BMW iX2 (Tesla Model Y rival) not expected before 2024

BMW Group plans to have 13 BEVs or pure EVs on the road by 2023, but the lineup is unlikely to include a BMW iX2.

A new report from says that initially, there’s no plan to launch an X2 electric. Largus claims that the next-gen BMW X2 will arrive in 2024, which indicates that a BMW iX2 electric is about 4 years away. At the Analyst and Investor Round Table NEXTGen 2020 conference in November 2020, Frank Weber had also hinted that the BMW iX2 is not a priority:

In the first half of the decade, we will have iX3, iX, the 5 Series (electric), the 7 Series (electric), X1 (electric) all on very flexible solutions, and then for the second half of the decade, we will have a new flexible cluster architecture that will serve as the foundation for our entire product range.

Frank Weber, Member of the Board of Management of BMW & head of Development division.

The BMW iX2 rumors were sparked when Germany’s reported last month that it is one of the company’s secret projects. It was stated that the BMW iX2 will be an electrified variant of the second generation BMW X2, which in essence will be a sportier, coupe-styled SUV of the third generation BMW X1 due in 2022.

The electric vehicle offensive at Bavaria will see the launch of 9 new BMW electric cars and SUVs by 2025, and the BMW iX1 and BMW iX2, which will cater to the entry level, luxury EV segment, are touted to be volume spinners.

BMW X2 PHEV side
The current BMW X2 (pictured) gets a PHEV variant which sees an electric range of 35 miles/57 km. Image source: BMW

Road tests of the third generation 2022 BMW X1 have started, and prototypes reveal an evolutionary design makeover from the current X1. However, as AutoBild reports, the grille of the upcoming BMW electric cars are expected to mirror the massive design of the BMW iX, which in turn aims to share similarities with performance-oriented M cars like the 2021 M3 and M4.

BMW’s plan for the X1-based models, which apart from the electric iX1 and iX2 include plug-in hybrid variants of the X1 and X2 rides on the FAAR architecture (Front wheel drive architecture), designed from the ground up to be compatible with combustion, plug-in hybrid and electric powertrains. BMW calls it the ‘Power of Choice’ strategy offering a powertrain for every type of consumer.

BMW’s plant in Regensburg, Germany will start manufacturing the new BMW X1 (codename U11) in 2022, and in addition, the company announced that its Leipzig manufacturing facility is gearing up to produce battery modules and high voltage batteries, starting this year.

BMW X2 PHEV charging
In addition to the all-electric variants, BMW’s entry level SUV range should include combustion and PHEV variants on the new FAAR-based X1 and X2. Image source: BMW.

According to rumors, the entry level BMW electric cars would be available with front wheel drive and all wheel drive variants, with the former expected to sport an updated motor that does duty on the BMW i3. Hence, the FWD BMW iX2 could feature 180 PS (177 hp) while the AWD iX2 could come with around 250 PS (246 hp). While range options are still speculative, reports say the iX1 and iX2 could see up to 400 km (245 miles) on a charge, and no doubt, these electric BMWs will offer fast charging of at least 100+ kW (the recently unveiled BMW iX sports 200 kW fast charging).


What is the BMW iX2 release date?

The BMW iX2 is not planned for launch in the near- to mid-term future.

Which electric cars are considered as BMW iX2 rivals?

The BMW iX2 will rival the Mercedes EQB, Tesla Model Y, Volvo C40 Recharge and Lexus UX300e.