750 hp Lotus electric SUV in the works, to rival the Road Rover

The first Lotus SUV will be all-electric, as per a new report from autocar.co.uk. The Lotus electric SUV should be a super-sport model offering customers a performance better than the Tesla Model X.

The Lotus electric SUV would have the lightest body in its class, Peter Horbury, the Executive Vice President of Design at Geely Auto Group, had suggested in 2017. Geely Auto Group, a Zhejiang Geely Holding Group Company, holds a majority stake in Lotus since 2017.

To achieve the exceptionally low weight targets, Lotus is putting extra effort into material usage. The Tesla Model X Performance weighs 5,741 lbs. or 2.6 tonnes (2,604 kg), and the Chinese-owned British brand could be targeting a figure closer to 4,409 lbs. or 2 tonnes.

The Lotus electric SUV would ride on Zhejiang Geely Holding Group’s and the world’s first open-source EV architecture that debuted in the Lynk & Co Zero Concept at the 2020 Beijing Auto Show – Sustainable Experience Architecture (SEA). This architecture can be utilized for A-, B-, C-, D- and E-segment vehicles, and the Lotus electric SUV is likely to be an E-segment (executive) SUV). SEA EVs can have up to three electric motors and accelerate from 0-62 mph as quickly as in less than 3 seconds.

Lotus plans to offer its electric SUV in two variants. The base variant would have two electric motors generating close to 600 hp. The top-end variant’s motors would produce up to 750 hp, and their torque output would also be much higher. No details about the battery pack(s) are available yet, but the report says that the targeted Lotus electric SUV range is 360 miles.

Production of the Lotus electric SUV will take place at a new Lotus factory in Wuhan, China. Lotus will unveil its electric SUV in 2022 and put it on sale in 2023. Thanks to Chinese production and sourcing, prices should be more attractive than that of global rivals.

With an SUV in the pipeline, and that a model with all parameters that would strike the chord with American car buyers, the timing looks right for Lotus to enter the U.S. market. Only time will tell if that happens, though. In Europe, the first Lotus SUV would rival the Tesla Model X and the Road Rover.

Lotus SUV FAQs

What is the Lotus electric SUV release date?

Lotus will unveil its electric SUV in 2022 and put it on sale in 2023.

Will Lotus launch its electric SUV in the US?

Lotus has not announced its U.S. entry yet but it is too big a market for Lotus to postpone.

What will be the Lotus electric SUV range?

The Lotus electric SUV will likely go up to 360 miles on a full charge.