6 Firsts that I can point out in the Acura ZDX Electric

You’ve probably read quite a bit about the Acura ZDX which has just started reaching U.S. dealers. Though you might have already seen its specs, features, and reviews, I’m sharing something a bit different in this article.

Having experienced the A-Spec and the Type S firsthand, let me walk you through seven notable “firsts” for the Acura ZDX – or perhaps six firsts and one second!

Acura’s First Mass-Produced EV

2024 Acura ZDX Type S front three quarter live image

Acura has been making cars since 1986, and this marks the first time that they’ve made an all-electric car for the public. Of course, I’d be ignorant to think that they never retrofitted a battery onto their existing vehicles for testing and development, but the Acura ZDX is not a test prototype, and neither is it a compliance car. This is a brave new step for the company, which expects all-electric vehicles to make up over 50 percent of its sales in the U.S. by 2030.

22-Inch Wheels

Acura ZDX 22-inch wheels

The ZDX is the first Acura to sport 22-inch wheels, an increase from the 21-inch wheels on the current Acura MDX Type-S. Beyond the practical advantages like enhanced safety and ground clearance, I find that the larger wheels significantly boost the ZDX’s aesthetic appeal, giving it a fuller, more robust look.

B&O Stereo with 18 Speakers

Acura ZDX Type S rear door speaker

The Acura ZDX introduces Bang & Olufsen audio systems to the Acura range for the first time. Standard across all ZDX versions, this exclusive system is specifically designed for the cabin of the all-electric SUV, and I think the sound is crisp. The stereo includes 18 speakers, with four placed in the headliner to enhance the spatial audio experience, and the system integrates 14 channels of amplification and a subwoofer. Current Acura models use audio systems from ELS Studio.

Google Built-In

Acura ZDX Type S infotainment system

The ZDX’s infotainment system features built-in Google functionality, a first for Acura. This standard feature across all variants allows drivers and passengers to seamlessly use applications like Google Assistant and Google Maps, offering a familiar and convenient experience. I feel that many American buyers are going to appreciate the familiarity of the ZDX’s infotainment system, which is also available on the Chevrolet Blazer EV and the Cadillac Lyriq, its sister cars.

Automatic Parking System

The ZDX Type S, the top-spec model, is the first Acura to feature an automatic parking assist system as part of the AcuraWatch 360+. I believe this feature, which employs GM’s Super Cruise technology for hands-free driving, will be a substantial help for those seeking parking assistance when parallel parking.

Double Apex Blue Pearl Color

Acura ZDX Type S rear three quarter Monterey Car Week 2023
Image: Acura

Double Apex Blue Pearl is a dark blue with a soft pearlescent sheen, which I think gives the Acura ZDX the vibes of the ocean. Under sunlight, the color seems to come across as quite liquid and has an electric hue. Indoors, it has a more subdued feel, with the sheen adding to the allure.

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Only the second Acura on an external Platform?

Correct me if I’m wrong, but the Acura ZDX is only the second model in the company’s history to be based on a platform from another company. Sure, almost every Acura shares its underpinning with a Honda product, and the company is able to develop models quicker and manufacture them at a cost.

Acura ZDX A-Spec rear live image

However, the Acura ZDX is based on GM’s Ultium platform, using the American company’s battery and motors. The first and perhaps the only instance when Acura looked outside of home for engineering solutions was between 1995 and 1999, when the Acura SLX, a rebadged Isuzu Trooper, was sold in the United States.

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