Cadillac XT4-sized electric crossover (sub-Lyriq) in development: Report [Update]

Update: ‘Release Date’ section and ‘On the Cadillac dealers’ added to the story.

Cadillac may have started production of the Lyriq electric SUV and confirmed the Celestiq electric sedan as a part of its EV roadmap, but that won’t be the end. Automotive News reported on March 12, 2022, that the brand showed a picture of a new and upcoming Cadillac electric crossover to dealers at a conference.

Possible names

In 2021, the American brand trademarked names like Vistiq, Ascendiq, Lumistiq, and Optiq—the terminology with the letters ‘IQ’ indicative of electric propulsion. The Cadillac electric crossover should take one of the aforementioned names. However, confirmation from the brand is awaited.


The featured image is our depiction of the rumored Cadillac compact electric SUV. We’ve fused Cadillac’s design language for EVs with the Cadillac XT4’s size and proportions here. The striking front-end with the black crystal grille, ultra-slim LED DRLs, and vertical headlamps make a bold statement and could immediately let onlookers know it’s a Cadillac EV. The smaller dimensions (compared to the Lyriq) mean it’s targeted at younger customers. Needless to say, the actual design of the Cadillac XT4-sized Cadillac electric SUV could turn out to be more than a little different!

Cadillac electric crossover specifications

The Cadillac electric crossover is reportedly similar in size to the Cadillac XT4, which measures 181.1 inches in length and has 109.4 inches of wheelbase. The electric crossover may have a longer wheelbase thanks to the omission of an ICE-powered engine—the EV powertrain would allow a cab-forward stance, eliminate the transmission tunnel and create more cabin room.

Cadillac XT4
The new electric Cadillac will be sold alongside the gas-engined Cadillac XT4 (pictured), the brand told the dealers, as per Automotive News. Image: Cadillac


It’s also possible for the Cadillac EV to be the premium cousin to the Chevrolet Blazer EV, which has been confirmed for launch in the United States in spring 2023. The Blazer EV is expected to have at least 300 miles of range (unofficial estimate), and the same can be expected from the Cadillac EV, which would enjoy a premium positioning.

Details are scarce as of this moment about the upcoming Cadillac electric crossover’s powertrain. However, we can safely assume that it will be based on GM’s latest BEV3 architecture and powered by the group’s Ultium propulsion systems. Expect specifications to be lower than the Lyriq, whose powertrain produces 340 hp and 325 lb-ft.

On the Cadillac dealers

As per Automotive News, American dealers positively reacted to the small Cadillac electric crossover, which will be positioned below the Lyriq SUV. It will not be the EV replacement for the Cadillac XT4 and will be sold alongside the similarly sized ICE-powered SUV.

In a related development, Cadillac has asked dealers to either commit to the transition to electric vehicles by investing in infrastructure and training or stop doing business with the brand. This has taken a toll on the network, with the number of dealers dropping from 900+ to just about 560 in the United States.

Release Date

A specific launch timeline for the entry-level Cadillac electric crossover isn’t available yet. However, Rory Harvey, Vice President, Cadillac, has told Fox Business that Cadillac EVs cheaper than the Lyriq will arrive in “a short period of time.” More affordable zero-emission Cadillac EVs are “not that far away,” he said.

Featured Image Source:’s illustration of an XT4-sized Cadillac compact electric SUV