4 reasons why the Porsche Taycan is outselling the 911

Porsche had a stellar 2021 to say the least, contrary to the challenges faced by the Covid-19 pandemic and the semiconductor shortage. The brand sold 301,915 units globally, the highest in its history, and marked an 11 percent increase over 2020 sales.

Interestingly, while the SUV models led the sales charge (Macan with 88,362 customers and the Cayenne followed in second place with 83,071 vehicles), the third best-selling Porsche in 2021 was the Porsche Taycan, which outpaced the 911. Sales of the Taycan more than doubled in 2021 compared to 2020 with 41,296 units compared to the 911’s 38,464 units.

We think there are a few notable reasons for Porsche enthusiasts to prefer the electric Porsche Taycan over the legendary 911.

1. A worthy Tesla Model S rival

Before the Porsche Taycan’s launch, the Tesla Model S was regarded as the benchmark EV, offering performance, range, and good body control, which kept enthusiasts entertained. However, the Taycan, which is positioned at a premium over the Tesla, has since taken over the crown in a few departments, and some videos even show the Taycan outpacing the Tesla in sprints. What’s more, the Taycan has a cabin feel and quality which is superior to the barren-looking Model S. Needless to say, for EV purists wanting the best in the market, the Taycan ticks a lot of boxes the Tesla doesn’t, which could be one reason for its sales success.

2. Porsche’s first EV is regarded as a must-have for fans

Porsche Taycan interior
One of the most expensive interior options on the Porsche Taycan is the Burmester audio system which costs USD 5,810. Image – Porsche

Most of the Porsche Taycan variants are priced in the USD 100,000+ category, so needless to say, these buyers aren’t too worried about running costs. However, there is no ceding that the Taycan offers sportscar performance while running on battery juice, whereas it is anyone’s guess what a similar performing 911 delivers to the gallon. And with fuel prices at the USD 5 mark for the premium grade stuff, it sure is a bonus of not carrying your walet when running your Taycan!

3. A Porsche Taycan for everyone with a broad variant lineup

Porsche has done well to introduce a Taycan at various price segments. Starting with the USD 82,700 entry-level model to the USD 187,600 Taycan Cross Turismo Turbo S, there are ten variants of the Taycan to choose from depending on your preference (and budget!). Added to this is the fact that the Taycan is available in the Sport Turismo and Cross Turismo bodystyles in addition to the sedan, which furthers its appeal among Porsche enthusiasts.

4. SUV-like Cross Turismo is quite practical

Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo rear quarter
With the launch of the GTS variant on the Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo, EV purists and performance enthusiasts get the best of both worlds, with a bit of soft-roading capability thrown in as well. Image – Porsche

Even the USD 187,600 Taycan Turbo S Cross Turismo (and that’s the price without any options!) is an everyday, 5-seat, usable EV with a 200+ mile driving range, a 405-liter boot which can expand to 1,171 liters as the rear seats fold down. As many user videos show on Youtube, it can go ‘soft-roading,’ conquering loose terrain and slight inclines without a sweat, with a slightly higher ground clearance, in the ‘Gravel’ mode. The standard Taycan features a 491-liter boot with the same practicality of the rear seats folding down, otherwise offering seating for 5. And it is this practicality aspect over the 911 that could be driving sales of the EV despite its heavy sticker price.

Featured Image – Porsche