First Look Review: The 2024 Toyota Crown Hybrid is for the SUV-averse

  • Hybrid-only Toyota Crown recently entered its second model year in the U.S.
  • Gains Traffic Jam Assist, Lane Change Assist, and Front Cross Traffic Alert
  • Delivers the same fuel economy of up to 41 MPG
  • Priced from USD 40,350 (excl. USD 1,095 DPH fee)

Update: New images showing the car in the Heavy Metal/Black two-tone color scheme added to the story and ‘Price & Sales’ section updated with new prices.

The Toyota Crown, or the Toyota Crown Crossover as they’re calling it in some markets, has entered its second model year in the U.S. The 2024 Toyota Crown is the only cross-sedan across segments, so it guarantees exclusivity and great road presence wherever it goes. The new model has some updates that make it a bit more appealing than the previous one. I experienced the car (2024 Toyota Crown Platinum) recently at the Houston Auto Show 2024, and here’s what I think of it.


I think the 2024 Toyota Crown has an athletic yet elegant exterior. It cleverly mixes the practical sedan body style with the curvy roofline of a coupe, and the robust stance of an SUV. For some, the front fascia can seem a bit over the top because of the gigantic grille, but I like its artistic pattern, which communicates style and sophistication right from the first glance.

The quad LED headlights that consist of three low-beam lights (outer-most modules) and one high-beam light (inner-most module) presents the 2024 Crown with a high-tech look. The pronounced hood lends the car an athletic appearance that’s atypical for sedans, adding a unique touch to its design.

In my opinion, the side profile is the most attractive angle of the 2024 Crown. The smooth bodywork, the beautifully sloping roofline, and the sleek greenhouse give it a swanky appearance. The SUV-inspired high ground clearance, wheel arch cladding, 21-inch alloys (the largest wheels ever on a Toyota sedan), and high waistline create a striking contrast.

The rear-end of the 2024 Crown has a clean and minimalist look with a concaved surfacing, wide-spaced model inscription, and a thin full-width tail light. I would’ve appreciated a power liftgate, at least in this top-end Platinum trim, as folding the rear seats down from the back through the trunk isn’t convenient.

I’m not of the opinion that the new Camry or even the Crown Signia will cannibalize the Crown’s sales, as each model holds its own unique appeal in the Toyota line-up.


2024 Toyota Crown interior live image
The top-end Platinum grade is only available in all-black, and I hope Toyota offers an optional lighter shade for MY2025. While the interior is a step above what’s offered in a RAV4 or Highlander, it doesn’t quite reach the level of a Lexus, contrary to what some might suggest.

The interior of the 2024 Toyota Crown doesn’t quite match the wow factor of its impressive exterior. Of course, I also think that the dashboard looks quite premium, but I would’ve liked it to seamlessly connect to the door panels, which it doesn’t. Another thumbs down is from the asymmetric outer-end AC vents. I like the sleek unit on the passenger side, and after seeing it, the driver side unit feels unacceptably simple.

I noted some interesting details in the cabin, like the bronze accents on the door panels, steering wheel, dashboard, and center console, and the matching seat piping which add character. I like the thin control panel below the central AC vents as well, which gives convenient access to frequently used functions like AC on/off and temperature temperature, seat ventilation, and air re-circulation.

Given the added ground clearance and its relatively tall body, I anticipated that getting in and out of the 2024 Toyota Crown would be effortless. However, during my time with the car at the 2023 LA Auto Show, I was surprised to find it only slightly more convenient than a regular sedan, such as a Camry. Once perched in the driver’s seat, I immediately focused on visibility, where the expansive glass area and elevated height did indeed make a notable difference.

I’m six feet tall, and I think the driver seat offers adequate lumbar support and under-thigh support. The center console offers a storage space below the armrest and it’s big enough for everyday items like a smartphone, wallet, or a pair of glasses.

The 12.3-inch digital instrument cluster’s layouts are clear and easy to read. The graphics are average and its brightness is at the right level. The 12.3-inch touchscreen infotainment system with wireless Apple CarPlay and wireless Android Auto will make the cabin feel familiar.

