First Bentley EV confirmed for launch, to have crossover styling

The first Bentley EV has received the green signal for its launch in 2025. According to a report from, it’s going to be a crossover-styled sedan or, simply put, a cross-sedan.

Bentley has not disclosed information about the first Bentley EV apart from confirming its debut in 2025. The British publication says in its report that the company has started working on a concept car for this model. The company has been selling an SUV since 2016 – the Bentayga – but it’s traditionally been the go-to brand for luxury sedans and grand tourers. However it plans to release an electric saloon first instead of an electric SUV and that’s the twist in the story.

Bentley is going for an electric sedan first because sedans are aerodynamically efficient compared to SUVs, and better aerodynamics means higher range. “We need to be looking at how we can deliver slippier cars with a profile that gets the most out of it aerodynamically,” Adrian Hallmark, Chairman and CEO, Bentley, told the website earlier this year. This would be no ordinary sedan, though, thanks to a visibly high ground clearance and a powerful, squat stance that are typical of SUVs.

Porsche J1 platform
The company hasn’t said if the first Bentley would ride on Volkswagen Group’s most advanced and biggest BEV platform – J1 (from Porsche) or that a separate luxury platform is planned.

The high-riding, cross-sedan bodystyle would allow Bentley to easily package batteries on the floor of the car and also make the model appealing for a wider range of customers. Kia is attempting a similar design with the Kia CV at the low end of the market. Speaking of batteries, they would be a more advanced version of the present day’s Lithium-ion batteries.

Hallmark suggested that launching a Bentley EV with a smaller body compared to today’s models isn’t an appealing solution for achieving a high range, as customers would see it as a lower price segment product. He hinted that the high-riding all-electric Bentley would have a range of at 300-350 miles.

Bentley has already committed to start offering a hybrid powertrain option across the range by 2023. Now, it has said that from 2026, a year after it launches its first EV, which it calls the “first cradle to grave fully carbon-neutral car”, it will sell only PHEVs and BEVs. By 2030, it will stop selling PHEVs and migrate 100% to electric vehicles.