BMW i5 Touring (electric wagon/estate) expected in 2024: Report [Update]

  • 10+ electric estates/station wagons are due in the next 5 years
  • Northern Europe is a strong market for premium EVs and wagons
  • The i5 Touring would offer the boot space of an SUV with car-like handling
  • An electric A6 Avant has been confirmed & Mercedes could be plotting an EQE Wagon

Update: ‘Interior,’ ‘Specifications,’ and ‘Production & Launch’ sections updated.

Sources have told our friends over at BMWBlog that the BMW i5 Touring is under consideration and that a market launch is expected in 2024. Internally called ‘BMW G61, it will be among of the first electric luxury station wagons to come to market.

The station wagon or estate is not dead

According to a report from analyst firm LMC Automotive in 2019, while the station wagon body style is losing popularity to the SUV, still, 1.5 million estate cars are expected to be sold in 2025 with Europe accounting for around 75 per cent of the market. Naturally, demand has started shifting towards electrified models as governments are setting deadlines for the phasing-out of combustion engines.

Northern Europe, a particularly strong market for estates, is accelerating the shift to electric vehicles, which builds a strong case for BMW to approve the project. It is also interesting to note that the world’s first and perhaps only electric estate on sale is the MG5 that is available in Europe.

BMW i5 Touring Exterior

BMW i5 render front
The i5 and i5 Touring will feature the BMW Laserlight with Matrix function, which is seen on the iX. Speculative rendering of the BMW i5 courtesy of Shkelqim Ameti (Instagram)

Unlike the BMW iX or the BMW i4, spy shots have shown that BMW designers will maintain the subtle kidney grille design on the G60 5 Series, which should translate to the BMW i5 too. That does beg the question though if the BMW i5 Touring will get the iX’s ability to erase scratch marks on its grille thanks to the additional polyurethane coating applied by the manufacturer.

The rest of the design of the BMW i5 Touring should closely resemble the business estate of today with a focus on improved aerodynamics (which explains the need for flush door handles that pop open automatically and electrically).

Medium-sized grille

The next-gen 5 Series sedan’s shape and size would be similar to those of the current model. BMW as a brand is experimenting with bolder, outlandish designs that help its cars truly stand out, but it probably won’t risk disappointing customers of its staple models like the 5 Series. It will carry forward the current model’s horizontal kidney grille instead of using the new butterfly-shaped vertical kidney grille. The next-gen 5 Series Touring, the i5, and the i5 Touring, are likely to be safe from any polarizing design elements.


The interior of the BMW i5 should have a minimalist design and a luxurious lounge-style ambiance. Expect an iX-type low-profile dashboard with simplistic surfacing, delicately styled air vents, discreetly integrated speakers, a HUD projector, and a pair of sleek displays.

According to Bimmerpost forum member ynguldyn, who is a credible source for BMW scoops, the i5 will be available with 19-inch wheels (standard)/20- or 21-inch wheels (optional), more glass and metal trim than the next-gen 5 Series, an Iconic Glow package, Highway Assistant, and Harman Kardon audio system (standard)/Bowers & Wilkins audio system (optional). All this should apply to the i5 Touring as well. All that ynguldyn says about the features of the electric station wagon specifically is that it will gain Level 3 autonomous driving capability in July 2024.

BMW Curved Display

The i5 and i5 Touring may feature a combination of the virtual instrument cluster (driver information display) and the BMW iDrive control/operation system’s central display (control display) clubbed into a frameless single-piece glass surface angled towards the driver. Called BMW Curved Display, this panel that brings together the two cockpit displays may appear to be free-standing, giving the cockpit area a neat, low-profile appearance. The instrument cluster could measure 12.3 inches diagonally, and the central display 14.9 inches.

There should be plenty of space between the dashboard and the center console, which may house an electronic gear selector, iDrive 8 function scroller and selector, volume adjuster, start-stop button, and an electronic parking brake, designed artfully and made from premium materials, possibly including glass and wood. The center console may feature touch control buttons with haptic feedback. The principle of shy tech and reduction to the essentials would be visible throughout the cabin.



Based on the same cluster architecture (CLAR) platform as the i4, the BMW i5 Touring will come with the brand’s 5th Generation eDrive powertrain that houses a more densely packed and energy-efficient battery module and an integrated drive system that houses the e-motor, transmission, and power electronics in one common housing.


Bimmerpost forum member ynguldyn suggests that the i5 Touring will be available in two variants at launch: xDrive40 and M60. In that case, two motors, one for the front wheels and one for the rear wheels, will be standard. The power and torque outputs will be different, obviously.

The i5 Touring xDrive40’s powertrain could produce around 320 horsepower and 465 lb.-ft. of torque. The i5 Touring M60’s powertrain may develop 590 horsepower (temporarily, in Sport Mode) and around 800 lb.-ft. of torque (temporarily, with Launch Control).

Range & Charging

Expect the i5 Touring xDrive40 and i5 Touring M60 to share an 80.7 kWh battery pack. The EPA-est. range could be around 325 miles for the former and just under 300 miles for the latter.

The i5 Touring is expected to support 200 kW DC fast charging, 10 minutes of which can add 90 miles range. It may also support 11 kW AC charging that can recharge the battery fully in 8 hours. These figures, however, are subject to vary in case BMW decides to install a larger battery pack.

Production & Launch

2022 BMW iX3 gear selector
An M5-equivalent electric sedan could take until mid-decade to reach fruition. However, it is unknown if BMW will return to the sport-wagon segment with an electric i5 M Touring. Image – BMW Group.

The G60 series 5 Series and its electric counterparts (which now would include the i5 Touring) will be made at BMW Group Plant Dingolfing, Oliver Zipse, Chairman of the Board of Management of BMW confirmed. The BMW i5 sedan should be launched by end-2023, and a 2024 launch can be anticipated for the i5 Touring.

Bimmerpost forum member ynguldyn says that production of the next-gen 5 Series Touring family, which includes the first-ever i5 Touring, will start in March 2024 and last till February 2031. There’s no plan to sell the station wagon in the U.S., neither with an internal combustion engine nor with electric motors, as per ynguldyn.

TopElectricSUV says

While the market for station wagons is not growing globally, it is an important segment for premium car makers from the perspective of future-proofing their line-up. An i5 Touring’s innovative luggage space and the all-electric powertrain would attract both fleet and personal car buyers, and appeal to shoppers who don’t want another SUV. And BMW wouldn’t want their current 3 and 5 Series Touring customers to think about shopping at Audi or Mercedes when it’s time for a new car.

Featured Image (Sketch of the current 5 Series Touring): BMW Group