First Look Review: 2024 Ford Escape Hybrid – The jack of all trades?

  • Facelifted Ford Escape Hybrid completes one year on the market
  • Priced from USD 33,340 (excl. USD 1,495 destination charges)
  • Competes with the Honda CR-V Hybrid, Toyota RAV4 Hybrid & Kia Sportage Hybrid

Update: Introduction updated with recent sales numbers.

Following the launch of the Escape Hybrid facelift in October 2022, Ford quietly brought the electrified Escape forward to the 2024 model year. The 2024 Ford Escape Hybrid Platinum is being displayed at the 2023 LA Auto Show and should begin arriving across dealerships in the U.S. in the coming weeks. The new model has been released in the same grades as before – ST-Line, ST-Line Select, Platinum, and ST-Line Elite grades.

The Escape’s 2023 sales performance in the U.S. was slightly down over the previous year (-2.6 percent), and with the availability of the MY2024, Ford will look to reverse the trend. Here’s my experience with the 2024 Escape Hybrid, which is a sensible all-rounder.


The 2024 Ford Escape Hybrid carries a true crossover persona, blending a low and curved body with some aggressive features. However, after seeing it at the 2023 LA Auto Show, particularly in comparison to its rivals present at the event, I couldn’t help but feel it doesn’t quite match the flair of the Hyundai Tucson Hybrid and Kia Sportage Hybrid, or the athleticism and sharpness of the Toyota RAV4 Hybrid.

I think the sweptback dual-element headlamps that give the impression of eyes with raised eyebrows and the broad octagonal grille that emphasizes the vehicle’s width do give the 2024 Escape Hybrid a fair amount of aggression on the front. However, this assertive character doesn’t carry over to the rest of the exterior, especially on the sides, where it seems to be lacking.

In my opinion, the 2024 Escape Hybrid lacks a strong character. Although Ford has the Bronco Sport in the same segment, I wish they had infused the more mainstream Escape Hybrid with a bit more of an SUV-like presence.


The interior of the 2024 Ford Escape Hybrid presents a modern look. The horizontal dashboard seems fairly average by current standards, yet the sharply designed instrument binnacle, housing a fully digital driver information display, caught my attention. I also found the free-standing center-stack screen appealing, particularly with its slim bezels on the top and sides.

Moving to space and comfort, I’m six-foot tall, and when I entered the cabin, I felt that ingress was easy. Overall, the driver’s seat is comfortable, headroom felt adequate, all-around visibility was good.

2024 Ford Escape Hybrid Platinum infotainment system
I feel that Ford has positioned the 13.2-inch touchscreen at the right height on the dashboard. Going by what we know of this display, it offers crisp graphics.

On the center console, the silver knurled knob for selecting the gear immediately had my attention, which has a tactile operating feel. The flat-bottomed unit offered adequate grip, and I liked the fact that it had push-back buttons, not capacitive buttons like the Tiguan. The digital instrument cluster is a full-size, 12.3-inch unit, which is positioned at just the right height.

The 2024 Escape Hybrid features the SYNC 4 infotainment system, which has a 13.2-inch LCD capacitive touchscreen and integrates wireless Apple CarPlay, wireless Android Auto, and built-in navigation. I’ve seen a few users complaints in the previous model year that this system was a bit laggy when loading wireless Apple CarPlay and pairing a phone using wireless Android Auto, but since it does support OTA software updates, I am expecting Ford to have addressed that for the new model.

Entering the rear of the cabin was easy, and once indoors, I felt that again that the plastic quality wasn’t impressive. The first point on my checklist was knee room and legroom, which I felt was just about adequate with the front seat adjusted for a taller person like me. I also wanted to know if headroom was compromised from the sloping rooflines, and I didn’t have any problems here.

The seat back is adjustable for recline, which offers adequate support. That said, seat under-thigh support wasn’t all that great. If three six-foot adults like me were to sit in the back, I think shoulder room would be tight, and the hump in the middle would also get in the way.

2024 Ford Escape Hybrid Platinum boot cargo
The Escape Hybrid offers a sliding rear seat, which is handy when you need a little extra space in the cargo. I feel that the electrified Escape, with its 34.4 cubic-feet of space does well for its use case, considering that you get a spare tire under the floor.

Driving impressions

Underpinned by the C2 platform, the 2024 Ford Escape Hybrid employs a 2.5-liter gas engine that’s assisted by an electric motor, which gets its juice from a 1.1 kWh battery pack. By default, power goes to the front wheels via an eCVT, but a mechanical all-wheel drive system is available as an option. Since there are no mechanical changes in the new model, it’s safe to assume that it drives just like the previous model year.

The Escape Hybrid gets 192 horsepower from its electrified powertrain, and gauging from multiple reviews, that is enough for its typical compact crossover duties. Electric assistance makes it quick in low-end acceleration, and it feels powerful enough while doing the usual highway maneuvers, too. The Escape Hybrid doesn’t suffer from the typical CVT drone.

2024 Ford Escape Hybrid Platinum rear

The Escape Hybrid shows good stability while turning into and getting out of corners at high speed. Its chassis does have some room for improvement, though. Braking is predictable and feels quite alright. There is room for improvement, though. Ford needs to iron out vibrations significantly and make it a much smoother vehicle.

As for fuel economy, the Escape Hybrid delivers 39 MPG (combined) in both FWD and AWD, which is close to the AWD-only RAV4 Hybrid (40 MPG) and the CR-V Hybrid FWD (40 MPG) and better than the FWD-only Tucson Hybrid’s best (38 MPG). In this regard, the Sportage Hybrid is the star of the segment, returning as much as 43 MPG (in FWD)!


The 2024 Ford Escape Hybrid’s prices start at USD 33,340 and go up to USD 39,460, and these figures are before factoring in the standard destination charge of USD 1,495.

TopElectricSUV says

When it comes to style, space, technology, performance, or refinement, the 2024 Ford Escape Hybrid doesn’t offer much to stand out. Its Asian competitors provide a more pleasing or interesting design, better fuel economy, a more upscale interior, and other advantages, at similar price points.

That being said, the 2024 Escape Hybrid comes across as a solid all-rounder. If you’re drawn to its spruced-up styling and interior, it could certainly be a worthwhile choice!

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