Canoo electric pickup truck looks like a time traveller from 2035

Los Angeles-based startup Canoo, funded by the Hyundai Motor Group, has recognized the opportunity of at least nine types of EVs based on its modular skateboard platform. The company has hinted that its future launches may include an uber-cool Canoo electric pickup truck, which can be seen in the official renders embedded in this story.

Canoo electric pickup product pipeline
From the looks of it, the Canoo electric pickup truck would be targeted at the urban customer. It might not be a tough, off-road-capable model like the Ford F150 electric and the Tesla Cybertruck.

The Canoo electric pickup truck looks like the Canoo Lifestyle Vehicle sans the rear cabin. It has the same futuristic front-end with clean surfaces and curves, minimalist lighting and a wide stance. The single cab behind the friendly-looking face is joined by a chic-design, low-profile bed. The low ride height, sporty wheels and short overhangs lend a very sporty look to the profile of the Canoo electric pickup truck. The dual-tone black-white paint scheme is the cherry on the cake to what is a really futuristic interpretation of a utility vehicle.

Canoo says that its skateboard platform is the flattest and lowest profile skateboard in the auto industry. This platform allows it to develop a wide range of vehicle configurations, from hatchback to sedan, sports coupe, minivan, sports SUV, GT crossover, rugged SUV, hypercar and pickup truck without heavy additional investment.

Canoo EV future models
Canoo sees opportunities in a variety of body styles on its skateboard with minimal investment.

The Canoo electric pickup truck should be closely related to the Canoo Lifestyle Vehicle. For reference, the electric van will have a range of more than 250 miles, a top speed of 125 mph and a fast-charging time (20-80% SoC) of 28 minutes.

Canoo EV models
Canoo EV launches begin with the Canoo Lifestyle Vehicle van in Q2 2022.

Canoo hasn’t confirmed if it plans to launch the Canoo electric pickup truck, although we think it’s only a matter of when, and not if. So far, the company has confirmed that the Canoo Lifestyle Vehicle, Canoo Delivery Vehicle and the Canoo Sports Vehicle are going into mass production. These launches will take place in Q2 2022, 2023 and 2025 respectively.