iPhone maker Foxconn to unveil 3 electric cars next month – Report

Foxconn, the Taiwanese contract manufacturer best known for assembling the Apple iPhone, introduced an EV platform at the Foxconn Technology Day 2020 event on October 16, 2020. At the Foxconn Technology Day 2021 event on October 18, 2021, the company will showcase three electric cars, possibly including even an SUV, say Chinese media reports.

Called the ‘MIH Open Platform’, Foxconn says it is an open-source solution for OEMs to develop new electric cars. The Taiwanese company itself would also manufacture EVs on this platform. It says it wants to become the Android of electric cars by offering modular solutions for OEMs.

In November 2020, Foxconn Group and Yulon Group, a Taiwanese automaker, established a joint venture company called ‘Honghua Advanced.’ The English name of the joint venture company is ‘Foxtron,’ and that’s the marque you will likely see on the company’s EVs.

Foxconn MIH platform FCA
The Foxconn MIH platform can be customized as per the need of the car company. Image Source: Foxconn

One of the three Foxtron electric cars the company plans to showcase in October 2021 will likely be a coupe-styled E-segment model that rivals the Tesla Model S and the Nio ET7, suggests spy pictures on u-car. This model features ‘Foxtron’ inscription on its front mask, just as we predicted.

Foxconn electric car platform & ambitions

The Foxconn MIH electric car platform will have customizable elements including size (for hatchbacks, sedans, SUVs, MPVs, etc.,), wheelbase, suspension type and battery size. Manufacturers can fine tune these elements for their individual needs, and the assembly will be done by Foxconn.

Chairman Liu Young-way said the company is targeting a 10 per cent share of the global EV market as soon as 2025; as per a report from Allied Market Research, the electric vehicle market would be worth USD 800 billion by 2027.

Aside from the MIH electric platform, the company said it will also introduce a solid state battery for electric cars in 2024, claiming its superiority over today’s lithium-ion equipped electric cars. This could give the company leverage to become a potential part supplier for future electric cars and SUVs. Already, car makers are working towards the next generation of electric efficiency and range, with Mercedes announcing the development of the concept EQXX which will achieve over 750 miles of range.

Fisker Ocean thorough loading surfboard
Austrian contract manufacturer Magna will manufacture the Fisker Ocean electric SUV in Europe. Image: Fisker

Foxconn is not new to the auto industry; in January 2020 it signed a joint venture with Fiat Chrysler (FCA) to build electric vehicles in China. It has also made investments in Chinese battery giant CATL, and China’s ride sharing provider, Didi Chuxing.

Foxconn’s electric platform could not have come sooner as electric car companies are exploring outsourcing their platforms and manufacturing. Fisker has a tie-up with Magna International Inc for the platform of the Fisker Ocean SUV, and potential future electric models. Magna will also manufacture the Fisker Ocean electric SUV at its European facility.

In an interview with Car&Driver, Henrik Fisker said he foresees the platform of electric cars “will be a commodity in the future”, and that the company thinks of the future of automotive the way “Apple thought of phones”. Apple does not spend its time focusing on the manufacturing of the smartphone, instead it only works on designing and developing new products, while contract manufacturers such as Foxconn make the product.

Featured image source: Foxconn