked people from the visual and then to the functional. This is designed for many different use cases, this is designed from the inside-out and then the outside in. This is for America, this is built-America anyways.

We wanted to do something that was fully drive-by-wire, brake-by-wire, harmonized systems and shed 35 per cent of the parts. And in order to do that you need to get rid of the steering column, shock tower, struts, you got to change everything right? So this is a pure design and of course that’s how you get so much cubic feet in the size of a small pickup and the payload of a full-size (pickup).

We wanted to have a masculine look as well as a sleek and sexy design, and it would be totally different on the utilization space. As you know I come out of the aftermarket, on the software side and worked for every OEM, so I wanted to be part of a design structure that was designed not only for the first owner, but also the second and third owner.

People want a return on capital and in order to do that you have to have a lot of modularity, and so I can do things like have a work bench. And it’s an aircraft cargo style, so it’s interlocking and accessorizing and I can make this for my use case. This is very functional structure. At the same time maybe I want to put a camper shell on this and have access through the cabin to the cargo area, and of course it has a full roll-down window.

Tony Aquila, Executive Chairman of Canoo, on the design of the pickup truck.

The Canoo truck has the same futuristic front-end with clean surfaces and curves, minimalist lighting and a wide stance. Behind the friendly-looking face is a chic-design, low-profile bed. The low ride height, sporty wheels, and short overhangs lend a very sporty look to the profile.

You got to build something for the second owner..why..because you actually then care about the first owner because he is going to be able to sell it for what it’s worth. We spend a lot of time on things that most people would think silly, like the quality of the hinges, worst thing I hate on second vehicles is sagging hinges. You open that door and it doesn’t feel solid and that’s going to hit the residual value.

Tony Aquila, Executive Chairman of Canoo, on the build of the pickup truck.

Canoo Pickup Truck Specifications

At 184 inches long, 78 inches (87 inches with mirrors) wide, and 76 inches (82 inches with roof rack) tall, the electric pickup truck has a small footprint. However, it offers “massive cargo capacity” for a model this small. Take a look at the specifications of its bed below:

Length184 in. (213 in. with bed extension)
Width78 in. (87 in. width mirrors)
Height76 in. (82 in. with roof rack)
Wheelbase112.2 in.
Bed Length72 in. (102 in. with bed extension)
Bed Width64 in. (same with bed extension)
Bed Depth21 in.
Roof Rack Length54 in.
Roof Rack Width48 in.
Canoo pickup truck dimensions

The Canoo truck will be available in rear-motor and dual-motor configurations with up to 500+ hp and 550 lb-ft of torque. Canoo claims a payload capacity of 1,800 pounds for the recreational pickup.

Canoo hasn’t revealed the battery pack’s energy storage capacity, but it claims a range of more than 200 miles. The batteries could come from Panasonic, the company which has received the contract for manufacturing the Canoo Lifestyle Vehicle’s batteries.

In the case of the Lifestyle Vehicle, instead of placing the battery modules into an enclosure and then sealing and bolting them into the chassis, Canoo is taking a new approach. The company integrates the battery modules directly into the platform structure, and this new type of battery module packaging offers several advantages like space savings, weight reduction, and cost optimization. Canoo may use this design in the Pickup Truck, too.

The battery pack is designed to be upgraded, replaced, repaired, they are all separate cells so you have massive amounts of redundancy. You can run this thing all day long and still go home at 35-40 per cent power, and plug it in and do a rapid charge.

Could you imagine, you just went through this Texas weather storm, and you need power, you need electricity, boom! and you’ve got it. You can run it with one motor and one guy can pick it up. So take a V8 engine, it’s 600+ pounds, this thing is sub-200. It’s got 300 horsepower, nearly 300 pounds of torque, and I can put two of them in there.

So we’re thinking about things that most designers and engineers just don’t think about. Why? Because they don’t work a truck. They don’t make their living, they don’t put their kids through college with their truck. We do. This thing is just us.

Tony Aquila, Executive Chairman of Canoo on the functionality of the electric truck.


Its funky design and small dimensions may not indicate it outright, but the Canoo pickup truck is quite versatile and rugged. The bumpers have integrated tow hooks and metal skid plates, the wheel arches are wide enough to support larger wheels (18-inch wheels pictured), the rear compartment can either accommodate two more passengers or be another required purpose-built solution, and the list goes on.

The Canoo pickup truck’s bed is six feet long, and when required, can be extended to eight feet, which is enough space to store big items such as a 4×8 ft. plywood sheet. The extension houses a secondary lamp with all the functions of a tail lamp, and it even serves as a license plate holder. So, the driver can drive the pickup truck even when with the bed extended.

