BMW iX3 price slashed in China to compete with the Tesla Model Y

BMW Brilliance has slashed the prices of the BMW iX3 in response to the recent Tesla Model Y price cut in China.

Trim\PriceOld BMW iX3 PriceNew BMW iX3 PriceBMW iX3 price cut
BaseCNY 497,000 ($77,322)CNY 399,900 ($62,215)CNY 97,100 ($15,106)
Top-endCNY 510,000 ($79,344)CNY 439,900 ($68,438)CNY 70,100 ($10,906)

Thanks to local production at the Tesla Gigafactory Shanghai, the Tesla Model Y’s prices in China went down significantly at the start of the year. Take a look at the Model Y price chart for China in this table:

Trim\PriceOld Tesla Model Y PriceNew Tesla Model Y PriceTesla Model Y price cut
Base (Standard AWD)CNY 488,000 ($75,921)CNY 339,900 ($52,881)CNY 148,100 ($23,041)
Top-end (Performance AWD)CNY 535,000 ($83,234)CNY 369,900 ($57,548)CNY 165,100 ($25,686)

Previously, we covered the first BMW iX3 reviews from a media drive conducted last year. The BMW iX3 is an offshoot of the Spartanburg-made mid-size BMW X3, but it comes from Dadong, China, from where exports commenced in November 2020. There are no concerns, though, with saying that the build quality, materials and refinement match those of the U.S.-built BMW X3.

Being an ICE vehicle conversion instead of a dedicated BEV, limitations of the iX3 are evident when put next to a Jaguar I-Pace or a Tesla Model Y. For example, there is no frunk (front trunk) in the Chinese-made German electric SUV. It doesn’t have a mold-breaking design or any of the party tricks that EV startups have perfected. Compromises compared to the BMW X3 include, lack of AWD, lower ground clearance and lesser cargo space.

Some of the compromises make things better in other aspects, though. As points out, the 20 mm lower ground clearance aids the already low center of gravity, which, for the record, is 70 mm lower than that of the BMW X3.

With the exception of select markets, like New Zealand, for instance, the BMW X3 comes exclusively in AWD. In the BMW iX3, you can have some typical RWD vehicle fun, and for that, suggests keeping the recuperation mode in the lowest setting. It also appreciates this BMW electric SUV’s stopping power, stating that deceleration is prioritized and that the stopping power is fully adequate.

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The BMW iX3 is no tantalizing Tesla, and it clearly isn’t developed for bragging rights. It takes 6.8 seconds to accelerate from 0-62 mph, as compared to the base American BMW X3 (xDrive30i)’s 6.3 seconds and top-end American BMW X3 (M40i)’s 4.5 seconds. A 74.0 kWh Lithium-ion battery pack sourced from China’s CATL and a BMW Dingolfing-made fifth-gen eDrive motor mounted at the rear take the place of the conventional engine and transmission.

Autocar’s BMW iX3 review is positive about the driving performance, praising the fluidic handling, weighty steering and quick maneuverability. Compared to the BMW X3 xDrive30i or the BMW X3 M40i, we’re looking at an SUV that is 352 kg (776 lb.) or 260 kg (573 lb.) heavier, yet it impresses the British reviewers.

The BMW iX3 range as per Europe’s new WLTP test cycle is 285 miles, and as per the NEDC test cycle which China follows, it is 311 miles. Top Gear managed to achieve a range of 230 miles during the media drive. In daily situations, customers should achieve a higher range. Using an 11 kW AC charger, it takes 7.5 hours for a full charge. Thanks to the support for a 150 kW DC charger, it’s possible to quick-charge to 80% SoC in just 34 minutes.

All in all, the BMW iX3 is a decent choice for potential customers who are looking for a no-frills all-electric mid-size luxury SUV. BMW never intended to make a Tesla Model Y killer, and it isn’t pitching it as one either. However, the price cut indicates that the company is somewhat threatened by Tesla Model Y. The all-American electric SUV boasts a range of 314 miles (WLTP), a 0-62 mph acceleration time of 3.7 seconds and a top speed of 150 mph among others.

BMW iX3 US launch

The iX3’s primary target market is China, but the BMW electric car is sailing to Europe as well. However, there’s no plan to launch the BMW iX3 in the U.S., a BMW spokesman told in March last year. The bigger BMW iX will be the first electric SUV for the U.S. from Bavaria.

What is the BMW iX3 US release date?

BMW has confirmed that it does not plan to launch the iX3 model in the United States.