Ingress and egress in the back was a little improvement over what you’d experience in a Camry. Toyota claims that the rear seats have ample cushioning and bolster support, and in my experience, I can vouch for that claim. It’s ventilated, but not heated. There’s enough knee room and under-thigh support even for a six-footer like me on a roadtrip.

I checked if there’s a recline function like in the classic Toyota Crown models and found that wasn’t the case. I found that the rear headroom was adequate when leaning back against the headrest, although the presence of the sunroof does encroach on some of this space.

Driving impressions

The 2024 Toyota Crown doesn’t have any mechanical changes, so it’s safe to assume that it drives the same the previous model.

In the Platinum trim that I sat in, it has the same Hybrid Max AWD powertrain that produces 340 hp and 400 lb.-ft. of torque and delivers an EPA-est. fuel economy of 30 MPG (combined). The Hybrid powertrain in the XLE and Limited trims has a 2.5-liter engine-based 236 hp powertrain that returns an impressive EPA-est. fuel economy of 41 MPG (combined).

Toyota has engineered the Crown for comfort, and in this particular trim with the 2.4L turbocharged engine-based hybrid powertrain, no-compromise performance. The Crown Platinum is sufficiently quick and quite responsive, too, but it doesn’t excel to an extraordinary degree in terms of acceleration or driving dynamics.

Those who have driven the car would also say that the adaptive suspension of the Platinum trim helps the Crown behave a little better at turns, but there’s still some body roll. In a nutshell, the Crown is a premium sedan that gives occupants a hushed ride and packs the capability to be moderately quick and dynamic for normal highway use.

AspectToyota Crown HybridToyota Crown Hybrid MAX
Drivetrain LayoutAWDAWD
Engine2.5-liter naturally-aspirated inline four-cylinder gasoline2.4-liter turbocharged inline four-cylinder gasoline
Engine Power184 hp at 6,000 rpm264 hp at 6,000 rpm
Engine Torque163 lb.-ft. at 3,600-5,200 rpm332 lb.-ft. at 2,000-3,000 rpm
No. of Electric MotorsTwo (front & rear)Two (front & rear)
Electric Motor TypePermanent Magnet SynchronousPermanent Magnet Synchronous
Electric Motor Power88 kW (front)/40 kW (rear)61 kW (front)/58.6 kW (rear)
Electric Motor Torque149 lb.-ft. (front)/89 lb.-ft. (rear)215.4 lb.-ft. (front)/124 lb.-ft. (rear)
Traction Battery Pack TypeNickel-metal hydrideNickel-metal hydride
Traction Battery Pack Nominal Voltage230.4 V230.4 V
Traction Battery Pack Capacity [3hr]5.0 Ah5.0 Ah
Hybrid System Net Power236 hp340 hp
Hybrid System Net TorqueN/A400.4 lb.-ft
0 to 60 MPH7.6 seconds5.7 seconds
Fuel Tank14.5 gallons14.5 gallons
Fuel Economy (city/highway/combined)42 / 41 / 41 MPG29 / 32 / 30 MPG
2024 Toyota Crown Hybrid specifications sourced from Toyota Newsroom

Price & Sales

The 2024 Toyota Crown’s prices start at USD 40,350 and go up to USD 53,370 (excl. USD 1,095 DPH fee). Toyota sold 19,063 units of the Crown in 2023, and this year, the Crown family will expand with the inclusion of the Crown Signia crossover.

TopElectricSUV says

The 2024 Toyota Crown Platinum boasts a unique exterior design and a punchy powertrain. The Crown family is also building a reputation for impressive fuel efficiency. However, its interior doesn’t quite match up in terms of premium feel. For those who aren’t overly concerned with the somewhat interior design, the 2024 Crown offers an appealing combination of style, performance, and comfort for a price that doesn’t break the bank.

2024 Toyota Crown FAQs

What is the 2024 Toyota Crown release date?

The 2024 Toyota Crown is now available at U.S. dealerships.

What is the 2024 Toyota Crown price?

Prices start at USD 40,350 and go up to USD 53,370 (excl. USD 1,095 DPH fee).

Which cars are 2024 Toyota Crown rivals?

The 2024 Toyota Crown competes with the VW Arteon.

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