BMW X5 Electric (2026): What we know about the future BEV [Update]

  • BMW X5 Electric could be simpler and cheaper than the iX
  • Said to be manufactured at the BMW Group Spartanburg Plant in the U.S.
  • Expected to be launched in late 2026 alongside the gas-powered new X5 range
  • Could be priced from USD 80,000

Update: Story updated with live images of the U.S.-spec 2024 BMW X5 M60i.

BMW Group aims to convert at least half of its sales to EVs by 2030, and it will need to expand its line-up of high-volume EVs significantly to achieve that goal. Adding the X5 and other core models to its EV portfolio will be key to realizing the ambitious end-of-the-decade goal. The first-ever BMW X5 Electric, a Tesla Model X rival, unofficially already exists in this pipeline.

The next-gen BMW X5 will be the fifth generation of the brand’s first SUV. Nearly three decades after the first model came out in 1999, it will be time the X5 goes tailpipe emission-free for customers in markets across the globe. According to Bimmerpost forum member ynguldyn, the fifth-gen BMW X5 (codename: BMW G65) will have a BEV (Batter Electric Vehicle) variant, and we expect the derivative to be internally called ‘BMW G65 BEV.’


The first-ever BMW X5 Electric would be based on a modified version of the CLAR platform, originally developed for combustion models. Thus, it won’t be a bespoke ‘Neue Klasse’ EV like the upcoming BMW iX3 (BMW G08) successor, as the Neue Klasse will focus initially on generating 3- and 4-Series style EVs.

The BMW X5 Electric might not be as space-efficient or high-tech as the Tesla Model X, but it’ll likely appeal to customers who prefer EVs that are rather conventional. For the BMW Group, faster development, manufacturing simplicity, and the easy road to profitability could be the advantages of choosing this route.

The BMW X5 Electric, which could be launched as the New BMW iX5, may come in single-motor RWD and dual-motor AWD variants. Packing ~600 hp and ~600 lb.-ft. of torque, the range-topping variant, possibly called ‘M60,’ could accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in close to 3.5 seconds. Don’t expect a full-blown BMW M variant that goes head-to-head with the gas-powered next-gen X5 M, though.

While the BMW i5 sedan with its 81.2 kWh battery pack consisting of prismatic cells can travel up to 295 miles, its SUV counterpart may have a battery pack with a higher energy storage capacity that gives it a range of over 325 miles. Being an SUV, the X5 Electric may have installation space for a bigger battery pack, but the magic behind the higher range will likely be a new type of battery with a higher energy storage density, consisting of the brand’s next-generation, round cells integrated into the body structure, without modules.

Design & Features

As for design, nobody outside BMW Group’s design studios and R&D centers may be privy to the information. Recent BMW models have faced much backlash because of weird shapes and features, so we’re hoping the company has taken the outrage constructively and an opted for a simpler approach for future vehicles, including the X5 Electric. In May 2023, Adrian van Hooydonk, Senior Vice President, BMW Group Design, told Top Gear that in the future, the company’s design will be cleaner.

The BMW iX5 should feature a minimalist interior with wide touchscreens taking care of most functions that you’d operate using switches, knobs, joystick, and dials in older BMWs. We also expect an all-new head-up display with a clearer and more comprehensive information project. Level 3 autonomous driving functions might be among the electric SUV’s most appealing technology features.

Release Date & Price

The BMW X5 Electric will likely debut in Q3 2026 and go on sale in the U.S. at the end of the same year. BMW Group will manufacture the all-electric SUV alongside the gas-powered next-gen X5 at the Spartanburg plant, as per Bimmerpost forum member ynguldyn’s intel. The company may price its Tesla Model X rival from under USD 80,000.

TopElectricSUV says

The BMW X5 Electric is expected to be a traditionally designed and conventionally operated alternative to the Tesla Model X, co-existing with the BMW iX. Built with the high-quality standards one would expect from a ~80,000 luxury SUV and the famed German engineering, the X5 Electric could be great for customers who seek a good-old X5 with a futuristic heart but without a polarizing design, flashy electronics, and a high price tag.

BMW X5 Electric FAQs

What is the BMW X5 Electric release date?

The BMW X5 Electric could be launched in the U.S. in late 2026.

Which models will be BMW X5 Electric rivals?

The BMW X5 Electric will compete with the Mercedes EQE SUV and Tesla Model X.

What will be the BMW X5 Electric price?

We expect the X5 Electric to be priced from under USD 80,000.