The truck bed’s space can be divided to keep items separate and secure. Modular wheel chocks on the bed wall allow mounting bikes on the truck bed, and configurable tie-downs allow things like ladders and large equipment on the truck bed. The third brake light has a secondary function of serving as an overhead light, and the perimeter lighting on the sides of the bed wall complements it.

Canoo truck fold-down worktable and cargo storage
Despite no hood, the Canoo pickup truck has a ‘frunk.’ Image Source: Canoo

Canoo has designed the front-end of the pickup truck to not only be easily recognizable with the iconic signature lights but also offer a nice utility feature. The front trunk or frunk includes a fold-down worktable, and that too with electrical outlets. This table can be extended, and it can have multiple purposes. It can be laid down to put tools to be used at work or adventure gear to be used at an adventure trip.

The Canoo pickup truck has a flip-down table built into its side panels. These tables can be used when the dimensions of the fold-down table at the front aren’t suitable or when there’s not enough space at the front use the same. Canoo has given a hidden step on the sides of the pickup truck that allows conveniently accessing the truck bed. Moreover, it has created a storage area underneath that step, usable for keeping a first-aid kit, cooler, secured laptop storage, etc.

Down below we have a set of other toolboxes or safety boxes. I have a built-in step, but if I wanted to do something else, I have my first aid kit, flashlight, again multiple functions, adds in structural integrity, helps me get access here (roof).

We wanted something where you can gear up quick, you know whatever you want do, or if you want to put your equipment up here. Because it’s interlocking, you have the ability to put A ladder rack in here that could go across and be fastened. Again this is just thinking about how people use their trucks. At the same time I want my wheel chocks, because I like to dirt bikes, and I want to be able to tie down easy.

The gate design is very different on this vehicle versus other vehicles. Because there is functionality purposes, my slat wall comes to life, I can keep my tools, keep my water, drinks, otherwise you are going to drop these on the ground. We put as much thought into this truck bed that most people put into an entire car. When the working person sees this they go “I can have a better quality of life with this vehicle, and I can get a return on capital. And every one of these areas is a space to create a return on capital. Which is why we spent so much money to develop the most intelligent bed. 

Tony Aquila, Executive Chairman of Canoo, on the bed of the pickup truck.

The Canoo truck has optional roof racks in multiple sizes for additional cargo storage, and it can accommodate various types of camper shells.

Notice how you are not like sneaking in and around a steering column. When you don’t have a steering column you can push things forward and you can give them a bigger space. And that bigger space becomes super functional, and I can personalize this. I can run bucket seats, I can run a bench seat system, I can run a three-seat system, again the driver is very far forward yet he is in the safest bubble zone.

These (pointing to the space in front of the steering wheel) are like a similar approach to our delivery vehicle, these are designed for you to put your accessories on, if you want to use a big cup or small cup, you can buy the accessory for what you need.

In addition this is an additional secure toolbox area to buy accessories to put on there, flashlights, my gloves, yet when I want to take my significant other out, none of that stuff is seen. At the same time I can get it with a full infotainment system, but if I’m a guy with a fleet of 500 trucks, and my guys are working on it, I want to use something as low cost as a simple Android or iOS device to be the interface to the vehicle. It’s maximizing technology to allow for the utilization of space and make it for me.

Tony Aquila, Executive Chairman of Canoo, on the interior of the pickup truck.

Release Date

Canoo electric pickup truck
The Canoo truck may also come in a single-cab version, as shown in a teaser last year. Image Source: Canoo

Canoo truck deliveries would begin as early as 2023 and it certainly seems as if it would be targeted at the urban customer. It might not be a very tough, off-road-capable model like the Ford F150 electric and the Tesla Cybertruck.

Canoo platform

Canoo EV future models
Canoo sees opportunities in a variety of body styles on its skateboard with minimal investment. Image Source: Canoo

Canoo says that its skateboard platform is the flattest and lowest-profile skateboard in the auto industry. This platform allows it to develop a wide range of vehicle configurations, from hatchback to sedan, sports coupe, minivan, sports SUV, GT crossover, rugged SUV, hypercar, and pickup truck without heavy additional investment.

Reveal video

Video Source: youtube/Canoo

Canoo truck FAQs

What is the release date of the Canoo pickup truck?

Deliveries of the Canoo truck are to begin in early 2023. Pre-orders are now open.

What is the expected price of the Canoo truck?

The base price of USD 33k for the Canoo MPV leads us to estimate a starting price of around USD 40k for the Canoo truck.

What are the competitors of the Canoo truck?

The Tesla Cybertruck, Chevrolet BET truck, Ford F150 Electric & the Rivian R1T would be the competing models.

Featured image: Canoo