2023 BMW 530e (Plug-in Hybrid): Everything we know [Update]

  • Final model year update for the current-gen BMW 5 Series Plug-in Hybrid
  • Has no change in specifications; delivers the same 19/21-mile electric range
  • Priced from USD 56,400 (excl. USD 995 destination & handling fee)
  • Now available at U.S. dealerships

Update: ‘Price hike reported’ section added to ‘Price & Release Date.’

BMW’s 7th-generation 5 Series has received its final model year update in the United States this year. As with the previous model year, the range includes a 2023 BMW 530e plug-in hybrid electric variant. Here are the details we know about the new BMW 5 Series Plug-in Hybrid:

Design & Styling

The 5 Series continues featuring the design BMW introduced in October 2016 and updated in May 2020. The company has changed the color and upholstery options as part of the MY2023 update.

BMW has discontinued the Bluestone metallic and Bernina Grey Amber Effect metallic colors, which used to cost USD 550 extra on the 530e. The company has introduced three new options: Arctic Race Blue metallic, Skyscraper Grey metallic, and Aventurin metallic. The new colors are available on the 530e as well, at an extra cost of USD 650.


Standard equipment on all 2023 BMW 5 Series models in the U.S. are the same as on the previous model. However, there are some changes to the optional packages. In particular, the 2023 BMW 530e doesn’t include Gesture Control in the Premium Package, which is a USD 2,000 option. On the plus side, BMW has reintroduced the Executive Package in the 5 Series Plug-in Hybrid with the MY2023 update.

The Executive Package costs USD 2,450 and includes a head-up display, Harman Kardon surround sound system, power rear sunshade and rear side window shades, power tailgate, and heated front seats. Customers can include heated rear seats also as part of this package, with an additional USD 500.

BMW 530e plug-in hybrid interior dashboard
The 2023 BMW 5 Series Plug-in Hybrid doesn’t feature the BMW Curved Display. That feature is likely reserved for the next-gen 2024 BMW 5 Series range, which will include the first-ever BMW i5. Image Source: BMW Group


In the U.S., BMW hasn’t changed the specifications of the 5 Series with the MY2023 update. The 2023 530e comes in RWD and xDrive AWD drivetrain layouts like the previous 530e. With a 2.0L BMW TwinPower Turbo engine and an electric motor, it boasts 288 hp of total power and 310 lb.-ft. of system torque.

A 9.09 kWh lithium-ion battery pack supplies electricity to the motor. The EPA-est. electric range of the 2023 530e is the same as the previous model – 21 miles (RWD)/19 miles (xDrive AWD). The same goes for the combined fuel economy with electricity — 64 MPGe (RWD)/62 MPGe (xDrive AWD) — and without electricity — 26 MPG (RWD)/25 MPG (xDrive AWD).

The 5 Series plug-in hybrid didn’t support DC fast-charging, and that hasn’t changed with the 2023 model year update. A maximum output of 3.7 kW continues to be supported by the electrified 5er. Using alternating current at 3.7 kW, charging from 0 to 100% level takes 11.3 hours.

Aspect2023 BMW 530e Specification
Length195.8 in.
Width73.5 in.
Height58.4 in.
Wheelbase117.1 in.
Headroom40.7 in.
Legroom41.4 in. (front)/36.5 in. (rear)
Shoulder Room58.7 in. (front)/55.9 in. (rear)
Cargo Capacity14.5 ft³
Drivetrain LayoutRWD/xDrive AWD
Engine2.0L BMW TwinPower Turbo turbocharged four-cylinder gasoline
Engine Power135 kW (181 hp) at 3,800-6,500 rpm
Engine Torque258 lb.-ft. at 1,450-3,600 rpm
Motor Power80 kW (107 hp) at 5,000 rpm
Motor Torque195 lb.-ft. at 100-2,500 rpm
System Power215 kW (288 hp)
System Torque310 lb.-ft.
Transmission8-speed Steptronic automatic
Battery Pack9.09 kWh lithium-ion
Max. Charging Power3.7 kW
Charging Time (0-100% SoC)11.3 hours
EPA-est. Electric Range21 miles (RWD)/19 miles (xDrive AWD)
EPA-est. Fuel Economy (MPGe)64 MPGe (RWD)/62 MPGe (xDrive AWD)
EPA-est. Fuel Economy (MPG)26 MPG (RWD)/25 MPG (xDrive AWD)
Acceleration Time (0-60 mph)5.7 seconds
Top Speed (normal tires/performance tires)130 mph/146 mph (RWD)/130 mph/ 143 mph (xDrive AWD)
Expected 2023 BMW 530e specifications for the U.S.

Price & Release Date

The 2023 BMW 5 Series Plug-in Hybrid is USD 850 more expensive than the previous model in both 530e RWD and 530e xDrive AWD configurations. The 2023 530e and 2023 530e xDrive cost USD 56,400 and USD 58,700, respectively. These prices exclude excludes a destination & handling fee of USD 995, tax, title, license, and registration.

Configuration2023 BMW 530e Price
2023 BMW 530e RWDUSD 56,400
2023 BMW 530e xDrive AWDUSD 58,700
2023 BMW 530e prices in the U.S. excluding destination and handling fee of USD 995, tax, title, license, and registration.

Price hike reported

On November 30, 2022, an internal memo appeared on the i4Talk forum, revealing a planned hike in prices for the Plug-in Hybrid variants of the 2023 BMW 5 Series, citing inflation. After taking into account a jump of 2.1% or USD 1,200 in the sticker price, the revised starting price of the 530e will be USD 57,600. Meanwhile, the 530e xDrive variant, from January 2023, will rise to USD 59,900, after calculating a hike of 2.0% or USD 1,200, as per the forum post. BMW has yet to confirm the news.

Readers would be excited to learn that an all-electric BMW 5 Series (BMW i5) is nearing the end of its development and will be released (globally) in 2023 as part of the next-gen 5 Series family.

2023 BMW 530e FAQs

What is the 2023 BMW 530e release date?

The 2023 BMW 530e is now available at U.S. dealerships.

What is the 2023 BMW 530e price?

The prices of the 2023 BMW 530e in the U.S. start at USD 56,400 (excl. USD 995 destination & handling fee).

Which models are the 2023 BMW 530e competitors?

The Volvo S90 Recharge T8 is the only alternative to the 2023 BMW 530e.

Featured Image Source: BMW Group