On our wishlist: An ‘Extreme’ Cadillac electric pickup truck based on Hummer EV

GM Design has posted a picture of an unidentified model that looks like a Cadillac EV pickup truck on instagram.com stoking media speculation of a working man’s Cadillac. The teaser comes at an interesting juncture – the GMC Hummer EV electric pickup truck is weeks away from its unveil (October 20).

There is a strong possibility that the sketch is just a design exercise, but it’s not the only one. Created by Cadillac Exterior Designer Andrew McMillan, the Cadillac EV pickup truck, as the caption describes, looks mean. It appears to be an apocalyptic pickup truck like the Tesla Cybertruck, but not as unconventional, which the Cadillac fanbase might think to be a good thing.

The Cadillac EV pickup truck features a familiar grille and light design, and it is typically sharp with a chiselled look. However many elements such as the lamps, the windshield and the mirrors exude more aggression than the Cadillacs on sale today. The headlights are just vertical LED stripes with a blue hue, and their minimal form factor leaves space for air inlets unusually high up. The windshield is quite rakish, but not at odd levels, while the mirrors are slim-profile horizontal ones. The hood is quite high up, and there’s ample ground clearance suggesting off-roading capabilities.

The big question is will GM make one? Reports say that a Cadillac EV SUV based on the base of the Electric Hummer SUV is in the pipeline, and it could become an all-electric Cadillac Escalade. So, theoretically, GM can make an electric pickup truck, but it depends on how it wants to position the brand, what its customers at large demand and how they perceive the brand.

Daimler’s Mercedes X-Class is one of its biggest flops in recent times for the German auto industry proving that with product lines, less is sometimes more. With swanky new urban products like the Cadillac Lyriq electric SUV elevating the brand’s status and making it more relevant globally, GM might want to expand taking calculated risks. The Cadillac pickup just isn’t one.

When will GM launch a Cadillac EV pickup truck?

GM has not confirmed the launch of a Cadillac EV pickup truck and it is pure media speculation.

Which models will be the Cadillac EV pickup truck rivals.

Should GM change its mind, it would rival the likes of Tesla Cybertruck, Ford F-150 Electric and Rivian R1T.